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Character Bios:

Before you look through this section, be sure to read the rules for the game. All characters listed here are original characters and are, therefore, property of the player who created them. In other words, if you're lurking here, do not use someone else's character for your own purposes without getting permission from the character's owner. And, for those who participate in the game...

When a player leaves the game, they retain the rights to their character(s), though the owners of the game reserve the right to have someone else play said character(s) for a maximum of two posts to remove the character(s) from the story to ensure the story moves forward.

THE ONLY EXCEPTIONS: The second section contains NPC's, some of which are listed as 'OPEN'...these characters have been mentioned in the game and used to move the story along but have not been developed. If you want to pick one of these up, feel free as long as you use what's been written about them so far. 

Red print = dead

Green print = open with no bio (anyone can take them)

Yellow print = MIA

Main Characters:

Character Owner: Pix Notes
Adris Julien    
Alekhz Damodred Justice Alekhz, Alekhz2, Alekhz3  
Anora Kean Sedai Jessi    
Asp Sean    
Ava Kanja Lizpsycho Ava, Ava2  
Axkher Bourne LDL    
Barl Steve    
Beldar Ottenghast Sean    
Blaes David Blaes, Blaes2  
Blen Mandragoran Lizpsycho Blen  
Caaric David Caaric  
Caen David Caen  
Cair Alantin Dusty    
Cald Reverof Radmann    
Con Aybara LDL Con  
Cur Aybara LDL Cur, Cur2 King of New Manetheren
Dar Movile Lizpsycho Dar  
Dawyn Niall Sean     
Domad "Silk" al'Enariom D    
Eid Wil  Eid; Eid's eye  
Eldenir Mandragoran Justice Eldenir  
Faia Mantear Chani  Faia, Faia2, Faia3, Faia4  
Fa'liel Bruce    
Garan Whilk Julien     
Hadley Ablar Justice  Hadley  
Imroy David     
Janos Osgoth Wil  Janos  
Jerem Benerai Jeenu    
Jorrek 'Cauthon' Abell LDL Jorrek, Jorrek2  
Kinlam Tedronai Justice Kinlam  
Lara Amner Sara    
Laurra Jem Dictaunus Liz Laurra, Laurra2 Asha'man, ex-Reaver
Leto D'auphin Steve    
Lir Shoden Wil  Lir  
Mala Drakkon Chani  Mala, Mala2  
Malicate Dusty    
Misha Christine   Grandpa's letter
Moss Daan Steve     
Neill Thomas Liz Neill, Neill2, Neill3  
Nezdin Vinchova Chani    
Noemie Genhald Chani Noemie; Noemie2  
Nor al'Vere Chani Nor  
Nyx Mandragoran Chani  Nyx, Nyx2  
Raven Aybara LDL Raven, Raven2, Raven3 Queen of New Manetheren
Rhyanne Ojortanner Cheesecakebaker    
Rhyyad David    
Richaad Hadar Chani  Richaad  
Ronina al'Agora Lizpsycho Ronina, Ronina2  
Sambar Sean   Dawyn's bodyguard
Sannis Jharo lunaticandycreep     
Saul luthair    
Selendia Tane Sara   Green Sitter
Serah Wil  Serah  
Seron Sa'Gata Dusty    
Shian David Shian  
Sila Trask LDL   Cur's chief of staff
Snog Steve    
Tara Velune Sean    
Taroc White Sean    
Valrin Mathrell Steve   Yellow Sitter
Varick Marcasiev Chani Varick  
Winn Ablar Chani Winn, Winn2  
William the Pig Steve    
Zara Benerai Jeenu    


Supporting Characters (NPC's):

Character Owner: Pix Notes
Acacia Steve/Chani   Blue Sitter
Ajay Guasto Mods   Captain-General of the Green Ajah & a member of the Jenn Sedai
Akilah Haslan Mods   Brown Ajah Head and Sitter
Audra OPEN   Asha'man & member of the Jenn Sedai
Barl Steve    
Beraan Sedai OPEN   She is an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah.
Bian OPEN   Sister of the Jenn Sedai
Brand Mosvanni DEAD   M'Hael (dead)
Chetana Sedai OPEN   A high-ranking Brown and has gotten in the middle of the story between the two towers.
Darrah OPEN   Keeper of the Chronicles, Gray Ajah
Greta DEAD   She was one of the Yellow Sitters...Moss killed her.
Imala OPEN   Mistress of the Jenn Sedai
Inez Sedai DEAD   She was the First Weaver of the Yellows before her death. She has not been replaced yet. Moss killed her.
Katell Steve/Chani   Blue Sitter
King al'Aric Mandragoran Mods   King of Malkier
King Tynan Quidel Mitsobar Mods   King of Altara
Lamia Kek (aka Ciarda) DEAD   Aes Sedai & Jenn Sedai (dead)
Osane OPEN   Asha'man & sister of the Jenn Sedai
Queen el'Reina Mandragoran Mods   Queen of Malkier
Raven Aybara LDL   Queen of New Manetheren
Shandy OPEN   Aes Sedai of the White Ajah & sister of the Jenn Sedai
Sita al’Badai Mods   Amyrlin
Tacey OPEN   Jenn Sedai, Nor's favorite
Tara Velune Sean    
Winter Steve/Chani   Blue Sitter
VACANT OPEN   BT Council Member, Green w/Black dragon
?? (Seanchan woman) OPEN   BT Council Member, Brown w/Blue dragon
?? (very old man) OPEN   BT Council Member, Yellow w/Mist dragon (old Andoran who dislikes Lir and all the Reavers)
?? (old male) OPEN   BT Council Member, Purple w/Gray dragon
?? (50ish looking Taraboner woman) OPEN   BT Council Member, Gray w/Silver dragon
?? (45ish looking Illianer woman) OPEN   BT Council Member, Black w/Red dragon
?? (Old Cairhienin woman) OPEN   BT Council Member, White w/Green dragon