Monthly Summary October 2004

Note: This one is a bit more detailed than the categorical summary...there is a summary of every post for the month. 

October 1-7  

October 8-14   

October 15-21   

October 22-31



October 1-7

- Serah heads to the garden during her morning break and is shocked to see an Ogier (Fa'liel). She asks where his axe is.

- Fa'liel cringes at how loud Serah is, and after asking her about the libraries, he tells her he doesn't carry an axe, nor do most Ogier. He asks her to show him around and says he'll tell her about himself. Grabbing her hand, he tries to pull her back to the garden.

- Everyone leaves the M'Hael's office, and with the exception of Spike, Lir, Pol, Adna, Lothoss, Janos, Neill, Nezdin and Jesse, everyone else disappears. The M'Hael's wife, Shai, comes out a moment later. She tells them that the last few days have been difficult for Brand and she will try to reason with him. Janos says he wants a backup plan in case Shai doesn't succeed. 

- Shandy calls Valrin an old hag and says she's not leaving. Unfortunately, the Blues and Yellows start attacking Shandy. The Browns and Whites argue their sides as well and someone grasps saidar. Shandy, amused, sits back and waits for them to fight each other.

- Nezdin explains to all gathered outside the M'Hael's office, including the clues about the red-bladed daggers. Kakios shows up and says that they need to talk. 

- Kakios tells them all that 75 Soldiers, 52 Dedicated, and 15 Asha'man just left the tower. They no longer feel safe there because of the murders and the way the M'Hael is treating Lir and Faia. They don't trust the Aes Sedai and feel they are being allowed free reign...the women can come in and kill Asha'man, but if Asha'man fight back, they are hanged. More men and women are packing to leave as they speak. Kakios says that they heard that Faia is being drugged with forkroot and is allowed no food, no water, and no visitors. More have joined Faia's group and they are planning to break her out then leave the tower for good. Nez talks Kakios into stalling the group and convincing them to remain quiet and at the tower. When he's gone, Nez turns to Janos and asks what his plan is.

October 8-14

- Valrin reminds the Blues and Yellows that they outnumber the other Ajahs so they should be in control. She mutters something about the Blues and Yellows paying the highest price for Shandy's actions then returns to her rooms. 

- Serah bombards Fa'liel with questions and talks of how the Ogier in Seanchan carry axes and are somber. She's impressed with the Ogier's strength and asks questions about it.

- Shai goes back inside and is denied access to Brand's private study. Brand comes out and orders the sentinels away. Once the M'Hael and his wife are alone, Brand starts to wonder what he's doing. Shai offers help and channels at him, laying a weave of Compulsion around him. She tells him to delay Faia's execution for today, but it *will* be done. She tells him Faia is too much of a threat to the Black Tower to be allowed to live. She thinks about when she ordered Lir's death in the Aiel Waste and knows that Brand will be utterly convinced Faia is an enemy. She wonders briefly if Nor will allow her to keep Brand when it's all over.

- Janos gives a lecture about terrorism, which is what's happening at the tower now. The worst part is that it's succeeding in its purpose, causing people to lose faith in the system as well as their 'protectors'. Janos reminds them all the stigmata that went along with channeling men in the Third Age and that they do not want that to happen. Janos agrees to help save Faia, for political reasons only. She is friends with the king of Ebou Dar as well as the royalty in Malkier and New Manetheren, and Janos thinks it would cause the tower to be in a worse light. He wants to get the Aes Sedai involved. 

- Neill listens to all of it and tells Janos to stop wasting time and tell them what they need to do.

- Janos plans to go talk to the Amyrlin about the situation and tells Nez and Neill to try to gather more evidence so they can get the Aes Sedai to help rescue Varick. Faia will be a tougher problem but he says if someone can keep the M'Hael from killing Faia, he will go later in the day to Ebou Dar, Malkier, and New Manetheren for support. Spike says he will keep them from Faia long enough for Janos to do what he said. Janos warns them not to lose Jesse the way Kek was lost.

