Monthly Summary – June 2004

Aiel/Sharan Plot

Black Tower (during the ball)

The Ball

Black Tower (after the ball)

White Tower

New Manetheren



Meeting w/the Aiel

Characters Introduced



Aiel/Sharan plot

- Juin runs toward the Black Tower to tell of the Sharan invasion. When he arrives, he requests a meeting with the leaders of both the Black Tower and White Tower.

- The Sharans, with Eid leading them, make it to Rhuidean. 

Black Tower (during the ball)

- Richaad and Varick are leaving the Black Tower through the front gates to go to the Whitecloak camp to get the Asha’man (they don’t know that William the Pig has taken him). As they are leaving, they see Serah and greet her, then catch sight of the Cur and Raven arriving. Richaad greets them and tells them he will talk to them later because he has to attend to tower business. He and Varick run into William’s man, who tells them William has the Asha’man now. Serah tries to follow and plans to go whether Richaad likes it or not. He agrees as long as she will remain quiet and not do anything he doesn’t tell her to do. 

- Richaad, Varick, and Serah reach William the Pig’s camp. Richaad asks for the Asha’man he has in custody. Richaad and William know each other from before. William takes Richaad and his crew to the Asha’man and asks about a reward. Before Richaad has a chance to answer, Serah threatens William with a hunting knife and wants to kill the suspected Darkfriend Asha’man. Richaad orders her to stand down and when she doesn’t do as he says, he knocks the knife out of her hands and wraps her in a shield of Air so she cannot move. He then apologizes and tells William there will be a reward. He asks Valrin to remove the shield from the legless Asha’man so he can take him back to the Black Tower. Serah silently plots to make Richaad and Varick pay for abusing her. 

- Valrin refuses to remove the shield and orders Richaad to do things her way, using the ‘agreement’ between the towers as an excuse for her attitude. She tells him she will take the Asha’man back to the White Tower or follow him to the Black Tower. Richaad informs her this is Black Tower business and by forcing her way into it, she is violating the agreement. He then shields her and wraps her warders up in shields of Air so they can’t move. Varick knocks her unconscious for good measure.

- Richaad wants Serah unarmed since she proved to be uncontrollable, but she threatens to kill both he and Varick if they take her other knives. So Varick knocks her out then binds her feet and hands with Air. He carries her through a gateway and Richaad carries Valrin. They lock the two females in separate cells and send for the M’Hael. 

- Janos allows Lir to go see about Serah after learning of the problems Richaad had with her. Janos then meets with Moss in his own chambers. He realizes the gleeman is a Darkfriend and demands to know what he wants. The two argue and fight. Moss knocks Janos in the face and Janos has the gleeman’s finger cut off for it. Moss gets angry and kills Janos’s manservant. 

- In the Black Tower dungeon, Lir condemns Richaad for dealing with Serah so roughly and refuses to believe she meant anything she said and that things happened as Richaad claimed. The M’Hael shows up and tells Lir the girl must see the Mistress of Novices for her behavior, as would happen to any other Soldier who had done what Serah had. When neither Serah nor Lir appear to accept it, the M’Hael issues an ultimatum…either the girl officially becomes a Soldier and lives by Black Tower law, accepting responsibility for her actions and following orders, or she can no longer accompany him on his trips to Seanchan as the Seanchan visits are Black Tower business and civilians are not allowed. Furthermore, if Serah attacks one of the Asha’man again, she will be out of the Black Tower for good.

- Putting the full blame of the situation on Richaad, Lir responds by throwing his dragon pin and his sword pin on the floor at the M’Hael’s feet and declaring he is no longer Asha’man. The M’Hael voices his disappointment but says, given the situation, Lir cannot leave the tower. He puts guards on him and tells them to detain he and Serah in their apartments. 

- The Amyrlin shows up and they all discuss what happened with Valrin, who tries to blame the murder of the White Tower guards on the Asha’man. The Amyrlin objects strongly to how Richaad handled the situation, but the M’Hael reminds her Valrin refused to allow his men to handle Black Tower business and asserted herself into the situation without cause. Valrin attempts to make herself the victim, but the M’Hael tears her ‘theories’ apart. Valrin is incredibly rude and insulting to the Asha’man, forcing the Amyrlin to agree to allow Asha’man onto White Tower grounds to get the Aes Sedai who compelled Worm. 

