Monthly Summary July 2004

Aiel/Sharan Plot

Black Tower (Garan plot)

Black Tower 

Black Tower (Lir)

Black Tower (Sannis's group)

White Tower

Cairhien (Aes Sedai)

Jenn Sedai

New Manetheren

Moss's Adventures

The Whitecloaks


Aiel/Sharan plot

- The recon party leaves for Rhuidean.

- Lir writes Serah a letter recounting the last three day's events. The Sharans fight dirty, and always at night. Of the thirteen Asha'man sent to Rhuidean, only six are left including him. A few had died and the others had missions. He explains that the whole thing was a trap and they were left alone just so they could get to Rhuidean. Being near the Sharans is causing a 'taint' to spread amongst them all. Lir explains the Sharans can use some sort of Compulsion and that one of the Asha'man was affected by it...his eyes glowed green and he spoke like them. Lir had no choice but to kill him. Lir won't risk sending anyone away by gateway because he doesn't want to give the Sharans that knowledge. Lir is convinced he will die trying to escape the next day.


Black Tower (Lir/rebellion/meetings)

- When the meeting with the Aiel is over, the M'Hael addresses Lir and asks if he wishes to be Asha'man again. Janos tries to interject on his behalf but the M'Hael won't hear it. He asks both Lir and Serah if they accept their fate. He reinstates Lir as an Asha'man, raised to Captain of the Reavers. Another councilor announces that Serah is sentenced to six months penance and twenty lashes - the maximum penalty short of stilling - for disobeying a direct order and for assaulting another Asha'man.

- Varick waits for the M'Hael after the meeting and requests a meeting, about Richaad.

- Lir is at Serah's bedside when Janos pays him a visit and shows him that he isn't the only one who knows unarmed combat. He tells Lir not to demean what Serah's done by apologizing for what happened to her. Janos returns Serah's knives to Lir and gives Lir assignment papers to go to Rhuidean. Lir happily goes outside and fills the sky with lightning.

- Janos receives reports telling him what's been going on in and out of the tower all day. Janos smiles...he's clearly up to something.

- Taroc, one of Dawyn's men, sneaks into the Black Tower and makes sure one of the big-mouthed servants overhears something indicating that the Sharan thing is a ruse to kill Lir and that Serah will be stilled...all with the M'Hael's seal. The servant, Fat Marie, intends to spread the word to a few friends at the Black Tower.

- Lir puts on a lightning show out on the practice field, happy that he'll finally be leaving the tower. He marches into the meeting hall where the council is waiting, and he's impatient to get moving with the Aiel.

- In the meeting, Janos asks about the composition of the party that was sent to Rhuidean with the Aiel (because all the men and women with Lir were the leaders of the failed rebellion that was going to take place on Lir's behalf) and inquires what exactly Sannis Jharo is doing in the tower. 

- Janos asks about Lir's replacement in the council and proposes radical security changes in lieu of the recent disturbances in the Black Tower, the murders included. 

- Janos learns of Richaad's death, raises inquiries about what happened to their investigation, and asks more questions on Faia's motives for her recent questionable actions.

- The M'Hael tells Janos that Faia will be at the meeting shortly and he silently thinks of his concern for her. As soon as she shows up, Janos demands to know what happened. The other councilors inundate her with questions and one of them declares the treaty with the White Tower should have never happened. 

- Faia tells the council everything that happened leading up to Richaad being pulled out of the meeting with the Aiel and how she found him bleeding to death in his office. 

- Faia tells the council what happened after Richaad left the Aiel meeting, right up until she found him bleeding to death and took him to Nyx to get him Healed. She also informs them that Richaad issued some orders to her when he briefly regained consciousness.