- Nezdin says they will not lose Jesse and takes her away to question her some more. He tells Spike to send word if he needs help...he doesn't like leaving Faia's safety in the man's hands but realizes he has no choice.

- Later that morning, Nor receives a report from Audra (a Jenn Sedai/Asha'man) that almost three hundred men and women (about equal numbers of each) have left the Black Tower. The Black Tower, much like the White Tower, is falling apart. Nor says that the White Tower is already split and it will split further before long. Nor tells Audra to tell the deserters who wish to help Faia that they should spread the word of the woman's pending execution to the major nations. It will turn the nations against the Black Tower, but the execution will go ahead no matter what. Nor is happy...Richaad is dead, Lir and Faia will soon be dead and their blood will be on the M'Hael's hands. She uses her dagger to 'call' Shandy because some of her plans need to be altered.

- Shandy, still meeting with the Aes Sedai in Cairhien, is pleased with herself. The Whites don't care for the attitude of the Blues and Yellows and inform them that the rest of the Whites will be joining them the next day, and then the Whites, Browns, and Greens will equal the number of Blues and Yellows. They are all furious. Shandy hears Nor's voice in her head and freezes before silently giving her report of what has happened (a reminder, the daggers give the Jenn the power of telepathy when Nor chooses to do so). Nor gives some orders regarding Valrin and Shandy cringes. She cuts the meeting short then goes to visit Valrin.

- Fa'liel tells Serah he has never been to Seanchan and that Ogier don't like big cities. He leads Serah deep into the garden and asks if she's met the M'Hael.

October 15-21 

- Serah bitterly says she knows the M'Hael. Apparently he's taken her on as a pet project though all they usually talk about is Lir. The meetings are always short because his wife comes in. When she leaves, she always feels saidar being channeled. She is impressed that Fa'liel makes the trees and plants happier. She suggests they go see the M'Hael together.

- Spike and Pol force their way into the dungeon to check on Faia. They end up using a note from Janos, much to Spike's chagrin. He doesn't like being indebted to the man.

- Janos goes to see the Amyrlin.

- Fa'liel agrees to go to see the M'Hael with Serah.

- The Amyrlin tells her guards to show Janos into her study. She is not happy because almost three-quarters of the White Ajah left that morning. Oddly, they went to Andor rather than Cairhien. The few Whites that remained are arguing vehemently against the agreement with the Black Tower and want the Greens put on some sort of restriction. When Janos enters, she offers him a seat.

- Faia, huddled on the floor in a corner, is groggy and thinks it's time for her dose of forkroot. A small part of her struggles against the thought of dying, but she silences it because she feels she has nothing left. 

- Fa'liel notices a small flowering plant in a pot. He speaks to the plant and asks that it open its flowers if it thought anyone in the room was in danger. He's not sure it will work but he likes the M'Hael and wants to try, especially after what happened to his master.

October 22-31

- Janos tells the Amyrlin about the Cairhien Aes Sedai kidnapping Varick and about finding the red-bladed daggers on the two women who were caught. He asks for her aid in unveiling the mystery surrounding the attacks on the Black Tower

- Serah asks Fa'liel if anyone can learn to do what he did with the plant then leads him to the M'Hael's chambers. She's still talking about Seanchan and says she found a book about General Mat Cauthon and she believes his heir will come back to claim the Crystal Throne to unite Seanchan.

- Spike rushes in to take care of Faia but doesn't know how to heal. Pol says he'll handle it and gives her some awful tasting herb to help speed up her metabolism so the forkroot will get out of her system. He tells Spike to get her up and walk her around to help speed it up then goes outside.

- Fa'liel tries to explain to Serah how plants respond to him. It is a natural gift, but his master taught him to use it. Now he will have to find a new teacher or hope the forests are forgiving while he teaches himself. At the M'Hael's office, the plant opens its flowers slightly but they close once they are inside. He hopes Brand will forgive the interruption. 