- Janos brings Moss to the dungeons and ends up covering for the man, saying that Moss saved his life from an attempt on his life…by his now dead manservant. Valrin uses her healing abilities to reattach Moss’s finger. She agrees to return the following day to help investigate the dead bodies. 

- A Dedicated shows up with Worm in tow. 

The Ball

- Moss and Tara continue to dance and Tara agrees to take Moss’s offer to Dawyn (that he wants to be spymaster for the Whitecloaks). Lir is left standing with the couple after Faia gets mad and walks off to go drink with King Tynan. 

- Janos and Mala dance and get to know each other. Mala asks him about Noemie’s parents, who are Darkfriends. Janos shows no emotion but gets very angry that the Darkfriends mentioned his name and vows to teach them a lesson. Shortly thereafter, Janos leaves her standing on the dance floor alone. She decides to amuse herself with Rupert, the annoying Asha’man. 

- Sannis Jharo shows up and his presence causes quite a stir. 

- Cur and Raven show up to the door of the Grand Hall with the guards, and a wolf, in tow. The tower guards try to refuse entry to the wolf, but Raven insists. The M’Hael greets them and the wolf leaves after relieving himself on Lord Barak’s boots. 

- Moss asks Lir to dance with Tara when he spots Sannis, and caresses Mala on his way by her. Janos is not pleased. 

- Moss approaches Sannis and they begin talking. They know each other already. The two of them had been in the Borderlands at the same time and had to fight some Trollocs. 

- Dawyn watches everyone and thinks about how he put Lord Barak up to the things he had done lately. 

- Tara explains to Lir why the Whitecloaks are not bad as they dance. Lir makes a hasty escape from the ball when the song ends. 

- While dancing with Jorrek, Faia sends Sannis a tray of grain alcohol drinks. 

- Janos takes a break from the ball and learns of the night’s events, including Moss killing the White Tower guards, from his manservant. He says he wants information on Mala and needs to talk to Moss. He sends Gray Men after the Genhalds in Lugard. 

- After noticing Moss is gone, Mala approaches Dawyn again and sheds a few tears to get his sympathy. It works and he is touched, but Tara interrupts them before Mala can make any progress. Dawyn and Tara have a dancing competition with Ava and Blade. Meanwhile, Mala learns that Moss has been put in the dungeon…she pleads with Dawyn for help. Dawyn follows her into the kitchen and outside where the two hatch a plan to help Moss, but end up making out when guards head their way. The two go back inside and Mala finally manages to get the last word in before walking away from Dawyn. She leaves the ball shortly thereafter. 

- Cur’s men tell him of the trouble with the Aes Sedai, Worm, and the Asha’man. Cur tells the M’Hael and the two leave. Faia, Jorrek, and Mia follow, and on the way out Faia gives a silent invitation for Sannis to join them then tells the guards at the door not to let anyone else out. Moss and Sannis follow Faia out and Moss pretends he is of Janos’s employ so the guards let him leave.

- Ava and Blade turn some heads with their dancing. After, Ava and Tara talk and have some fun with the Asha’man. Ava starts to get drunk.

- After a discussion about the reasons for Sannis’s presence at the Black Tower, Faia takes the mercenary back to her room for the night. 

- Mia leaves the ball with King Tynan.

- Moss starts to go back to the ball but ends up walking Tara back to her camp instead. He leaves from there to go find Mala. 

Black Tower (after the ball)

- Varick and Nezdin go to Faia’s apartment to tell her Richaad wants to see her and that the M’Hael wants to see Sannis at lunch, but they catch Faia and Sannis in a compromising position. 

- Juin and some other Aiel show up at the Black Tower and request a meeting with the Black Tower leaders. 

- Lir’s guards inform him they are leaving the tower because of how he is being treated. When Lir presses and wants to know how many people are behind him, he learns that a third of the Black Tower is planning to quit in his name. 

- The Sentinels (think FBI and you got them) tell the M’Hael of the rebellion being planned in Lir’s name. They try to tell him Lir must die to protect the Black Tower, but the M’Hael orders them to leave it alone. 

- Juin is taken to the M’Hael and he tells of the army of channelers. The M’Hael asks him to stay and calls a meeting for the Black and White Tower leaders. 