- Faia goes on to explain that a sample of the wine used to poison Richaad was taken to the lab and analyzed. According to the tower's expert, the herb used to poison him didn't come from the Westlands, Seanchan, the Sea Folk Islands, or the Waste. A few drops of the stuff is enough to kill you. She also points out that the red-bladed dagger Richaad took from Lamia is missing, most likely taken by whoever attacked Richaad. The councilors explode, blaming everyone in sight...from the Aes Sedai to the people who started the rebellion for Lir. Faia tells the council that, after she and the other Aes Sedai questioned Lamia, she believes there is a sect of Aes Sedai that hates the Black Tower, specifically male channelers. Especially given that Lamia was murdering Asha'man long before anyone ever thought of the agreement. 

- Janos thinks about what she said and thinks her suspicion about a sect of Aes Sedai is ridiculous. He vows to get his hands on some of the poison, though he thinks Faia was exaggerating about it not being native to any known lands since that left only the Madlands and it couldn't have come from there. He asks about Garan...who he is, where he is now, and if she believes there is any truth to his claims about Darkfriends in the Black Tower.

- Faia informs the council that she released Garan per Richaad's final orders before his 'death'. Before she released Garan, she got his written statement about what he saw. She gives the M'Hael the statement from Garan as well as a report from Neill about Garan's condition. She says she has found no proof of Darkfriends in the tower, but since the legless Asha'man is now dead she has no one to question further. She says Garan's claim is probably based on his hatred of the Black Tower...which is similar to that of the Whitecloaks in the Third Age. 

- Janos plans to search for Garan, intending to use his Darkfriend network to capture the man that the power cannot touch. 

- When Faia informs the council that Sannis has left, the M'Hael tells her she is to oversee the group's training. He orders her not to kill Lamia if she finds her.

- Janos is happy to be rid of the merc and offers Faia his congratulations.

- Janos tells Serah there is no news about Lir. Word about Lir's rebellion has started anew and he knows trouble will go looking for the girl. His agents are looking into the rumors that there is a plot to have Lir killed from high up. He reviews reports from everywhere else then gets a note from Moss, whom he plans to meet with after he takes a trip to Cairhien. 


Black Tower (Garan)

- Nezdin gets testy with Garan and asks what Sannis Jharo has to do with anything. Garan says he believes Sannis is ta'veren and tells Nezdin he is pleading for his life. Nezdin reassures him that no one is going to kill him and that he's safe at the Black Tower.

- Garan tells Neill that the person who changed him was working from a set of books. Then Garan and Neill start discussing his condition.

- A man called 'Old Bob' delivers a note to Garan along with his food...the note is apparently from the Whitecloaks, but Bob doesn't realize it.

- Nezdin is bored listening to Garan and Neill, and then Faia shows up with Varick in tow. She's clearly upset. She informs them all that she wants Garan to put in writing what he witnessed, sign it, and then she'll get him out of the Black Tower because it isn't safe.

- Garan gets the note and believes its from Dawyn. Before Faia escorts him off the Black Tower grounds, he writes down the events and signed it. He tells Neill he hopes he helped and tells him to send a message to him at The Cruel Dancer in Tear if he ever decides to leave the tower.


Black Tower (Richaad plot)

- Richaad is in his office, thinking of the day's events as he waits for Faia to get there. He considers the red-bladed dagger he took from Lamia and realizes there is something odd about the dagger. He pours a glass of winepunch for himself and as soon as he drinks some of it, he feels ill and finds himself on the floor, paralyzed. The wall flickers and a woman appears - tall, pale, lithe, with violet eyes - who tells him he should feel lucky to see her true face. She tells him that men who channel must be controlled or killed, and his death will prove 'they' will not be silent any more. As she leaves through a gateway, she says she chose him for a reason. He hears Faia and Varick come into his office, and though he knows death is certain, he can tell he's being moved...and then he feels saidar being channeled at him.

- Varick tells the M'Hael that Richaad is dead, Lamia has been freed, and the guards and Asha'man prisoner are dead. He also tells that the King of Malkier insisted on sending an Honor Guard to the tower with Richaad's body.


