Monthly Summary August 2004

Aiel/Sharan Plot

Black Tower (Fa'liel)

Black Tower

The Whitecloaks

Cairhien Aes Sedai

White Tower


New Manetheren


Aiel/Sharan plot

- Lir's group has managed to get their hands on some of the shock lances used by the Sharans. He comes up with a plan to get away from the Sharans...a wagon full of the shock lances will be set to explode and rolled down the slope at the Sharans. It will slow them down enough to they can make a break for it and split up.

- The Sharans capture Rhuidean, which the Aiel have abandoned. The Sharans build Rhuidean as their powerbase, a rest stop between their homeland and the west from where they will launch the full assault on the Westlands. Plans of pursuit, however, are in the works for the survivors of Rhuidean.

- In the Waste, Lir talks to the Aiel and other Asha'man about what to do next. They're hoping the Sharans will follow them rather than the main party. A scout shows up and said the Sharans got caught in the traps that were set, but only twenty or so died before they started attacking the canyon walls. The scout says there is a man who wants to meet with the leader of the Asha'man - it is Eid.


Black Tower (Fa'liel's adventure)

- Fa'liel introduces himself, in detail, to Varick after he is found in the forest outside the tower grounds and is displeased when Varick's introduction is lacking. Still, Varick invites him to the Black Tower and he accepts. He has a package with him but hides it from Varick and says his master entrusted him to go to the tower. Varick opens a gateway back to the tower and says he'll set up a meeting between the M'Hael and Fa'liel. Till the he's welcome to peruse the tower's libraries.

- The next night, Fa'liel thinks about the time he's spent at the Black Tower so far, and the disturbing dreams he's had, as if something in nature was about to change. He has spent a lot of time at the library and has enjoyed the meals he's had. He shows up to the M'Hael's dining room and smiles.

- Brand introduces himself to Fa'liel and offers him a drink before dinner.

- Fa'liel talks to the M'Hael and says he'd like to see the private Asha'man library...Brand agrees. Fa'liel says he had a premonition that may bode ill for the world, asks why the Black Tower servants imitate fish, and explains that he is on a mission for his now dead master before asking for a good drink. The M'Hael gives him Asha'man brew, which is very strong.

- Fa'liel asks a lot of questions about the Asha'man library and comments that he's never drank alcohol before. He is starting to get a bit tipsy and asks for more to drink. The M'Hael tells Fa'liel he can go to the Asha'man library whenever he'd like. He gives the Ogier another drink that's half watered down. As they sit down to eat, he asks Fa'liel how the trip was.


Black Tower

- Way before his meeting with Fa'liel, the M'Hael calls Faia to his office and forces her to eat something since she hasn't ate or slept since Richaad 'died'. After, he asks about the training for her group as well as the fifteen new Soldiers and Dedicated that have joined her group. She tells about what they're learning - both the physical training and the fact that she's teaching them to link and do some pretty destructive weaves - and mentions that she'd like to take them out of the Black Tower. The M'Hael agrees and even suggests a few options for additional training before telling her he has an assignment for her and Neill.

- Faia pulls Neill out of practice but tells the others to keep practicing. The two of them disappear for the day.

- Faia returns from her trip with Neill and is thinking about it. They were both attacked and injured...she sent Neill to Varick for healing but she's still bleeding and doesn't care. They had gone to New Manetheren to get the things Neill needed to make ter'angreal/angreal and while there they got attacked by some odd creatures, one of which looked sort of like a man but could not be channeled at. The man had odd looking skin, as if it were made from fluid metal, and channeling at him only seemed to make him stronger. She and Neill managed to kill all the creatures except the one that looked like a man...he escaped through a Waygate, which wasn't even supposed to be operational in the first place.

