Monthly Summary September 2004

Aiel/Sharan Plot

Black Tower (Fa'liel)

Black Tower

The Whitecloaks

Cairhien Aes Sedai


Aiel/Sharan plot

- Lir goes to meet Eid, whose glowing green eyes freak Lir out. Lir is further disturbed when Eid tells him there is no need to hold saidin, since they are there to is clear that Eid can channel. 


Black Tower (Fa'liel's adventure)

- Before answering the question about his trip, Fa'liel asks the M'Hael if there is a garden at the tower. He is starting to get drunk and tells that his travels were not good at all, mainly because his master was killed. He gets upset and begins to sob, saying he shouldn't be there, shouldn't be traveling alone, and his master should be alive.

- Brand tells Fa'liel that there are indeed gardens at the tower and he is welcome to visit them. He tries to calm the Ogier down and says he will help find the one who killed his master. He tells Fa'liel he's safe now and asks why his master was so insistent on coming to the tower.

- Fa'liel composes himself and focuses on the good things the Black Tower has to offer him, then apologizes to the M'Hael for his outburst. He says he would like to retire and spend the night in the garden to sleep amongst the trees. Then he hands the M'Hael the package his master told him to deliver.

- The M'Hael tells Fa'liel he is welcome to spend the night in the gardens and thanks him for getting the package their safely. He does not yet open it.

- Fa'liel wakes up in the morning and realizes he is hungry. He starts whistling a tune he heard by the river and wanders to the entrance of the garden.


Black Tower

- Serah tells Faia she's nuts. She doesn't know why Spike still pines for her and hates seeing him in pain. Then she yells that she hates Faia. Nezdin is listening in the shadows but leaves to do other things, thinking both females are nuts. 

- Faia disregards what Serah says about Spike having feelings for her and thinks herself stupid for trying to talk to the girl like an adult, then reminds the girl that there is a curfew around for children at the tower, even Soldiers. 

- Serah sneers at Faia and says everyone is up because of her display...she goes on to say that people were injured badly because they believed the racket to be caused by the Sharans attacking. She figures Faia's friendship with the M'Hael will ensure she gets off with a slap on the wrist and is bitter because everyone else has to follow the rules.

- Nezdin goes to see Neill and tells him that they (Faia's group) are leaving at sunrise. He asks for help watching after Faia because she isn't doing well and tells that he overheard Serah yelling at Faia. While they are talking, Nez hears the door shut and feel the tingle of saidar. Before he can do anything, something strikes him in the head. As he is losing consciousness, he sees six women in the apartment. 

- Neill manages to get to an angreal he just made and channels at the women, stalling further attacks and chopping one woman's arm off. He holds onto the woman and orders all of them out of his rooms.

- Lothoss, who had followed Nez into Neill's apartment and stayed invisible with the Mask of Mirrors, throws one of the women across the room with the One Power and weaves a shield around himself and the unconscious Nezdin.

- Lothoss pretends to be concerned about Nezdin's condition but is really searching him for info about Faia's group. Neill immediately distrusts and dislikes Lothoss, even though he was supposedly helping. He knows full well Lothoss isn't trying to help or Heal Nezdin and basically calls him on it. Lothoss says he can't heal anyone and watches everything unfold. 

- After Serah storms away, Faia runs into Kakios, one of the Asha'man on her team and finds out Serah was exaggerating about all the injured people. Only two maids got hurt trying to run away from the racket Faia made and they were minor injuries. She goes to pack and find Neill. 

- Jesse, the armless Aes Sedai Neill still has by the hair, is one of the Jenn, as is the Aes Sedai Lothoss apparently killed. She hears loud noises outside the door but isn't worried, especially when one of the four other sisters uses a weave to make them invisible again. 

- Varick heads toward Neill's rooms and realizes something is wrong when he sees the crowd outside his door. He grasps saidin and blows the knob and lock off the door before kicking it open. When he steps inside, one of the 'invisible' sisters opens a gateway behind him, killing two Asha'man in the process, then knocks Varick through it. The other three follow, deserting Jesse and the other woman. The gateway closes.

- Faia, who now has her bag with her, heads to Neill's apartment and as she reaches it, she hears someone yelling for Varick, but sees him nowhere, In a panic, she pushes her way through the crowd outside Neill's door and steps over body parts of other Asha'man. When she sees Neill holding Jesse by the hair and Nezdin on the floor unconscious, she yells for a Healer. Jesse offers to do it, but before she finishes her sentence, Faia slams a sharp-edged shield on her and stills her and asks Neill what happened.

- Neill realizes the tower is no longer the safe place he thought it was. He twists Jesse's hair, demanding to know where her sisters took Varick. He tells Faia the women took Varick and hurt Nezdin, and that he doesn't think they were expecting two of them to be there. Faia lets Neill handle the situation. 