Black Tower (Sannis's group)

- Sannis is out on the practice field, thinking about the day's training. Most everyone is covered in bruises and/or cuts. His own knuckles are scraped raw - his first lesson had involved himself and any three Soldiers who thought they could knock him down. To his surprise, all had tried but no trio had succeeded. He dismisses them all but tells Axe to go find the people on the list and have them meet in his quarters in an hour.

- Dar, Neill, Nezdin, Faia, Axe, and two other Asha'man report to Sannis's quarters as requested. An Asha'man tries to cause Faia problems but she leaves him lying on the floor grabbing his crotch in pain.

- Sannis informs all gathered (the Asha'man and the Dedicated who missed the earlier training) that they are to become the deadliest fighting force in the world. He tells them Faia is first among them all and to obey her. He tells them all they have an hour to rest before training, then asks about the war council meeting.

- Moss informs Mala she's early and asks her to go with him to see Dawyn.

- Faia explains to Sannis and the men gathered about the report the Aiel gave (the Sharans wiping out the Aiel clans and the two towers sending teams to investigate).

- Sannis dismisses everyone but Faia, then offers her a friendly ear.

- Faia wards the conversation with Sannis then asks him to keep what she tells him secret...he can't even tell the M'Hael.

- Sannis agrees he will tell no one what Faia tells him, even if it means his death. Faia tells him it won't come to that, then explains what happened with Richaad...what *really* happened, including the fact that Richaad was still alive last she saw. She tells him she can't tell the M'Hael because he may tell the council and Janos, who could then pass it to the White Tower. In that case, Richaad would be 

- Sannis offers his comfort to Faia then tells her it's time to go train. Thrashing something will make her feel better.

- Faia thanks Sannis for listening to her problems and finds out that Varick told the M'Hael of Richaad's death for her.

- Axe grieves over Richaad.

- Faia, on the verge of a breakdown, gets up and ready for the meeting with the council. She feels sorry for the M'Hael for losing so much - first Lir and he having a falling out, then Richaad dying - but she still can't bring herself to tell him that Richaad might still be alive. She has to protect Richaad at all costs. She can't even visit him...she doesn't trust the council and she doesn't trust Janos enough to risk going to him and leading them to him. If they find out, so will the Aes Sedai. She goes by Sannis's room and finds it empty, with a note for her and a note for the M'Hael informing that the merc has left. Cursing, she heads to the meeting.

- Faia tells her group that Sannis is gone, but their training will continue using the schedule the merc left for them.

- Neill freaks out when Faia informs him that he'll be helping to oversee the training, but accepts it and resolves to do his best. Dar seems pleased at being appointed one of the ones in charge of sword training. Neill, however, hates it. 

White Tower

- Mala is meeting with Noemie in her room, and Noemie tells her what the Yellows are planning. Mala also learns that the Yellows have the Blue Ajah's support, as well as some Greens. Mala doesn't think the news of Lamia's disappearance is important. She tells Noemie to get one of the young Yellows who told of the rebellion under control. Shortly after Noemie leaves, Tara shows up with some half-dead 
flowers. Mala throws them in the trash, tells Tara she'd be happy to meet Dawyn for dinner and then rubs it in her face that Tara is in love with Dawyn.

- Tara leaves Mala's room in tears, upset that Dawyn is falling for Mala. She talks an Accepted into taking her to Ava's room because she needs a friend.

- Valrin gets a mysterious note about the next Yellow Ajah meeting. She learns that the bodies of the two murdered guards (Rahb and Darl) are missing. She is not happy.

- Ava, in a foul mood, returns to her room after the Black Tower meeting to find Tara waiting for her. She doesn't give the other woman a very warm welcome at first.

- Mala gets dressed for her dates with Moss and Dawyn. She leaves some orders for Noemie, who brought back Anoush, a Yellow sister (whom she has broken). Mala takes Anoush to see the Amyrlin and makes the sister tell what Valrin is doing (trying to turn the Yellows against the Amyrlin). The Amyrlin thanks her and tells her she can test for the shawl the next day.