- Neill wakes up and wonders about Serah. He thinks about Faia and the fight they had in the caves in New Manetheren, then decides to go look for her. He finds her sitting against a tree and bleeding, and he realizes how much he's changed. He stops next to her and tells her to get up so she can go get healed. And he won't take no for an answer. She finally agrees, but she stumbles and starts to lose more blood. Neill takes care of her and yells at her for being stubborn and planning to sit outside all night instead of getting healed, and the two start playfully harassing each other before going to see Varick. After Faia gets Healed, she goes back outside again to think.

- Wilam Hunt, aka Spike, hides and watches Faia, but before he can get to her he sees Neill get to her first. He thinks the two of them are in an intimate embrace. He thinks about their past and how she turned him down when he asked her to join him in Seanchan. He had asked even though he knew she was in love with Lir at the time. Little does he know, someone is watching him. Later, when he's laying by the fountain, Faia shows up but doesn't realize he's there until he makes a nonchalant comment.

- Faia is surprised to see Spike. She thinks of their past and of the time she spent in Seanchan with Lir, running from people who put a price on their heads. She regrets the past and thinks that he's over her, even though she has feelings for him. Regardless, she plays it cool.

- After Spike and Faia take turns trying to talk and getting nowhere, Spike finally stops playing cool long enough to tell Faia it's good to see her again. Then he asks about Lir. Faia lets her guard down for a moment, then tells him it's been twenty-two years since they saw each other. She explains what has been happening at the tower lately.

- Spike considers everything Faia told him, then laughs out loud at the idea of her teaching anyone. He figures they (the Reavers) are there to find Lir and will then go back to Seanchan. Faia gets mad and goes off on him before stomping away. She goes to the practice field and uses the One Power and her sword to vent her anger.

- Spike is left alone and annoyed. Others join him - Lothoss and Adna, Spike's friends and fellow Reavers, and Serah, to whom Spike is obviously close. Lothoss has been lurking around and says there's a plot to kill Lir. He suggests that Faia's group may be a countermeasure to hunt down all the Reavers. He quite apparently sees anyone who is *not* a Reaver as an enemy. He disappears, supposedly to deal with the situation, and Adna follows with Serah. Spike goes to watch Faia wreak havoc.

- Varick wakes up to the commotion Faia's causing outside and goes out to stop her. He finds a crowd watching and learns from Nezdin that the M'Hael sent her a note. He takes the note from Nez and walks out into the middle of her destruction to give it to her. She reads it and says she needs to speak to Nezdin and Axe.

- Faia tells Nez and Axe to get word to the rest of their team to pack up and meet outside the front gates at dawn...they're leaving the tower. She gets Varick to heal her weariness then sends them all away so she can talk to Spike.

- Spike interrupts Faia before she can say much, and apologizes for being insensitive about Richaad's death. She thanks him then goes about trying to tell him, in a very ineffective way, how she feels about him. After several tries, she gets frustrated and kisses him deeply, pulling away before he can push her away. Confused and afraid, she punches him in the arm to lighten the situation, then practically runs away from him.

- Spike doesn't understand what Faia is up to or why she kissed him, then punched him. He stands there, staring after her, until he hears someone laughing. It's Adna, who laughs and tells him Janos and the rest of the council wants to meet with them. Spike asks where Serah is, and Adna is surprised because she was just with him.

- Serah, meanwhile, has chased after Faia and is yelling at her for hurting Spike. She thinks Faia is playing games and wants to tell Spike how Faia slept with Sannis if only it wouldn't hurt him. Faia starts rambling and tells Serah that Spike wouldn't be hurt by her being with someone else because he doesn't care about her. Then she spills the fact that she does care about him and that she's hurt too.


The Whitecloaks

- Moss sends a letter to Dawyn, disguising it as though he were Dawyn's nephew. In the letter, he uses a clever code to tell of the White Tower split, the fact that gleeman were telling of what happened to Lord Barak, that Rutterbur died, and that the Asha'man have gone to Rhuidean.

- A messenger shows up to Dawyn's camp with some information for him about the Asha'man.

