Monthly Summary November 2004

Aiel/Sharan Plot

Black Tower (M'Hael)

Black Tower

Cairhien Aes Sedai

White Tower

New Manetheren


Hills in the middle of nowhere


Aiel/Sharan plot

- Lir and Eid talk. Eid tells him the Westlands must fall and that the Sharans were meant to rule. The 
enemies of the 'Master' (Fain) must be cleansed so they can bring true peace.

- The Aiel make it to the Dragonwall. 


Black Tower (M'Hael)

- In the M'Hael's office, Serah is surprised the M'Hael decided to kill Faia. She doesn't like Faia, but thinks that might be going a bit too far. She talks to Fa'liel and looks at the book he brought for the M'Hael and sees it was written by an Ogier named Loial. It contains info about the Dragon himself resealing the bore as well as first age technology. 

- Later, when the M'Hael is alone, he is having anger issues. Two guards enter...a male and female. When he is informed that King Tynan is coming in regards to Faia, he tells his guards to deny the king access to his quarters. He doesn't want to see them. He is also told that Janos is returning with some Aes Sedai but he says he will not involve his men in White Tower problems, regardless of Varick's capture. As far as he's concerned, Varick is lost to them. As is Faia

- The M'Hael gets angry at the male for questioning his orders and chokes him to death, then orders the female to keep quiet about it. Two Sentinels appear and take the boy's body away. He starts freaking out about what he's doing, and is conflicted, but then his wife shows up. She channels at him and he relaxes, as always. She tells him he must protect the tower. He agrees and takes her to his library to be alone with her. 


Black Tower

- Neill can't get any info out of Jesse using Compulsion so he gives up. Nezdin wonders if it's like when Faia interrogated 'Worm', because she believed Worm had been under some sort of Compulsion that helped him to resist other Compulsion weaves. 

- Culain interrupts Neill and Nez. He informs the two that Sannis sent him back and that Sannis had gone to the Waste per the M'Hael's orders. He says he came back with news from the Waste and a message for Faia. Nez tells him that Faia is to be executed for stilling the woman who attacked them. Culain offers to help if he can. Nez asks about the Sharans. Culain tells him that Rhuidean has fallen and that the Sharans use the One Power...and something more. He tells they have shocklances and huge war well as a way to poison men's minds.

- Janos's manservant shows up and asks Nez and Neill to go to the meeting with the Aes Sedai Janos brought back. Neither Neill nor Nez are too keen on the idea of sitting in a room with thirteen Aes Sedai at this point, though. They drag Jesse with them. 

- When Nez and Neill (and Culain) show up to the meeting in Janos's quarters, Nez flings the unconscious Jesse on the floor in a corner of the room. Janos tells Serah to stay close because he wants the book Fa'liel brought with him. 

- Janos tells them that the M'Hael has refused to rescue Varick, but the Amyrlin intends to do just that. Nezdin tells him that there *will* be Asha'man support, whether the M'Hael likes it or not. Ava tells about her warder being killed and one of the red-bladed daggers being found near the scene. She says there is clearly a secret sect of Aes Sedai and that dagger is a symbol of it. 

- Nezdin tells Ava that this is their mission, without them Varick would be left to die, then tells them all to meet back in his apartments. He'd going to get some more men. He tells Neill to grab the 'thing' (Jesse) off the floor and bring her along. They will send her through the gateway first. On his way out, he runs into King Tynan, who's peeved. 

- In the dungeon, Spike kisses Faia. He tells her he won't let them kill her. He has a plan. Faia melts against him but wonders if his sudden interest in her is only because she's sentenced to death. Regardless, her fire comes back and she gets over the desire to die. She tells Spike that Richaad is still alive and to look out for him if the plan goes to hell. She apologizes for having hurt him before. 

- Spike tells her about the Asha'man who've deserted and says he has an idea of where she can hide once he gets her out of the BT.


Cairhien Aes Sedai

- Varick is being tortured by the Aes Sedai for not cooperating and healing Lamia.


White Tower:

- Janos assures the Amyrlin that he will escort sisters to the Black Tower so they, and some Asha'man, can go rescue Varick from the rebel Aes Sedai. 


New Manetheren:

- Jorrek watches Nyx practicing with her ashandarei and knows she's mad. She had been sparring with his men, but after one of them got lucky and struck her in the face, Jorrek ordered them to stop. As he's standing there, Con approaches and it appears he and Nyx will spar. Blen watches from the side.

- Nyx and Con spar, going at each other totally. Con is stronger and fast as lightning, but Nyx is faster. They both get covered in bruises and cuts. When the battle grows more heated and fierce, they get too into it and Con swings around, unable to stop himself from making a fatal blow. The only way for Nyx to avoid it is to reverse course...and strike him a fatal blow. She did that very thing, channeling to Heal him as soon as she did it. Regardless, he feels weak, though he doesn't show it. She gives him a concerned look, but he winks so she strides off the practice field. 

- Nyx hears her mother yelling for her and hightails it away. She goes back to check on Richaad, who is complaining constantly. When she starts lecturing him about resting till he's healed, he starts pointing out the cuts and bruises that she got from the fight with Con. She asks Mia to keep an eye on Richaad then goes to clean up so she can get out of there before her mother finds her. 

- Jorrek catches Nyx as she's trying to escape and offers to take her to a respectable tavern. Nyx takes him to the Cruel Dancer instead. He isn't impressed since it's a rowdy place and is staying close to Nyx, who wants to dance. 

- Back at Jorrek and Mia's cottage, Richaad glares after Nyx and tries to get up. Mia helps him and gives him an ale with the agreement that he'll drink the tea Nyx ordered him to. Richaad asks her to see what she can find out about what's going on at the Black Tower.



- Ronina is distraught over her father's death and Blen's treatment of her. She weeps alone.


Hills in the middle of nowhere:

- A little girl named Misha, her pet wolf cub named Kilala, and her grandfather go about their lives as 

- She makes her grandpa a birthday meal.