- Tara worries about the reception she gets from Ava, but once Ava invites her in, she breaks down. She is hysterical because Dawyn is falling for Mala.

- Ava gets dressed for practice and orders Tara to stop crying. She informs Tara that Mala is only an Accepted and has a reputation with the guards.

-Inez informs Valrin that the Yellows are gathered for their 'meeting' and informs her that the name of the Aes Sedai who had spoken out against her during the meeting with the Aiel is Ava.

-Tara finds out that Mala is only an Accepted from Ava and puts Ava up to a fencing match in the White Tower practice yards, where Ava proceeds to beat her up a bit.

- Valrin leads the meeting with the Yellows and the three Blue Sitters show up. Inez tells Valrin that the Amyrlin has demanded the Yellow Ajah is to share their weaves with the Black Tower (a lie, but Valrin can tell it because she said Inez told her...and Inez never swore on the Oath Rod).

- Valrin repeats Inez's lie about the Amyrlin telling them they have to share their secret Ajah weaves with the Black Tower so the Blue Sitters can hear. She states that the supposed Sharan war is a pretext planned by the Black Tower. She compares the alliance with the Black Tower to slavery and claims the Amyrlin is now deferring to the Black Tower. The Yellows and Blues support the statements she makes.

- After the meeting between the Yellows and the Blue Sitters, Moss attacks the three Yellows (because he learned from Mala that Valrin was investigating the murder of Rahb and Darl). He kills Inez and Greta, and gives a killing blow to Valrin but the Blue Sitters show up as he's finishing Valrin. He sees them and runs into the darkness.

- Selendia thinks about the meeting at the Black Tower and decides Valrin should be stilled or banished. She has no sympathy for what happened to Serah because the girl was a troublemaker. She goes to visit the Green Sitter who seemed to support Valrin.

- Rachne, one of the Jenn Sedai, is following the Yellow Sitters (using the invisibility weave to hide) as per instructions from Nor. Nor apparently wants the White Tower to break and has helped the animosity between Ajahs along. Rachne watches as Moss attacks and when she sees the Blue Sitters headed that way, she channels a Mask of Mirrors to make Moss look like a Green sister.

- Winter Sedai, one of the Blue Sitters, happens upon the scene where Moss has attacked Valrin and the other two Yellow Sitters. She believes she sees a Green sister running from the scene. She is unable to save Inez or Greta (the other two Yellow Sitters), but with Valrin's help in the form of a book the old woman is carrying, Winter is able to save Valrin. 

- Lara goes around the White Tower and orders the Aes Sedai assigned to Rhuidean to get moving then goes to tell Lir they will be ready in a few minutes.

- Lir goes to the White Tower and is waiting for the Aes Sedai to get there so they can take off.

- When some of the Aes Sedai show up, they have brought luggage and the Asha'man laugh about it. Lir asks how long the others will be.

- Mala is back in her room but didn't get there till after dawn because she stayed with Dawyn. Noemie gives her the info about what happened, how two Yellow Sitters were killed and Valrin almost died and that the Blue Sitters saw a Green sister fleeing the scene. After, almost all the Yellows and Blues left the tower, with several Greens, Whites, and a couple of Browns. Mala decides to visit the Amyrlin. 

- The Amyrlin reflects about the broken tower. She is not pleased when Mala shows up but the girl convinces her to allow her to test for the shawl that day. She sends her to the Mistress of Novices and tells her Keeper to prepare for a testing.

- Ava thinks about how awful the day is, although she had fun going to drink with Tara. She is disappointed that so many Greens left and is shamed by it. She thinks it's ridiculous and that the tower needed to be united now. Another sister shows up with Blade's sword and tells Ava they need to go to her rooms to talk. Ava knows something terrible has happened.