- Faia meets Richaad in the dungeon and learns all of what happened the night before. She wants to talk about Lir, but Richaad is too upset and refuses. She proceeds to question Worm and the legless Asha’man. She gets the name of the Aes Sedai from Worm but the man dies in the process due to the Compulsion weave used on him by the Aes Sedai – Lamia Kek. She doesn’t learn much from the legless Asha’man so sends Varick and Nezdin to search the dead Asha’man’s apartment. Meanwhile, she goes to visit Lir.

- The M’Hael meets with the mercenaries and offers money to any willing to go to the Madlands to find out if there are channelers there who could be recruited to the Black Tower. He also offers to talk to the monarchs of the Westlands and convince them to pardon any past indiscretions. For those who want to take him up on the offer, they are to meet the M’Hael the following morning at dawn at the Dragon Plains in Amanhar. After the meeting, the M’Hael asks to speak to Sannis alone. He offers the lone mercenary a job at the Black Tower…running a combat training program for his Asha’man. After a bit of negotiating, Sannis agrees. Training will begin that day. 

- Faia and Lir talk about what happened the night before and she offers a solution to the problem. Lir agrees to talk to Serah about it. Faia leaves and goes to the kitchen to have them make a good meal for Lir and Serah. 

- Dar wakes up in bed with some girls, then heads to the practice field. He considers having another ‘chat’ with Neill. 

- Faia learns that Varick and the men found a piece of metal in the dead Asha’man’s quarters. She tells them to keep searching. Before she can leave, a Dedicated arrives with a note from Richaad. She takes Nezdin with her and goes to get Neill from the library. She tells Neill he is to experiment with Garan and try to learn why channeling doesn’t work against the man. 

- Lir and Serah discuss options over the feast that was brought to them. 

- Faia visits Richaad and tells him what she learned from the interrogations. He takes her to Janos, who gives the two of them a parchment that will get them onto White Tower grounds so they can bring the Aes Sedai, Lamia Kek, in for questioning. Janos also talks of the rebellion and asks that Richaad and Lir work things out for the good of the Black Tower

- The M’Hael makes the list of Dedicated and Soldiers who will participate in Sannis’ initial training. Neill is on that list. He sends Sannis the list, along with a list of five Asha’man he wants trained immediately. He also calls Dar to his office and offers the training to him with the understanding that it will delay him being raised to Asha’man. Dar decides he wants to be an Asha'man and the M'Hael raises him right there on the spot. 

- Dar's first assignment as Asha'man is to take a note to Sannis with the list of people to be trained. Dar is not pleased with the task but manages to hide it.

- Sannis awaits those he is to train. Axe shows up for training and Dar shows up with the note. 

- Faia and Chetana (the Brown Ajah member that came to help) have learned a bit of information from Lamia, who is now unconscious. Lamia was indeed the one who used Compulsion to force Worm to kill the Asha'man. Lamia has also killed many more Asha'man and other male channelers over the years. She is apparently part of some larger group, but Faia and Chetana doubt it is the Black Ajah. They take a break, leaving two guards in the prison with Lamia and two outside the door.

- Neill and Nezdin go to the room where Garan is being kept so Neill can learn about Garan's condition. A messenger shows up with a note telling Neill he needs to report to Sannis at the weapons yard. Garan shares a bit about his condition and asks Neill to help him get out of the Black Tower. He also issues a warning about Sannis.  

- A while later, a young Asha'man guard comes to Faia and Chetana, informing them that he and the other door guard felt saidar being channeled, and by the time they got into the prison, the two guards in the prison were murdered, as was the legless Asha'man. The woman, Lamia Kek, is gone. Faia says they need to get word to Richaad and the M'Hael.


White Tower

- Upon
returning to the White Tower from the ball, Mala finds Moss waiting on her. She loses her temper and yells at him, something uncharacteristic for her. 

- Ava has odd dreams. She goes to meet with the Amyrlin and tells of her dreams. She also apologizes for her behavior the night before at the ball. The Amyrlin tells her there is no reason to apologize. An Asha’man Soldier shows up to tell the Amyrlin about the Aiel and request her presence at the Black Tower for a meeting. She tells Ava and Selendia to stay.

- Selendia gets a visit from her Black Tower spy, Lara, who tells of the Aiel showing up early that morning. 