- The M'Hael is in his private study alone, thinking about how it is Faia's fault that more than three hundred men and women deserted the tower. He wonders if she is behind a plot to kill him. He is displeased that he has had to delay her execution. He pens a note to Axe. When he hears Serah's voice, he goes into his outer office to find her and Fa'liel there. The potted plant Fa'liel is carrying opens its flowers. 

- The Amyrlin tells Janos the White Tower will help get Varick back and find out who is behind the attacks on the Black tower. She sends for thirteen sisters, including Ava and Chetana, and tells Janos that the women will go with him back to the Black Tower before they go on the rescue mission.

- Faia starts to get less groggy and tells Spike he shouldn't be there. She doesn't want him to get into trouble. She asks him to keep her friends away from her execution and to convince them it's for the best. She says it'll be over soon and everything can get back to normal.

- Fa'liel apologizes for interrupting the M'Hael but tells him the gardener does a good job. He then explains about the flowering plant, and that it might mean the M'Hael is in danger. He says neither he nor Serah mean to harm Brand and he hopes Brand doesn't mean to harm them, but the plant will flower if someone is in danger. He offers the plant as a gift then asks if he can read the book that he brought with him. 

- Audra, an Asha'man and one of the Jenn Sedai, has just sent three male Asha'man away and is pleased with herself. She used a Compulsion-like weave on three female Asha'man first and had them go to Malkier, Ebou Dar, and New Manetheren (respectively) to tell of Faia's execution. She told them to tell how insanely the M'Hael has been behaving lately, but she tells them to add a bit to the story...all the males have been behaving strangely and they fear saidin may be tainted again. After the women are gone, she meets three male Asha'man and uses Compulsion to send them to kill the women. She was extremely careful and knows it's impossible that anyone saw or heard what she did (it was away from the camp, which is in New Manetheren). Then she joins the more than three hundred men and women who deserted the Black Tower. She thinks Nor will be pleased.

- The M'Hael listens to Fa'liel, thinking that it is either Faia's supporters or Lir's that means to harm him, just as the Sentinels suspect. He thanks Fa'liel for the plant and tells him there has been trouble at the tower and that an Asha'man is to be executed for it. He tells the Ogier that he is safe at the tower, then yells for his guards. When he sees they aren't there, he explodes and yells at an young Dedicated walking down the hallway. He says to deliver a note to Axe, to tell the kitchen to send lunch for three, and to find his guards...anyone deserting their post will sorely regret it. He calmly goes back into his office and says lunch will be there soon. 

- Ava has almost made it back to the White Tower. She is in bad shape and is disheveled from the three day search for Blade. They found him still alive, but he was close to death. Someone flayed him and cut out his tongue. His ears are also missing. She is by his side when he dies. 

- Ava sees the White Tower gates quickly approaching and she tries to avoid looking at the tarp-wrapped figure of Blade behind her. The other Warders had wrapped the body while she looked around in the bushes...she found a dagger covered in blood, but a closer inspection showed her that the dagger was actually the color of blood. As she rides through the gates, she tries to make sense of Blade's words...apparently he knew more than he should have. Thomas, another Warder, follows her to her rooms and asks if she knows who did it. He tells her that Blade loved her. She orders him out. As soon as she starts to take a bath, someone shows up telling her to go see the Amyrlin.

- Ava shows up at the Amyrlin's office in clean clothes and bathed. She has a bad feeling about the meeting.

- Axe studies the parchment the M'Hael sent him after he manages to get past the protection weave, then balefires the document. He immediately begins preparing for the assignment, taking out an all-purpose cloak and wrapping some clothing and supplies in it. He thinks that he will do what the M'Hael requests, though it might be different if Richaad were still alive or if there were a chance of saving Faia. He goes to a seldom used section of the tower to get a stash of coin and an angreal the M'Hael had hidden for him, not really shocked to see a dragon pin in the stash as well. The newly raised Asha'man channels a gateway out of the tower, then shoots balefire back through once he gets to the other side. The balefire kills two Sentinels and destroys his gateway weaves so it cannot be traced.