- Ava is told that Blade's sword was found in a pool of dried blood a half mile out of the city. Guards were sent after him when he didn't report to his post in the morning. Ava refuses to believe he's dead and thinks something isn't right. She takes a party of Warders out looking for him and doesn't like what she sees, but refuses to give up. He might still be alive.


Cairhien (Aes Sedai)

- Valrin gets all the Aes Sedai with her settled in at her estate. She tells Winter that the Greens who came with them cannot be trusted and Winter informs her that there are sisters watching them. Only 12 Blues and a small handful of young Yellows remained at the White Tower. No Grays have joined them, but the two Browns with them said more will follow. Valrin wants a new council formed with her as the will have three Blues, one other Yellow (besides Valrin), one Brown, and one White. The Greens are left out. She's afraid of spies but has a way to take care of that problem. She asks Winter for her book once the meeting is over.

- Winter gets mad at Valrin and informs the woman that she is not a child so stop addressing her as such. She declares she will no longer tolerate being spoken to that way. 

- Valrin is pleased that Winter has some spirit, then directs her to take a wooden box out of the dresser. She then tells her to return her book so they can discuss raising her to her rightful position of Amyrlin.

- Winter thinks she's the wrong choice for Amyrlin and tells Valrin so. Instead, she asks about Valrin taking the position. 

- Valrin informs Winter that she has no intention of being Amyrlin then orders the woman out. 


Jenn Sedai

- Lamia complains to Nor that she cannot get out of the shield Richaad put on her, but Nor doesn't care. When another sister declares her displeasure at Nor having killed the Asha'man Councilor (Richaad), Nor slaps her down. She thinks about her grandmother, Egwene, and how she is following in her footsteps as supreme ruler. She then tells Shandy to still and torture Lamia, then take her to join the dissidents in Cairhien and claim the Asha'man, particularly Richaad and Faia, were the ones who did it to Lamia. Osane shows up with some documents that will hurt the Black Tower and Nor is suddenly pleased.

- Nor's bio added

- The Jenn Sedai document added

- Nor asks Osane about finding the documents at the old Black Tower...the farm that the Asha'man used in the Third Age. When Osane informs her that the M'Hael's wife informed her that some of the tower's documents were never brought to the new tower, she orders that the whole farm be torn apart in hopes that more things of use can be found. She looks over the documents and decides it's enough to cause problems, but not enough to destroy the BT for good. Tacey, her favorite 'daughter', asks what's in the papers. 

- Nor explaining the history of Seanchan and the Asha'man. After the Dragon Reborn destroyed the Seanchan by spreading the secret knowledge that sul'dam could channel, Mat Cauthon and his wife Tuon tried to rebuild the Seanchan Empire and squash out the rebellions across the land. The two declared a monarchy rule, one that was inherited but different from what it was before. The Black Tower was involved for a while but Mat and Tuon ordered them out. The new M'Hael, the one who took over once all the battles were done and the Dark One was locked away, tried to follow their orders but the man in charge in Seanchan, General Reavus, ignored the orders issued his take action against the ones who mean to destroy their peacekeeping efforts. Shortly thereafter, Mat and Tuon were murdered and their children fled to the Westlands. The box that Osane brought contained the reports and orders of all mentioned above. Nor intends to use it to bring the Black Tower down. 

New Manetheren

- Jorrek and Ragan (Nyx's carneira) follow Nyx out of the tavern and Jorrek offers to get her back to the palace. After Ragan leaves, Jorrek feels Nyx channeling at him. Nyx gets mad and figures Jorrek must have some kind of ter'angreal. When they get back to the palace, she goes in his room, locks the door, and starts kissing him. She gets him to the bed, finds the foxhead medallion, kisses him again then leaves. Several minutes after she's gone, he hears a scream and runs to the source of the commotion, dropping his weapons to the floor when he sees what it is.

-Blen Mandragoran arrives in New Manetheren and is greeted by Cur and Raven.

