Monthly Summary – May 2004

May 1-7

May 8-15


May 16-24

May 25-31


Explanation of the Agreement between the Black and White Towers


Characters Introduced (in order of appearance):

- Ava Kanja, Aes Sedai

- Moss Daan, Gleeman Extraordinaire (Darkfriend)

- Neill Thomas, Dedicated

- Dar Movile, Dedicated

- Cur Aybara, King of New Manetheren & Wolf King

- Anyth Torrell, Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah, and wolfkin (stays at the Wolf Palace in New Manetheren)

- Brejik Calver, Warder to Anyth Torrell

- Con Aybara, son of Cur and Raven, prince of New Manetheren

- Sita al’Badai, Amyrlin Seat (NPC by mods)

- Raven sur Paendrag Aybara, wife of Cur Aybara

- Dawyn Niall, leader of the new Whitecloaks

- Tara (has a crush on Dawyn)

- William the Pig, Mercenary

- Barl

- Valrin Mathrell, Sitter for the Yellow Ajah

- Garan Whilk, Independent

- Eid, one of the Sharan leaders who can summon Mashadar

- King Tynan, King of Altara (NPC)




BT = Black Tower

WT = White Tower


May 1-7

- (BT) Faia sends some men to find Serah, hoping the girl doesn’t get into trouble before she can be found. 

- (BT) Richaad tells Lir how much it will cost to repair the gate and offers to cover the cost since Lir gambled all of his money away. He tells Lir to go apologize to the guard he injured, however. He also warns that the other council members are getting tired of Lir’s constant absences.

- (BT) Janos shows up to Lir and Richaad with Serah in tow. He reminds Lir of his responsibility to have Serah trained since she is able to channel. 

- (BT) Faia notices Janos found Serah and tells the men to go so they won’t get into trouble. When Janos reaches her, she quickly explains and apologizes and tries to get away, but he stops her. Instead of yelling at her, which she expects, he asks her to go to the ball with him and tells her he’ll buy her a dress.

- After securing his date with Faia, Janos goes to the White Tower to get the Amyrlin and the remaining Sitters/people who are going to the ball. 

- (BT) Dar catches Neill alone, makes fun of him and beats him up.

- (BT) Serah and Neill meet when she, Lir, and Richaad are on their way to take her to the Mistress of Novices for training. She is actually nice to him and helps him pick up rocks he has dropped.

- (WT) Ava watches Mala. She doesn’t like the girl. Later, she spars with a warder-in-training and talks to her own warder, Blade. 

- (WT) Mala finds the novice, Noemie, responsible for getting her into trouble. We learn that Mala is quite friendly with the White Tower guards, especially one named Rahb. Mala takes Noemie off tower grounds and apparently has something planned for her involving some of Rahb’s friends. Once off tower grounds, she opens a gateway to Old Tar Valon and takes Noemie through, where there are several large men waiting. They grab Noemie as Mala shields her.

- In a nasty building in Old Tar Valon, Mala watches, bored, as the three men rape Noemie to ‘break’ her. When she is satisfied the girl is broken, she forces her to swear fealty. 

- Moss Daan meets a farmer on his way to Tar Valon. He thinks about the dreams he’s had of late, dreams that have taken him to Tar Valon. The farmer meets with an untimely death and Moss performs in Old Tar Valon. 

- Mala takes Noemie shopping in Tar Valon and buys her a nice dress. After, she runs into Moss. Literally. One of Mala’s thugs threatens Moss, but Mala calls him down. Moss and Mala talk and she asks him to take her to the ball (which she has blackmailed a sister into bringing her to). They are attacked while they talk, but Mala’s ‘group’ dispatches the attackers quickly.

- (WT) Ava and Selendia are summoned to the Amyrlin’s office so Janos can escort them to the Black Tower for the meeting. Ava does not like Janos at all. 

May 8-15

- Neill tells Richaad he has finished some of his assignments and gives him two items: an angreal in the form of a tiny angel that allows a channeler to triple his or her power (this angreal is not saidin/saidar specific and can be used by either a man or a woman), and a ter’angreal in the form of a block of wood that hides one’s ability to channel when Fire is channeled into it (it stops working when a flow of Water is channeled through it). The block of wood is only for use by men who can channel.