- Valrin meets with the Yellows and demands something to be done about the Amyrlin because she feels the Amyrlin is subservient to the M’Hael. She then goes to the Amyrlin’s chambers.

- The Amyrlin calls Valrin down for her attitude and actions the previous night…in front of Ava and Selendia. She reminds Valrin that the White Tower no longer has the option of behaving as dominantly as they once did or they run the risk of being rejected and forgotten for good this time. She tells Valrin to come up with a penance for herself.

- Selendia reports what her spy told her after the Amyrlin officially ends the meeting. She tells Ava to wait on her and go to her quarters since they are in the same Ajah. She tries to rush our, but the Amyrlin makes her wait just to remind her who is in charge. 

- In Selendia’s rooms, Selendia gives Ava a bit of grief over her behavior at the ball before asking what she thinks of the latest news. Ava tells her that trouble is coming. 

- Richaad and Faia reach the White Tower and meet a Brown sister who takes them to Lamia's room. Lamia is extremely hostile and tries to channel against them but Richaad shields her. She attacks him with a red-bladed dagger when he shields her. He and Faia quickly handle her. Richaad hangs onto the dagger. The Brown accompanies them back to the Black Tower to assist Faia in questioning Lamia.

- Mala runs into Noemie, who has apparently been hit in the face, while she's trying to eavesdrop on some sisters talking about the guards who were murdered. Noemie informs Mala that she's been listening to everything and tells her the guards were Rahb and Darl. What's more, their bodies are now missing. Mala is disturbed by the news and goes back to her room where she finds roses waiting for her, courtesy of Janos. 

New Manetheren

- Con is upset because ‘whatshername’ was looking for marriage. He consoles himself with two palace maids. 

- The day after the ball, Jorrek awakes to find a naked King Tynan wandering around his and Mia’s cottage. He runs into ‘whatshername’ on the way out, who claims to be Con’s fiancée. He decides to go see Con. Once he gets there, he’s greeted by two naked women (the palace maids from the night before). He chats with Con and finds out the boy is not really engaged. 

- Nyx and her father, King al’Aric Mandragoran, go to the throne room to talk to Cur and Raven. Aric asks if Nyx can stay with them for a while. Cur agrees. Jorrek shows up and is quite obviously smitten with the girl and Nyx is just as smitten with him. Cur and Raven want Nyx to come immediately and she agrees. Raven sends Jorrek with her to help her get her things. Con is extremely unhappy with the idea. 

- Con has an encounter in an alleyway with "whatshername's mother". 

Other happenings

- William the Pig goes to the Whitecloak camp and ends up taking Valrin, the legless Asha’man, and Valrin’s warder out of there back to his own camp. He sends a man to the Black Tower to get someone in charge to come get the Asha’man, who is a suspected Darkfriend. 

- One of Dawyn’s men plants a piece of metal (that matches the metal in Garan’s backpack) in the dead Asha’man’s rooms. They remove anything linking the dead man to Darkfriends, hoping it will make the Asha’man believe Garan is responsible for the murder.

- While locked up, Garan goes to sleep and gets visited in his dreams by Tenu, his soul mate. The two meet with Adris, the man Garan is loyal to. Adris gives him some orders, thinking he will do whatever necessary to help the Dragon. 

- Outside the Black Tower, one of Cur’s men, Aidan, overhears and watches as an Aes Sedai uses Compulsion on one of Lord Barak’s men and tells him to kill an Asha’man. Aidan runs to go tell of it but as he does, ‘Worm’ (the man the Aes Sedai used Compulsion on) kills Rupert, the annoying Asha’man.

- A crowd gathers around Rupert’s dead body – Cur, Aidan, the M’Hael, Faia, Jorrek, Mia, Tynan, Sannis, Moss, and several other wolfkin. Aidan tells everyone what happened. Janos shows up and tries to take control of the situation. He says anyone there with the exception of Asha’man and Cur and his men will have to be detained. Faia makes Tynan vouch for Sannis, then she promises to keep an eye on him for the rest of the night since he isn’t allowed to leave the tower.

- Lir shows up outside where everyone is gathered and he’s with the guard he hurt the night before. They are clearly making a getaway, apparently to Seanchan. Janos insists on having him detained as well. Cur’s men agree to find the man called Worm and bring him back for questioning. 