- Nyx arrives at the palace in New Manetheren with Jorrek and greets Blen. She informs Cur and Raven that she believes Richaad will make it, even though all of his internal organs were ruptured and says that weaves to heal him are taking a lot out of him. She also announces that she will have to stay at Jorrek's until Richaad gets better.

- Blen meets Jorrek briefly and offers to go back with Nyx. She tells him that will be fine, so they can visit for a while.

-Blen goes back to Jorrek's with Nyx after appraising Jorrek intently. Nyx and Blen enter the room Richaad is being kept after a tiny argument with Mia. While healing Richaad some more, she inquires as to where he's been the past year and before telling him how she went looking for him in the Blight during his absence.

-Mia storms out of the room after her argument with Nyx. Jorrek informs her of who Blen is and she asks him to introduce them later. Jorrek says he thinks Blen was sizing him up.

-Blen answers Nyx vaguely and they talk about her carneira.

- Nyx gets excited talking about Jorrek, then goes back to healing Richaad.

- Mia complains about Nyx to Jorrek who doesn't have much sympathy and wants to know why she's so focused on Richaad. She claims she's looking after him for Faia. She wants to meet Blen.

- Blen thinks about the man Nyx almost chose as her carneira and how he'd had the man 'retrained' after catching him kissing Nyx when she was only 15. He harasses her about Jorrek and her carneira just for fun.

- Nyx asks Blen about his love life. He almost mentions Ronina, but stops himself. He then tries to change the subject and asks if she likes Jorrek.

- Nyx declares that Jorrek is too bossy, then laughs and asks if it's that obvious. She caught Blen's slip and asks about Ronina. He tells her that the woman wouldn't go away but the two of them decided to break it reality he's hiding from her. He teases Nyx some more about Jorrek.

- Con wakes up in bed with whatshername's mother. They have a scuffle and end up back in bed. Meanwhile, a courier from Bubba Rub - a notorious criminal - shows up with a message for Con that informs him a young girl is carrying his child.

- Nyx comments that it sounds like Ronina might be in love with Blen. She then continues to work on Richaad and asks Blen where there is to party in New Manetheren.

- Con reads the note and thinks Nyx is setting him up. He tells the courier that it's impossible that the child is his, as what they did could not possibly impregnate a woman. The courier hightails it away, apparently disturbed by Con's comment.

- Blen and Nyx talk some more and Blen tells of a woman he met and how wild she was.

- While Nyx is trying to convince Blen to go get rest, Richaad wakes up. She holds the Asha'man down when he tries to get up and asks her uncle to go tell Jorrek to bring Richaad some food. 

- Mia comes into the room and brings a tray of food for Richaad. Jorrek says he looks like crap and gets glared at by the women. Mia made an extravagant breakfast but claims it's not much. She also gives plates to Nyx and Blen. Mia props Richaad up on pillows and proceeds to feed him. 

- Cur reviews the reports and gossip that passes across his desk, including people's reactions to what happened with Lord Barak. 

- Nyx tells Richaad that Faia has told everyone he's dead and he explodes. He wants to go back to the tower but Nyx tells him he has to stay in bed and recover...Mia forces food in his face. Nyx eases his pain then leaves to get some herbs to help him. He demands to know where Nyx is. 

- Blen eats his breakfast and thinks how odd Mia and Nyx are behaving around Richaad, a warrior they are treating as a child. He winks at Jorrek and laughs to himself about women.

- Once Richaad is out, Nyx says she wants to go out to a tavern.

- Blen is irritated that Nyx won't go to sleep, but agrees to go out anyway. Only the fact that he is a Mandragoran keeps him from yelling. 

- Mia agrees to keep Richaad in bed while Nyx goes out. Jorrek declares he should accompany the girl for safety...everyone else's. 