- Lothoss thinks Faia is a danger to the Black Tower and must be dealt with immediately. He sends Asha'man to handle the situation 'properly' and report to the M'Hael. 

- A short while later, in the M'Hael's chambers, the Asha'man shows up to tell what happened. The M'Hael already knows and is thankful one of the Reavers was there to help the situation. As everyone lambastes Faia, the M'Hael makes a decision...he sends three Asha'man to arrest Faia for treason. She is to be hanged at sundown.

- Jesse asks if anyone at the tower can heal her connection to the True Source. Faia looks at the Asha'man healing Nezdin and he nods. She tells Jesse it will be done if she gives them the information they want *and* if Varick is there when they go to rescue him. She tells them...Cairhien. She tells part of the truth, that they kidnapped Varick to help Heal a severed sister, but gives the impression that Valrin is the one behind it all. Faia tells Neill that they're going to get Varick, but before she can get much more out, the three Asha'man show up to arrest her. 

- Nezdin, now awake and healed, demands to know what's going on when he sees the Asha'man holding the point of a sword to the base of Faia's skull. They demand she release saidar, explaining the M'Hael's orders. Nez can't believe it, even when they explain the charges, but he knows by the look in Faia's eyes that she has given up. As the three Asha'man lead her away, Nezdin tells Neill he's going to get Varick, then he's going to find a way to help Faia.

- Faia is led to the dungeon, where she is given forkroot and has a shield of silence placed around her so she can't hear anything. She takes it, thinking she is dead already.

- Janos shows up at the M'Hael's chambers with Spike/Wilam Hunt, Adna, and Pol in tow and tells the M'Hael that killing Faia would be a poor excuse at an apology for stilling Jesse. Spike informs the council, and the M'Hael, that he is now part of the council and will not go along with the decision to hang Faia. Adna declares the same. 

- Lothoss, unconcerned with Faia's sentence, turns to Neill and Nezdin as soon as she is taken from the room and suggests they take Jesse with them to rescue Varick. He informs them that the other Aes Sedai was taken to the dungeon for healing and that means this one (Jesse) is expendable. 

- Neill is sickened. He snaps at everyone, saying that they can go save Varick and leave Jesse to get a fair trial while they hang one of their own. Then he storms out, assuming Nezdin will follow.

- The M'Hael explodes at Spike and tells him that he will not be defied. He thinks to himself that all of the Reavers were just as much trouble as Lir and will have to be dealt with the same way. One of the councilors tries to mention the law, but the M'Hael ignores them. Spike tells him to talk with her and Brand asks if he's questioning his authority. When Spike answers yes, Brand backhands him, knocking him to the floor.

- Nezdin catches sight of Jesse's weapon - a red-bladed dagger. He learns that the other Aes Sedai (the one Lothoss injured) was carrying a similar dagger and remembers Lamia's dagger, and that it was missing after Richaad was killed. He drags Jesse after Neill, telling Lothoss he can come if he wants. He tells Neill he has something that might help Faia.

- When Neill and Nezdin reach the M'Hael's door, they hear a racket, but go in anyway. Nezdin shoves Jesse in front of him and says he has some information that is important for them to hear, information that can put a stop to the attacks on the Black Tower once and for all.

- Lothoss follows silently behind Nezdin, happy that they might get to kill in the name of the Black Tower

- Spike spits out blood from the M'Hael's slap, wondering if he has a loose tooth now. He feels a pang of jealousy when he sees Neill, remembering how he saw Faia and him together earlier. He pushed it out of his mind and allowed Pol to help him off the floor. He's surprised at the way Nezdin entered and spoke to the M'Hael, just as the M'Hael explodes and the sentinels appear out of nowhere. Lothoss quietly explains they protect the M'Hael at all costs. While the M'Hael is exploding, the M'Hael's wife appears and calmly says his name. All attention goes to her.


The Whitecloaks

- While Mala sleeps, Dawyn thinks about how similar their minds seem to work. He accepted her offer to help with the Ashara Sedai. He leaves orders for no one to enter his quarters and heads to the practice field where he lures some radicals into a fight and kills them, being sure to stay where Mala would be able to see. He announces to all that no one is to disobey him or spy on him or attack and kill innocent people. Even to kill witches without a trial is death. There is only one order...his.

- Mala watches Dawyn dispose of the men in the practice yard and gets turned on. She is happy to help him with the Ashara Sedai, thinking that the two of them can reach great heights together. As he is walking away from the practice field, she catches his eye to lure him back to her.

- Dawyn gets food for breakfast and some dresses to take to Mala since he ripped hers off of her and heads back to his quarters. Mala, while eating breakfast, tells Dawyn she has a present for him that might help him. She gives him a ring...a ter'angreal that will allow him, a non-channeler, to enter Tel'aran'rhiod. Though she knows very little about it, only what she has read in books, she tells him he can use it to spy on his enemies. Or his friends. She too has a ter'angreal that will allow her access to Tel'aran'rhiod and plans to learn to use it. 

