Monthly Summary October 2005

October 1-7

October 17-23

October 8-16

October 24-31

October 1-7

- Dom thinks over what's going on and thinks that Chen is a good choice to go back to Faia's camp to try to make 'peace'. He considers what happened the day the M'Hael was killed, how methodical Lothoss was and how brutal Faia was, and thinks the two of them completely overwhelmed a superior force. Lothoss had seemed to enjoy killing the M'Hael, but he keeps that to himself. Finally, Dom tells Spike that, if he really wants to know everything that happened that day that he'll tell him...alone.

- Spike follows Dom out of the Council hall, deciding he'll talk to Blaes later. He'll also deal with the possible candidate for the Council - Rubicon - later. He stops by the cellar and nicks some of Faia's personal oosquai stash, ignoring the note that says she'll hunt whoever steals it down. He joins Dom and waits.

- Blaes and the others watch Spike leave, though Blaes desperately wants to talk to him about the current state of affairs in the hall. Caaric was just miffed in general. Shian realizes all he can tell them is what he knows of the Sharans and what he experienced trying to escape the Sharan lands. They decide to go rest and let Blaes give them the history on the Black Tower.

- Eldenir and Con's fight with the thugs continues. Eldenir ends up stabbing one of the men in the groin. While Con finishes off the final man, Eldenir searches the dead men's bodies. All he finds is a blank piece of fine rolled parchment.

October 8-16

- Con gives the final man the opportunity to run but gets attacked instead. Con knocks him out cold. Con wonders why six well-dressed men with expensive blades would walk around with no coin. He tells Eldenir that, if he is unable to get answers from the men he (Eldenir) killed, that he (Con) left some breathing.

- Eldenir throws the parchment to Con and tells him that is the key. He knows...somehow. Eldenir continues searching bodies and finds a slip of paper with "The Angry Mistress, Baerlon" on it. He says it's obvious that someone knew the two of them were coming. He points toward one of the men who was left alive and says for him to talk.

- Kinlam goes to see Janos and finds Dar there. Though he clearly doesn't like Janos, he feels he must speak with him.

- Dom takes Spike, through the shadows, to a safe place where they can talk. He tells Spike everything that happened the day the M'Hael was killed, including what the Sentinel told Faia about them suspecting the M'Hael's wife of compelling him.

- Spike lights up a tabac stick and considers what Dom told him. He admits Lothoss was always a bit unstable but Adna had kept him fairly controllable. He regrets having not followed after the kid told Faia that the M'Hael was responsible for Lir's death. He imagines Faia feels awful for killing innocent Sentinels in the attack on the M'Hael, even though he himself also wanted the M'Hael dead that day. He tells Dom they have to go back to the tower. He will talk with Faia later, but till then he decides to make sure the council stays away from her and the deserters. Dom realizes, watching Spike, that he is growing up and transforming into a leader.

- Alekhz watches the Council meeting. He has apparently been at the White Tower. He is not pleased at what brought him back to the Black Tower and vows to kill Dom. After, he searches for the Reavers since they are the ones who summoned him. He finds some Reaver captains and demands to know why they called him there.

- The Reavers explain to Alekhz that he can have a Reaver captain position if he wants it. Alekhz shows some distaste for Lothoss and says if he takes the job that he won't go back to Seanchan. The Reavers tell him they go where they are needed, and if they are needed back in Seanchan that is where they will go. So will he. Chen tells him that Lothoss is Reaver business and will be dealt with as such.

- Janos tells Dar he wants an answer just before Kinlam enters the room. He asks what Kinlam wants.

- Misha does well with her private tutoring from Ariel and is so pleased with her progress in writing that she writes a note to Nezdin. Kilala takes the note to Nez for her.

October 17-23

- Kinlam tells Janos that he's leaving the tower for a while and to give him any info he needs before going to New Manetheren. Janos tells what he knows of New Manetheren and that the leaders there have had some contact with the rebels though they admit nothing publicly. He warns Kinlam to be careful of anyone who can channel since they might be with Faia and word has it that her camp doesn't hold with the Black Tower. He says that he heard it was Faia's supporters that killed Adna so be careful. He says the council will be grateful if he manages to find the truth of the matter regarding the rebels and New Manetheren. Kinlam says he did not say his business was with the rebels and that he travels for his own reasons. He leaves.

- Alekhz tolerates the Reavers' welcome and is glad he'll be included on the decision about Lothoss. He says he wants to see the man now, to assess his condition. From behind him, Spike declares they'll all go see Lothoss together.