- Nyx tells her uncle to lead the way to a pub, while thinking she doesn't need protection from Blen or Jorrek On the way out, she asks about the practice fields because she wants to challenge a couple of Jorrek's men to a match. 

- Blen leads Jorrek and Nyx to a rowdy bar and scopes out the place, wondering if a scantily clad barmaid can get his mind off Ronina. 

- Jorrek figures Blen intends to torment him, but when he thinks of other reasons the man could be eyeing him, he grimaces and pushes the thought away. He doesn't think Blen would take kindly to his interest in Nyx and runs into some jerk on the way in then points out a free table to Nyx.

- At a pub called The Blood Angel, Nyx finds a table right in the middle of the place then glares at a barmaid who is hitting on both her uncle Blen and Jorrek. She 'unintentionally' stabs the girl in the foot with the blunt end of her ashandarei, then happily orders drinks.

- Richaad, annoyed at being treated like a helpless child, declares he wants to see Faia. He wants to know why she saw fit to tell everyone he's dead. Nyx tells him he'll have to wait for his own good...someone wants him dead and Faia could lead them right to him. Besides, he needs rest to heal fully. Nyx forces him to drink a cup of something that knocks him out. 

Moss's Adventures

- Moss, at 'The Wench's Arms', drinks and thinks about his he met with Dawyn and believes the Whitecloak commander and he are using each other. Between the two of them, they have quite a spy network. Moss gave Dawyn info about hordes of Seafolk ships being prepared on the southern island. Moss agreed to report back only to Dawyn or Tara and said he would swear loyalty to them, not the Whitecloak cause.

- Moss has a flashback to the night before...he had gone through the gateway and gone to find Mala when he noticed a female skulking around. He drew out a knife and was ready to strike until he noticed it was Noemie. As Noemie turns, Moss is tackled by a man in black wearing a Soldier's pin. Noemie announces she has the Soldier shielded so Moss stabs the guy in the eye. Meanwhile, Noemie gets hit in the head with an axe by the second Soldier. Moss attacks him and stabs him in the heart but gets knocked unconscious by the axe hitting him in the head. When he wakes up, there is a stream of blood running down his face so that he sees the blood in front of Noemie's face - just like in his dream. She disappears when she hears someone coming and he goes to Mala's room, where she is waiting for him with a lusty look in her eyes.

- Moss reminisces about the people he'd killed since coming to Tar Valon, what happened at the ball the night before, and how he and Mala had spent the evening in bed after. He plans to give her a present at dinner. A boy shows up and Moss gives him a letter to take to Janos asking him to meet at The Wench's Arms.

- Mala shows up at The Wench's Arms to see Moss.

- Moss tells Mala there is a change of plans and decides not to visit Dawyn. He has arranged quite a feast for her, as well as gifts. Mala is impressed.

-Mala goes inside a private inn with Moss that he had prepared for their date. After buttering her up and giving her a pair of lovebirds, they get down to the business of why he left her the other night after Moss requests Mala to ward the conversation.

-Moss and Mala have jealous fits over each other - Mala jealous of Tara, Moss jealous of Dawyn - then discuss his finding out about Noemie's oath of fealty to Mala, while Moss draws the Darkfriend sigil with his fingers on the table, to which Mala suspects she knows but doesn't quite understand.

- Moss and Mala discuss things and Moss tells her he loves her. He gives her a bracelet with his name on it then tells her to bond him...he has to leave for Tear tonight. Mala bonds him using the new warder bond, they get it on, then she hurries to get to her date with Dawyn. She is surprised to find another man there, but goes in anyway.

- Moss takes a barge out of Tar Valon and considers all that has happened. The night before he killed Rutterbur for a slight, but before that he stripped the man's skin until he spilled where he was the night for the commander of the Whitecloaks and his doxy. He thinks about Tara, and about visiting Mala, though now that he is bonded to Mala he doesn't really need her anymore. He realizes Noemie is important. He sends a report to Dawyn.