- At William’s camp, he tells his men he wants to be gone by the time the M’Hael makes his announcement about the mercenaries the next day. He has someone tie the warders up and leave them outside of camp, taking their swords. 

- Jorrek’s men find Worm and hand him over. Jorrek gives the prisoner to a Dedicated. 

- The day after the ball, Dawyn gets word from his spies at the Black Tower and learns of the night’s events. He and Tara get ready to go to the mercenary meeting. 

- Princeton, one of William the Pig's men, sends four guards to take a letter to Dawyn and tells them to stay there and help the man. After the men leave, Princeton goes into the commander's tent and finds a man in black just inside the door. The man stabs Princeton in the ribs then severs his vocal cords. 

- Dawyn plans...he won't accept the M'Hael's offer, but apparently plans to return to Seanchan. He tells Beldar to get them tickets to Tear with stops in Caemlyn, Far Madding and Tear. They will get a sea transport from Tear once they reach there. He tells Beldar not to hide the fact they are leaving or their route. He sends Tara to the White Tower to ask Mala for dinner, and he tells Beldar he wants info on Mala and Moss. Once Beldar and Tara are gone, he speaks to the Whitecloak spymaster and wants to get an agent into the Black Tower briefly. 

- Zlad and Hynk go into The Cruel Dancer, a tavern. The tavern is popular with people who know how to have a good time and is used for secret/illegal business deals. There are a lot of channelers there. The two men go to the cellar to see a woman that has been converted from being a Darkfriend. The woman is apparently pregnant. Zlad uses a Compulsion weave on her and tells her to contact her friends of the Dark then sends her out without her realizing what happened.


- Nyx’s parents argue over her behavior. Her mother says the next time she gets into trouble, her father better have some idea of how to handle it or Nyx will be going to a Domani finishing school. 

- Jorrek unpacks his things and sets out to find Nyx, who disappeared as soon as they made it to Malkier. He finds her in a seedy tavern with her carneira, who is obviously getting a bit amorous with her. The man is apparently upset that she is leaving. 

- Nyx is not happy to see Jorrek there and gets even unhappier when the two men start getting drunk together and are getting along. She gets up to leave and is accosted by a drunken patron, whom she quickly leaves lying on the floor. She tries to escape to go out with friends but Jorrek and Ragan (her carneira) catch up to her. Jorrek tells Ragan he'll get her home and Ragan leaves. Nyx is pissed.


Meeting with the Aiel

- The Black Tower council and the White Tower leaders gather for the meeting. The M'Hael has Lir and Serah brought into the meeting as well, hoping Lir will take the opportunity to make amends. There are many at the meeting, mostly Asha'man, but some Aes Sedai as well...including Ava. 

- Juin tells everyone about the Sharans and about Eid, telling them they can do what they wish with the information. Lir takes the Aiel seriously; Janos believes it's not a big deal. 

- Valrin speaks up and calls the Aiel savages, saying there are more important things the towers she be dealing with other than squabbles between the savages' clans. The Aiel take offense to the comment, as expected, and declare Aes Sedai have no honor.

- Both the M'Hael and the Amyrlin offer apologies to the Aiel for Valrin's outburst. The M'Hael warns the Yellow Sitter to watch her mouth and Valrin responds by insulting the Amyrlin, the M'Hael, and the Aiel again before getting up and leaving the room with the other two Yellow Sitters nipping at her heels.

- Ava rises and does a good job of trying to calm the situation down. She apologizes to the M'Hael and the Aiel for Valrin's outburst, then shares her dream with everyone to help support the seriousness of the situation. Juin encourages everyone to take Ava's dreams seriously since Dreamers are so well-respected by the Aiel.

- Janos offers to have Asha'man and Aes Sedai open gateways for the Aiel to get them back home quicker since they agreed to stay overnight.

- The meeting is interrupted by a Dedicated who has a note for Richaad and the M'Hael (from Faia, regarding the murdered Asha'man and missing Aes Sedai). Richaad leaves the meeting to find out what happened, with the M'Hael's agreement. 

Characters Introduced (in order of appearance):

- Adris
- Sannis Jharo, Mercenary
- Jorrek
- Mia
- Lara
- Lamia Kek
- Nyx
- Axkher Bourne