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The Wheel of Time: The Fourth Age, Sharan Invasion

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The Fourth Age

A thousand years have passed since Tarmon Gai’don - the Dark One is once again securely locked away from the world and the old evil is gone. The deeds of the Dragon Reborn - Rand al’Thor - and his followers are history’s legends now, and his creation, the Black Tower, was rebuilt on the side of Dragonmount, remaining as a testament to the deeds of heroes of the past…a sentinel to keep the world safe from harm.

However, unbeknownst to the world, a new evil has taken the place of the old and has had a thousand years to gain power in the isolated land of Shara. In their quest to battle the Forsaken and seal the Dark One away, the heroes of the Third Age failed to notice the evil of Shadar Logoth as slipped past and fled to the west, where it sought to control the hearts and minds of the people of Shara.

What happened after...

The White Tower

The fall of the White Tower took place over the course of many years. Though Egwene al'Vere managed to gain control of the White Tower by manipulating the Seanchan into giving her control of all channelers in the Westlands, her inflexibility and refusal to negotiate with anyone caused many of the Aes Sedai - and the world as a whole - to turn against her.

By the time she was deposed, the world had had enough of Aes Sedai and their puppet strings. United in their effort, the world turned against them then, using Egwene's rule as the impetus to shut the Aes Sedai off from politics altogether. Aes Sedai advisors were sent away en masse, informed they were no longer welcome in the country in which they had commanded. The Westlands, as a whole, turned their backs on the White Tower and made a point of publicly accepting the Black Tower, which had just begun to make a visible comeback. This left the Aes Sedai in somewhat of a lurch...after setting themselves apart from the rest of the world for so long, without the world's obedience and fear they were little more than hermits with enormous egos.

As the Black Tower and the Asha’man grew in prominence, the Aes Sedai grew ever more secluded, shrouded in mysteries and secrets until all that was known about them became hearsay and legend once more. Though the Aes Sedai still commanded the fear brought about by their name, they had lost the respect that they believed should have come with it.

On the opposite side of Dragonmount, facing the island that once was Tar Valon, now lies the beginnings of a new White Tower. From this vantage point, overlooking the ruins of their former glory, the Aes Sedai vowed they would start anew and one day reclaim the honor they had lost.


The Black Tower

Although the Black Tower was almost completely destroyed shortly before Tarmon Gai'don, it managed to survive and grow stronger through the years. Because history books are changed over the years and sometimes fail to reflect the truth, few people know of the events that almost destroyed the Asha'man, including the fact that, shortly before Tarmon Gai'don, almost all Asha'man were bonded as Warders by the Aes Sedai in an attempt by the White Tower to gain control over them. The cleansing of saidin did not deter the Aes Sedai from their course and they nearly decimated the Black Tower, leaving virtually no men to continue the tradition of training men who could channel. However, thanks to Logain Ablar, the one man who refused to bend to Aes Sedai will, the Black Tower did survive and after many years passed the Asha'man began to thrive.

As centuries swept by, the Asha'man have remained true to the purpose the Dragon Reborn gave them - to be the shield of the weak, the guardians of the oppressed...to be the defenders the world so desperately needed. The Black Tower, unlike its counterpart, accepts both male and female students. The Black Tower turns away none who flock to its banners and holds none against their will. Due to this, its membership swelled over the years while the White Tower's numbers dwindled.

The Asha'man have earned a reputation as 'Peacekeepers'. They serve as negotiators, guardsmen, healers, and soldiers. Unlike the Aes Sedai, they have taken an active part in the world and have made it clear they have no interest in ruling the rulers as the Aes Sedai once did. Theses practices have earned them the respect and admiration of the world, even when it becomes necessary for them to insert themselves into conflicts to protect the innocent.

Built on the side of Dragonmount, the Black Tower is a tall black spire that almost reaches to the top of the mountain itself. The imposing black spire, taller than the White Tower ever was, now stands sentinel to the west, ever watchful of the world. 


Wilders - Kin- Sea Folk – Aiel - Seanchan

The fellowship once known as the Kin has now become a retirement place for all channelers, not just Aes Sedai. They take no part in the world, choosing instead to exist beneath the notice of common men and women. They can be the person living next door, the man across the street; they are the eyes and ears of the Black and White Towers but unlike the Asha'man and Aes Sedai, the men and women of the Kin coexist more harmoniously as they have grown too old to harbor the old hatreds that should have been buried long ago.

The Sea Folk, arrogant as always have yet to change their ways. Though some males and females train at the Black Tower, or White, from time to time, they always eventually return to the sea.

The Aiel Wise Ones still proudly set themselves apart from the Aes Sedai. After the last battle, those surviving returned to the Three Fold Land to once more continue living as they saw fit. The males who can channel train at the Black Tower until they learn enough to be useful. Most return to the Waste, though some continue their training and become full Asha’man.

The Seanchan, on the other hand, have been embroiled in civil war for centuries. Factions have been at each other’s throats for centuries as the true heirs to the Crystal Throne - the children of the legendary General Mat Cauthon and the last empress, Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag - have been missing since Mat and Tuon were brutally murdered. Kings and emperors rise and fall in the land of Seanchan but it is said that no true ruler will rise until the line of the empress is restored to power. All channelers of the once proud Seanchan Empire, though born free, flee to the west, as even after a millennium has passed, the fear and hatred bred into the Seanchan against channelers persist. And although the practice of the sul’dam and damane had since been outlawed, the Seanchan refuse to suffer their presence.


Randland today

The lands east of the Dragonwall are at the beginning of an industrial era. Rand al’Thor’s academies and Mat’s inventions/tests with gunpowder helped introduce modern inventions and warfare into the world after the last battle. Some inventions helped the world stay full of wars as well, long after Tarmon Gai'don was over. Crude steam engines are used in the more advanced cities. Trains, carts, planes made of wood, cannons, and firearms are also now commonly seen. And though the One Power is still used, many now turn to science and technology, bringing an odd mix of the old and new.  


The enemy

Shara has ever been a mystery to the world, even before the last battle was fought, and with the exception of a few gleemen and merchants, no one could tell tales of the mysterious nation.

Since the last battle was fought and won, the land of Shara has become even more isolated, and even the Sea Folk were no longer welcomed to Sharan lands. Emissaries sent by the nations of the world, even from the Black and White Towers, were turned away, and finally after years of trying to communicate with the Sharans, the world gave up and allowed them to live in seclusion.

No reason for this sudden separatist attitude was ever found until one day, a thousand years later, raiding parties started attacking the Aiel settlements closest to the Sharan nation. An army of Sharans, armed with weapons unseen since the Age of Legends, has begun an assault on the free world, starting with the Aiel. At the head of the new invasion force of great mammoths, giants, winged draken, storm troopers and possessed infantry, ride battle-ready channelers - male and female - aided by the tainted powers of Shadar Logoth.

 As the Shadow grows once more in the land of Shara, Darkfriends bereft of their old master once again rise from forgotten depths, hungry for the promise of power from the new evil that leads the world into the first great battle of the Fourth Age.