- Dawyn thinks of his date as he goes to see William the Pig at his camp outside Amanhar. He finds William's camp in good shape considering it was set up the night before, and it is well protected. He offers William a deal, which William accepts. William is apparently going to be working for Dawyn.

- Dawyn explained his plan to William the Pig and tells him Taroc will be their contact and will be traveling with him. The Black Tower won't be a problem because Dawyn has a plan for them as well. Dawyn leaves William's camp.

- William tells his men to pack the camp up and be ready to leave in three hours.

- Dawyn prepares for his date with Mala.

- Dawyn waits for Mala and gets a surprising visit from Garan, hiding a little box he had been looking at before the man enters.

- Dawyn reminisces about the scientist Harlin who made Garan unable to be affected by the True Source. It turns out Harlin, who has long since disappeared, was trying to re-create a miniature stedding and succeeded, only being able to contain it inside the body of a boy who can channel. (Garan)

- Garan enters and is welcomed. Dawyn then asks how Garan got out and Garan bashes the BT some then explains.

- Garan bashes the Black Tower some more. Dawyn is pleased and starts to sell Garan on the Whitecloaks. He asks Garan to join them.

- Garan offers to sell his 'white steel' armor to Dawyn. Before he can get an answer, Mala walks in.

- Dawyn introduces Garan to Mala as a potential recruit for the Whitecloak cause. He tells Garan he can stay at the inn if he wants.

- Once Garan leaves, Mala gives Dawyn a proper hello, which he returns eagerly. He romances her with music, a beautiful view, and awesome food, then gives her a speech about how different the two of them are.

- Mala is affected by Dawyn's speech and kisses him. She wonders what has gotten into her because she rarely does anything that isn't calculated. Dawyn is more than responsive but before they can take things too far, the chef interrupts. After they finished four courses, Dawyn asks a favor of her - he wants her to open a gateway. Mala agrees immediately.

- Mala opens the gateway for William the Pig and his men after opening another gateway for Dawyn, herself, and Sambar to get them to William. Thoughts of 'desert' make it easier for Dawyn to deal with going through a gateway to return to the inn where he's staying. 

- Mala, in bed with Dawyn, thinks about Moss and wonders why he was so excited the night before. She is sure she will have the shawl by the end of the day. She wakes Dawyn and declares she wants to see him again...soon. 

- Dawyn tells her he and his men are going to Caemlyn and that she can go there to see him. He gives her a map and asks if she can stay a little longer. 

Other happenings

- Background on Fa'liel, an Ogier. He is on his way to deliver a package to the towers.

- Snog, a Trolloc, stands outside a cave in the mountains and hears something howling nearby. He goes inside the cave.

- Snog waits to be challenged by the other Trollocs.

- Adris sends Tenu to get the one bound to him, which turns out to be a Myrddraal. After it leaves to meet him, she goes to finish his instructions.

- Adris wakes up and uses the Mask of Mirrors to disguise himself before going to the Cruel Dancer. He goes to a private room to wait on the Fade's arrival and is visited by one of the women Zlad 'fixed'. She offers him a date in four days and he tells her to call him master. When the Fade arrives, she agrees and asks to have a turn with the Fade one day. 

- Varick is out for a ride to clear his mind, thinking about checking on Richaad. He doesn't like lying to the M'Hael but he felt he had no choice. He hears a sound in the dark woods and grasps saidin.

- Fa'liel is in the woods on his way to the Black Tower and when he makes a noise, Varick, who is out for a ride, hears it. Fa'liel waits. Varick recognize that Fa'liel is an Ogier and channels light so he can see him. He apologizes for being rude then offers to help because he doesn't understand why an Ogier is out alone in the woods. 


- Blen Mandragoran is summoned by his brother (King al'Aric Mandragoran), who asks him to go to New Manetheren to guard Nyx. At first Blen doesn't understand because Nyx can take care of herself, but after hearing the explanation, he washes up and goes to New Manetheren.