Monthly Summary November 2005

November 1-8

November 19-30

November 9-18


November 1-8

- Rendrake looks over the list Nezdin handed him and agrees to teach Misha. He says it will be difficult for him to approach the other civilians and asks if Nezdin will help him. Training will start in four hours.

- When Misha is done playing, she heads back to Ariel. She says she doesn't want to practice more writing because her hand is tired. Instead Ariel works on Misha's reading skills, getting her to read aloud from Tales of the Dragon Reborn. When she has no problems reading the children's book, Ariel tells her to finish it on her own time and write a report. She then takes out a harder book, and Misha still does a good job but Ariel gives her a bit of guidance for being in classes with the others. Misha gets upset and tells Ariel she doesn't want to read anymore, to which Ariel responds that's fine if she will read more later on her own. Misha agrees, then runs off, trips and dissolves into tears.

- Nezdin gathers the first group of civilians for training with Rendrake then introduces all of them.

- Lothoss sits alone, angry at the 'mercy' Spike and the others are showing him. He vows revenge.

- In the Reavers' meeting, Ice demands they execute Lothoss. Spike refuses. Five vote for mercy, three for death, leaving Pol, Aya, and Alekhz to decide.

- Chen goes to visit Dom and says Spike told him to accompany him to his destination. 

November 9-18

- As Varick shows Ava around the camp, impressed that she does not seem to be a typical Aes Sedai, he sees Misha run and fall down crying. He goes to her to see what's wrong and to take care of her cuts from the fall. Misha tells him everything that's bothering her, including that she's upset over the lessons and that things are too hard at the camp.

- Rendrake beings the class, telling people to pair up. One guy, a big man, starts to object and wants to know who Rendrake thinks he is. The idiot charges Rendrake and gets his shoulder dislocated after the second attack. Both Rendrake and Nezdin leave the guy on the ground whimpering and return to the class.

- Caaric, Blaes, and Shian sit around the fire mending their clothes. Caaric says he doesn't like Spike, that Dom is weird, and Janos Osgoth isn't right. They discuss the darkness at Rhuidean and wonder about Caen's disappearance. They wonder why the lightning attacked Imroy and Rhyyad but not them when they bounded over the Wall. Shian says it seems that the white fire from his staff is balefire and that it has something to do with the Shadow. He thinks he just lucked out at the Wall. They finish their sewing and go to bed.

- Alekhz votes to let Lothoss live. He thinks death is too quick a lesson and the man must suffer. The matter is settled, but Ice hopes Spike did not make a mistake by giving Lothoss mercy. Spike thanks Alekhz for voting with him, whatever his reasons. Spike thinks the burden of responsibility is changing him.

- Dom travels with Chen to the Outcast camp and they take a seat, watching Faia and some of the Dragons spar.

November 19-30

- Varick comforts Misha and tells her he will do her best to help her. He then introduces her to Ava. Misha asks Ava to join her and Varick for dinner.

- Alekhz feels that Lothoss should be severed. He is eager to establish his new authority and wants to take over the responsibilities left open by the Reavers' recent losses, whatever they are.