Present Storyline Status

Because not everyone has the time to go back and read thousands of posts, we have created this document to give you a quick rundown on what storylines there are and the status of each of them. There are monthly summaries available (not for all months yet, however) for you to read if you like that will let you know how we got to this point in the story. As always, if you have any questions, please contact a moderator. We'll be glad to help you.  These storylines are separated for the purpose of explanation...characters are not required to stay put in one story.

I. Seanchan:

A.  Main characters involved: Jorrek, Nyx, Blen, Richaad, Mia (and, sort of, Alekhz)

B.  Others:  a very large army of channelers and non-channelers that has grown as they make their way across Seanchan

C.  Storyline:  After learning of the story of General Reavus (story in another document), Jorrek went to Seanchan intending to take his rightful place on the throne and restore peace to his ancestors’ land. With the help of those with him, he has managed to gain control of most of the country. All that is left is Seandar, the capital of the land. Controlled by a group of power-hungry nobles who have started enslaving channelers again, this will not be an easy battle for them to win.

Jorrek wears the foxhead medallion that once belonged to Mat Cauthon. It has been passed on to each generation of Cauthons, though for a time they went by the name of Abell. Nyx, oddly, carries the ashandarei that belonged is rumored that Mat willed it to one of Nyx's ancestors. Nyx is also in possession of Nynaeve's diaries, as well as Semirhage's secret diaries (which only the Mandragorans know of). Blen (Nyx's uncle and brother of the King of Malkier), Richaad (an Asha'man believed to be dead), and Mia (a good friend of Jorrek's) have all joined in the fight to help Jorrek.


II. Outcast army (presently located at the 'castle' in the Mountains of Mist):

A.  Main characters involved:  Faia, Neill, Misha, Rendrake, Dom, Hadley, Axkher, Wynn, Nezdin, Varick, Cair, Kinlam

B.  Others:  a large army of approximately eight thousand channelers, four thousand non-channelers and three thousand civilians. The army grows daily.

C.  Storyline:  When the ex-M'Hael went mad (under the control of a member of the Jenn Sedai) and sentenced Faia Mantear to death, many channelers and non-channelers fled out of fear. Faia was rescued by her friends and the lot of them set up camp near Whitebridge. They stayed there until Faia found a new place to take them, a safer place. Labeled rebels by the Black Tower and facing punishments that might include death, they have decided not to return to the Tower and have instead formed their own tight-knit group. Trained more fiercely than those at the Black Tower, the channelers with Faia's army are taught the "forbidden" weaves, such as balefire, in an effort to make them able to stand against the Sharan army. A group of Sentinels joined Faia as well, agreeing to support her as long as she will accept all who wish to join her and as long as she agrees to keep her army in seclusion. They seem to have a plan of their own, though we are not quite certain what it is yet.

Among those with her are Hadley and Wynn Ablar, descendants of the legend Logain Ablar and his wife, Elnore ti Mandragoran Ablar. Both are very talented; Wynn is a brilliant scientist and mathematician who has invented many items and Hadley is capable of making One Power wrought weapons and armor. Together they have started supplying Faia's army with a great number of useful things.

Misha, a little girl who was adopted by Nezdin when her grandfather passed away, possesses the Talent of Foretelling. This Talent has been a bit quirky since she has moved into the castle but she is faring well there.

Dom, the son of an Aiel Maiden who was raped by a Myrddraal, is staying at the castle as well though his normal ability to travel through the shadows does not seem to work while inside the castle itself.

Neill, a once shy man who was very close to Faia, disappeared before everyone moved to the castle. Though he had bonded Faia (to save her life), that bond has since been dissolved and he has been missing ever since.


III. White Tower:

A. Main characters involved: Nor, Lir, the Jenn Sedai

B.  Storyline: Though Lir was believed dead, Nor found him, bonded him (with built-in Compulsion) and nursed him back to health then used him in her plot to take the White Tower. She finally has what she and her grandmother Egwene always wanted...control of the Aes Sedai. The woman who served as Amyrlin before is now part of the Jenn and completely subservient to Nor. When the attack occurred, more than a third of the Aes Sedai secretly belonged to Nor's group and helped instigate the attack from the inside. A little less than a third of the Aes Sedai managed to escape, scattering to different corners of the Westlands. Surprisingly few were killed, though the ones who remained and clearly resisted were "convinced" to support Nor when she loosed Machin Shin on them. Now the Tower is quite peaceful and Nor is exactly where she believes she was meant to be. The first part of her plan is complete, so it is likely that she will next choose to do something to bring down the Black Tower.


IV. Black Tower:

A.  Main characters involved:  Dar, Laurra, Alekhz, Blaes, Caaric, Caen, Imroy, Rhyaad, Shian, Spike, Janos, etc.

B.  Storyline: The Black Tower has been a bit chaotic of late. A new M'Hael has supposedly been named though no one outside of the Tower is sure who that is. Although a force was sent to Cairhien when the Sharans invaded and that force managed to take out a few of the enemy, all who went there were killed in battle.

Also at the Tower are Blaes, Caaric, Caen, Imroy, Rhyaad, and Shian...Shian is from Shara and has somehow managed to break free of the taint. The others are Aiel who follow him.


V. Sharans:

A.  Storyline:  The Sharans have finally made it to the Westlands. They are in Cairhien and have completely decimated the city. Thankfully, at the urging of Hadley and Wynn Ablar, Faia took a team to the city and managed to evacuate the School of Science before the Sharans got there. All of the scientists, as well as most of their equipment and laboratory notes, were taken to New Manetheren to set up shop. Unfortunately the leaders of Cairhien and most of its people were killed by the Sharans. Where they will strike next is unknown, though chances are they intend to make their way to one of the towers - White or Black - first.


VI:  The Quest

A.  Main characters involved:  Con and Eldenir

B.  Storyline:  On a quest to get their hands on a rumored item that is both extremely valuable and extremely powerful, Con and Eldenir have made their way to Tear and are now trying to get more information about this supposed item. Con, as usual, is spending his spare time womanizing while Eldenir looks for things to steal. In other words, they are being their normal selves.


VII:  Darkfriends United

A.  Main characters involved:  Noemie, Dag, Malicate, Moss

B.  Others: Janos

C.  Storyline:  When Nor attacked the White Tower, Noemie was nearly overcome by Machin Shin but Dag - a gholam, composed of the True Power - saved her life. Dag had been wandering, masterless, until Janos Osgoth found him and sent him to keep an eye on Noemie, a young girl who he believed would be a good Darkfriend since her parents were already part of the group. Unbeknownst to anyone, Noemie had already sworn herself to the Dark One and his cause. Dag rescued Noemie and now Noemie has control of Dag.


VIII:  Whitecloaks

A.  Main characters:  Dawyn, Mala, Beldar, Sambar, Tara, Taroc

B.  Storyline: Has been in hibernation of late since Dawyn's portrayer is missing, but as it stands now, Dawyn has control of the statue in Far Madding and has managed to make it mobile. He intends to use it to destroy the White Tower and Mala - an Aes Sedai who was once interested in becoming a Darkfriend - intends to help him do it. Dawyn and Mala's obsessive love for each other has changed both of them, though it remains to be seen whether it is for good or ill.