- William the Pig eyes the cannon and tells everyone to get ready to move because their target will be there soon. He personally hung one of his men after discovering him trying to send a message out of camp. One of the man's accomplices has been implicated and hung. William is beginning to trust no one but Barl now. A train going from Andor to Far Madding is coming down the train track, and he has his men shoot the cannon as a warning. Something goes wrong and the engine gets hit, causing an explosion. He orders his men, who have begun shooting their guns as well, to stop. There are a few survivors from the train, a small group of women. He tells his men to take their dead and they leave.

- William the Pig, now back at camp, tells his men they should not bear the grief for the disaster with the train. Only he will do that. He tells them that money is on its way, but no one is to leave before Niall arrives...if anyone tries, they will be executed. Niall is bringing an attacking army and William's men are to spread out the dead bodies from the train accident to make it look convincing. When Farras approaches, he adds a few names to the list and tells the man "as soon as the attack starts". 


Cairhien Aes Sedai

- As soon as Shandy gets elected to be in charge, she sends six women on a mission to kidnap an Asha'man Soldier so they can use saidin (against the man's will) to Heal Lamia's connection to the True Source. Two of the women she sent are Jenn Sedai, and she is convinced that what she is doing will shake the Black Tower even more...and impress Nor.

- After days of hiding out, Valrin emerges and sends for Winter

- Valrin's messenger finds Winter, but before she can get to the woman's quarters, one of Shandy's messengers finds her and demands she report to Shandy. An hour later, Shandy, Winter, and the other council members are waiting for Valrin to show up to the meeting. 

- Valrin shows up to the meeting and orders Shandy out of her seat, calling her 'girl', then demands to be told why an Asha'man prisoner is being held in her house.

- Shandy does not move from her seat and informs Valrin that she is not some 'mealy-mouthed' child to be ordered around like Winter. She says the Asha'man is there because she wants him there and wants to know why Valrin called the meeting. 

- Valrin asks what Shandy's plan is and declares that the Asha'man prisoner will no doubt cause the Asha'man to storm her private property and that they will probably bring White Tower reinforcements if the Amyrlin can drag herself out of the M'Hael's bed. She also points out that Janos could get the Cairhienin officials involved in the attack. She then makes a comment about the White Ajah having nothing to lose and that the Yellows and Blues are the only ones who lost someone in the kidnapping caper. She gets even more disrespectful as usual and tells Shady to get out of her seat so she can fix the mess or she'll go back to her room and wait for Brand to show up with his Asha'man to start bonding sisters.


Other happenings

- Garan tries to remain unnoticed in a crowd and ends up running into Adris. He gives Garan a circlet and asks him to take it to Tenu, and also gives him a tiny statue that 'holds the key to his condition'. The torture done to Garan can be healed, but it is unlikely he'll ever be able to channel again. When Adris leaves, Tenu shows up and says she has missed Garan.

- Moss settles into an inn in Tear and the innkeeper brings him a package of documents. They are mainly reports...updates on stuff that Moss already knows. One was about Mala stating she is spending a great amount of time in the Whitecloak camp. There is also info that Garan has been involved with Dawyn. Finally there is a note from Janos to meet at Laureline's

- The Far Madding council meets about the attacks of the last few days and asks General Dagna when the bandits will be found. The general says he needs more time and the councilors are not pleased. Amber, one of the councilors, leads the others toward the idea of bringing in outside help. The Whitecloaks are mentioned. Before anything is decided, word of the train disaster is delivered. It is decided to bring Dawyn Niall and his Whitecloaks in to solve the problem of the 'bandits'. After the meeting, Amber feels a pang of guilt for the lost souls on the train but dismisses it as a casualty of war. She will make it up to the survivors when she is the new First Councilor.

- Moss gets off a train, thinking of the dreams he has had lately. He dreamed of Garan and another man (Adris) and knew the man was the important one. He dreamed of an Ogier who hummed one of Moss's tunes and he dreamed of the Black Tower. Another dream was of Noemie and he somehow knows Noemie will not be Mala's subservient slave for long. Oddly, he has not dreamed of Mala lately. He has learned lately how to find other people's dreams, but he cannot get to Mala because she shields her dreams. He thinks of dinner with Janos and that he needs to also meet with Dawyn, who has a lot of explaining to do. 

- Nor thinks about the aggravation of the day before and about the man-monster she created (using Rahb's dead body). Though he completely botched his assignment (killing Faia) she is still pleased with her creation. He has an outer coating of cuendillar protecting his body and is impervious to attack, even with the One Power. She thinks to herself that he is better than anything that horrible Forsaken, Aginor, had created. Still, he must be punished for his failure.