- Dawyn, now in Caemlyn, considers his plan. He is happy with the information he received from Moss. He is sore from the whipping he insisted on receiving for traveling through two gateways. He will be going to Far Madding next before heading to Seanchan. Garan is supposed to be arriving the next day with the white metal armor.

- Dawyn considers Garan, and the money he got from Garan's box when he finally got it open. There were also jewels in the box, which he'd give to Garan, except for a ruby he kept for Mala. He wonders why she never told him she wasn't an Aes Sedai. He looks out the window and lusts after Tara, then grabs Moss's note and the other reports he has gotten.

- William the Pig is waiting for Barl to return to camp. We still don't know exactly where he is, but Dawyn apparently wants him to keep a low profile so as not to be seen. He identified a possible spy in his group, and the man is being watched closely (a lieutenant that came with Leto, one of Janos's spies). Their mission is going well - burning and looting villages - though they are trying to kill as few women and children as possible. They're leaving the impression that they are a rogue army group. William apparently has something else up his sleeve - a canon. After that's been used, it's up to Dawyn.

- Mala shows up in Caemlyn to see Dawyn, pleased with the surprise she has for him. She finds him alone in his office where he is thinking about things - Whitecloak radicals, the panic William the Pig's army is causing, money problems, the Cairhien research on forkroot concentrate, and the Ashara Sedai - when Mala comes in. The two of them attack each other passionately.

- Dawyn and Mala are in bed together...he gives her the ruby pendant and they start going at it again. Later, they talk and he tells her of his enemies, namely the Ashara Sedai. He asks if she will help him. She agrees and tells him she has been raised to the shawl and has been appointed the liaison between the White Tower and the Whitecloaks. She believes this will help her defeat his enemies at the tower. For him, she will restart the Ashara Sedai and crush them for good.


Cairhien Aes Sedai

- Lamia and Shandy show up at the rebel Aes Sedai camp in Cairhien and inform Winter that Lamia was stilled after being forced to confess to killing Rupert (the Asha'man who was murdered at the tower the night of the ball). Shandy also has a note for Valrin (telling about the history of the Reavers). Winter takes Shandy and Lamia to Valrin to tell what has happened and give her the note.

- Janos meets with Herid Dagaline in Cairhien and discusses the Aes Sedai who have taken up residence in Cairhien. The nobles there are apparently concerned about the Aes Sedai's presence. Herid shows Janos his newest 'toy' - an airship.

- Shandy Sedai complains that Valrin has done nothing and has offered no leadership to the women that left the White Tower with her. She decides it's time someone took control and calls a meeting with all the sisters there in Cairhien.

White Tower

- At the White Tower, Noemie and Mala talk as Mala gets ready to go see Dawyn. Noemie has given Mala some ter'angreal - a twisted ring, an iron disc, and an ivory box is all Mala takes for now. Noemie warns Mala that she's letting her heart guide her instead of common sense and a thirst for power. Mala gets mad and leaves, telling Noemie to do her job.

- Noemie thinks about Mala, who has finally been raised to the shawl (she's a Gray). Noemie has been raised as well, to Accepted status. She believes Mala needs to be pushed in the right direction, away from Dawyn who is nothing but trouble. She thinks about Moss and wishes she had him to herself.

Other happenings

- Janos meets with nobles, including the King of Cairhien, and laments on the problems Valrin and the 'dissidents' are causing. He dreams of getting one of Herid's flying machines for the Black Tower. He decides it's too late to visit Tear.


New Manetheren

- Several nights earlier...Ronina shows up at the tavern and begins yelling at Blen for pawing all over a tavern wench. Ronina threatens the wench, then smacks Blen for being a jerk. The two get into it hot and heavy...Nyx heals scratches on Blen's cheek then warns Ronina not to hurt him again until she hears what's really happened between the two. The two lovers argue some more, with Nyx watching, and then Ronina finally leaves. Nyx laughs and says it looks like Blen is in love.