- Katshen Culain, ignores glares as he makes his way through the Tower. He had left the tower and gone with Sannis Jharo to the Waste, and believes that is why he is receiving such unwelcoming looks. Rhuidean has fallen, some of the people taken in and possessed by a strange and terrible power that could be the undoing of all the lands in the West. He makes his way to the M'Hael's door, where one of the guards demands to know what he's doing back. He recognizes the other guard but says nothing friendly then demands to see the M'Hael.

- Kakios, one of the few full Asha'man in Faia's group, is on the way to see one of the councilors and sees Katshen. He asks if Katshen is looking for danger and implies that the M'Hael is insane. He then mentions that Faia is scheduled to be executed.

- The Amyrlin explains to Ava, Chetana, and the other eleven sisters in her office, the strongest in the tower save herself and her Keeper, about Varick being kidnapped by the Cairhien Aes Sedai. She tells that the two sisters the Asha'man captured were carrying red-bladed daggers. The thirteen sisters are to go back to the Black Tower, then go to Cairhien to get Varick. If the sisters in Cairhien refuse, then they are to take Varick by force with the help of the Asha'man. She tells Ava about the White Ajah leaving the tower. After Varick is freed, Ava and Chetana are to investigate the red-bladed daggers and find out if they have any meaning. 

- Katshen is surprised at what Kakios has to tell him, but doesn't show it. He asks Kakios if they can talk somewhere else...he wants to know what's going on.

- Kakios tells Katshen to go to Nezdin's apartments, where he and Neill are holding the Aes Sedai captive. He says Nez can fill him in on the details. Kakios has to go to see the councilor first.

- Axe is on a barren plain where he has a clear field of vision. He is shrouded in saidin, undetectable, and has gone through three gateways since he left the tower. He picks up a rock and sits down next to the road. A few hours later, he sees a small party cresting the horizon. Though he would've preferred to do this at night, his orders were clear. He throws the rock at the skull of a single soldier, causing the man to crumple to the ground. Before the others can react, they are all swallowed in a flurry of balefire. All that remains of the guard was the soldier he hit with a rock and the wagon the party had been escorting. Axe then destroys the rock with balefire, puts on a pair of gloves and slits the soldier's throat. He removes a scrap of green silk from his pocket and places it within the dead soldier's grasp. He also drops a serpent ring beside the man. He pauses before following the next part of his orders and decides to open the coffin on the wagon...he smiles at what he sees then destroys the coffin with balefire. He opens another gateway, determined to find answers to the new mystery before him. 

- Ava counts the other sisters in the Amyrlin's office. She does not like Chetana at all and is not pleased that she is to work with the Brown sister. She thinks the Whites are fools. She asks to speak with the Amyrlin and Janos alone. When the three are alone, she tells of what happened to Blade. She thinks his last words might fit with the suspicion that there is a secret sect. She holds out the red-bladed dagger she found near Blade's body.

- Neill is annoyed that he and Nezdin have gotten nothing out of Jesse. He decides to use more oily measures and starts channeling Compulsion weaves at the woman, trying to ignite some fear of male channelers in her. He questions who she's working with and waits for the Compulsion - and his words - to take effect.

- The Amyrlin says she'd like to have someone Delve Blade's body but she doesn't trust the few Yellows in the tower. She yells for Chetana to enter and the Brown confirms that the dagger Ava has is like the one Lamia had. She tells Ava and Chetana to work with the Black Tower and find out where the dagger was made and who else carries one like it. No other sister is to know about it. 

- Jesse's bond with her dagger, which bonds her to Nor and Machin Shin, somewhat protects her from the Compulsion weaves though it causes her an excruciating headache. She says that no true Aes Sedai fears men who can channel, but she does feel disgust for them. She is also disgusted at any woman channeler who voluntarily sullies herself with the Black Tower, and that Faia deserves to die for that reason.

- Katshen is even more curious about what's going on after hearing of the Aes Sedai captive, then heads toward Nezdin's apartments.