- Lothoss sits alone waiting for them to arrive, thinking that they are the ones who are traitors. He thinks he abandoned the Light the day his brother was found dead. He would turn his backs on the Reavers the day they called justice a crime. The Reaver captains enter and Spike tells everyone that it is true...Lothoss did kill the M'Hael. Spike goes on to tell them all what Dom had told them.

- Lothoss admits it's true and says he would have done it again given the opportunity. He says it was justice and that Faia was too soft to deliver it. They tell him it is a crime against the Light and he asks what the Light has done for him. He tells them he is done with the Light. He renounces the Black Tower and the 'justice' it claims to preserve. He tells Spike he knows why they came and he demands last rights (where one sentenced to death can say anything they want before gathered public). Spike tells him he will get no last rights because they will not sentence him to death. Lothoss in enraged that he will be denied an honorable death. He vows that Spike will live to regret that day.

- Outside, Spike tells the others that Lothoss will no longer be an Asha'man. He will live as a citizen. He doesn't think it will be a bad thing for the truth to come out - for the world to learn that the M'Hael was under the influence of his wife and that was why he caused Lir's death and declared Faia a rebel fugitive. The Reavers will still vote on the matter of Lothoss, however, and Spike asks Chen to go with Dom back to Faia's camp as a representative from the Black Tower. Chen wanders away reciting lewd poetry and threatening to tell Faia that Spike wrote it all for her.

- Alekhz is incensed that Lothoss will be shown mercy. When he is alone with Lothoss, he tells him that if he really wants to die all he needs to do is ask. He tells Lothoss that he has nothing now...his brother is dead, the tower has rejected him and it seems the Light has decided not to have mercy on his soul. He leaves to join the others outside and realizes that it would be no mercy to let Lothoss live since it would release him from the horror his life had become.

- At the Outcast camp, Faia received a package from King Tynan - a great deal of gold and a note saying she'd get another surprise soon. She decides to take the opportunity to go into the World of Dreams and find a secure place to take the army with her. She uses Need and finds a strange stone in an open field. The stone has a strange marking: a broadsword with the skull for the base of the hilt; the blade looked almost as though it was a tongue extended from the mouth of the skull and the horns at the sides were its cross guards. The skull itself had no lower jaw, but the upper teeth were defined, as well as the two empty sockets where its eyes should have been. Those two holes seemed to swallow the darkness, drink it in and absorb it so only light was left behind. When she touches the stone she feels a surge of energy and on instinct, she channels Spirit and Fire at it. As soon as the weave touches it another symbol appears: a round, spiked shield - black - with the image of a dragon on the front. The dragon was red, its eyes a bright green, and as Faia stood watching it, the dragon's mouth opened and flames seemed to come out. The flames engulfed the dragon's head, so only it's wide, threatening jaws showed. The flames grew in size, hiding most of the dragon's body. By the time the new symbol finished forming, it was nothing more than a black shield with a fire-engulfed dragon on it, only the dragon's jaws and tail showing. But what gets her attention is the fact that the scene around her has changed. She is now in the middle of a courtyard rather than an open field. She is in what appears to be a castle.

- When she figures out where the castle is, she wakes and heads out of her tent. Knowing she doesn't have time to scout the castle out just yet, she starts to spar with one of the Dragons.

- Nezdin strolls through the camp searching for Rendrake with a note from Faia. Kilala finds him and after reading the note from Misha, Nezdin writes her back a note saying how proud he is of her. He asks ilala to take the note back to Misha.

October 24-31

- Rendrake didn't sleep much but he is surprised to feeling rested. He had never had any luxuries like the tent he has at the Outcast camp. He had done perimeter searches, as he promised, but had stayed hidden. When he hears Nezdin looking for him, Rendrake makes himself visible. He tells Nezdin they shouldn't have any repeats of the attack the day before and asks Nez what the situation is.

- Nezdin tells Rendrake that Faia wants him to teach the civilians some basic self-defense starting that day. The Nezdin asks if he'll train Misha as well.

- Kilala takes Nezdin's note back to Misha, who is pleased with it. Misha asks Ariel if she and Kilala can play for a while and Ariel agrees. It feels good to Misha to play like she had at her Grandpa's house. Though she misses him, she is beginning to adjust to life at the camp.

- Ariel lets Misha play a while, then tells her to wash up and come back to where she is sitting so they can work a bit longer before lunch.