- Richaad gives Neill another assignment: defensive ter’angreal and a ter’angreal that will allow the channeler to see weaves of the opposing power. He tells Neill these assignments are to be kept secret. Neill says he needs some materials to do the job and Richaad says he will take him to New Manetheren the next day or so. After he notices the injuries Dar’s beating gave Neill and sends him to find Faia so Varick can heal his wounds. He says Faia will help him with his project if he needs it. 

- We learn the people at the infirmary are morons. 

- Richaad and Lir joke around as they take Serah to the Mistress of Novices for training. The woman chews Lir out for keeping Serah away from the tower for so long. Richaad tells Lir about the agreement between the towers. Lir goes to ‘apologize’ to the man he hurt and ends up tormenting him some more then promising to take him to Seanchan.

- Neill goes to Faia, Varick and Nezdin. Varick heals him and Faia insists on him staying with them and makes Nezdin go get him something to eat. He denies having gotten into a fight although Varick can guess it from Delving him. Faia decides the boy needs some friends and insists he join her and her friends for their next weekly card game and tells him she wants to train with him. Neill offers to try to teach her how to make ter’angreal since she is strong with Earth and Fire. She agrees.

- In New Manetheren, Cur watches his son, Con, train with Brejik and try to impress women with his sword skills. Instead, Brejik embarrasses the boy when he tries to show off too much. He speaks with Anyth, who seems upset and he wonders if she saw something disturbing in the wolf dream. 

- Raven returns to the Wolf Palace from a royal tour and has been injured. She tells Cur a band of raiders attacked them, but she knows it was really men of one of the Andoran lords, Lord Barak. Andor is always trying to get back some of the land they lost when New Manetheren was founded. Raven finds the invitation to the ball at the Black Tower her husband had hidden and insists they will go. 

- The Sharan invasion continues. More Aiel fall to Mashadar and the Sharans.

May 16-24

- The M’Hael calls everyone together for the formal signing of the agreement. The other councilors give Lir grief for never being at meetings and not even being properly dressed. 

- The M’Hael and the Amyrlin sign the agreement. Janos announces he will also be the Grand Liaison for the White Tower

- Moss shows up at the White Tower and kills both Rahb and Darl (one of Rahb’s thug friends). He marks the bodies up with the Whitecloak symbol to put the blame on them, then goes to Mala’s rooms to get her. 

- Dawyn learns of the murder of the White Tower guards and sends someone to demolish the bodies further so there is no Whitecloak symbol visible.

- Valrin Sedai finds out about the bodies and investigates since she is an expert in forensics. She can tell the Whitecloak symbol was carved into them and then carved up. She thinks the Black Tower is responsible for the murders.

- Garan goes to a meeting to sell arms to a Darkfriend Asha’man. Another Asha’man shows up and kills the first one, then gets his legs chopped off while in the middle of a gateway. We learn that the One Power does not work against Garan. Valrin is on the other side of the gateway and saves the Asha’man’s life (the one who loses his legs). Garan takes them both to the Whitecloak camp and decides to go try to get word to the M’Hael of what happened. 

- William the Pig stops by The Cloaked Dagger to visit Dawyn. They wonder why they were invited to the Black Tower. They go to the ball, but William is refused entrance because his weapon is too large and he will not give it up.

- Eid meets Juin (an Aiel) and tells him to spread the word of the invasion. The Sharans intend to scourge the world of the Dragon’s people and the only hope they have is a quick end.

May 25-31

- Garan drags the dead Asha’man to the Black Tower, then runs inside when the guards try to detain him. Richaad finally catches him and agrees to allow him to see the M’Hael after he gets him to a cell. Garan tells the M’Hael and Richaad about the legless Asha’man. The M’Hael sends Richaad to fetch him and he ends up taking Varick as well while Nezdin guards the prisoner. 

- While waiting to leave for the ball, Moss asks Mala about her dreams. She tells him they are violent.

- Cur, Raven, and their entourage, which includes a number of wolves, head to the Black Tower for the ball. An Asha’man is there to open a gateway for them. 

- Lir is one of the first ones at the ball and gets stuck talking to royalty.

- Faia shows up and starts getting drunk with King Tynan of Altara. She sees Lir is miserable and goes to rescue him, dragging him to the dance floor. The two friends start tormenting each other. Faia gets mad at Lir and goes back to Tynan to drink some more with him, then tries to hide when the M’Hael comes back to the ball. 

- Mala and Moss meet Dawyn. Rupert is hitting on Mala and Dawyn rescues her. She tells him she owes him a favor. Moss spills the beans about Mala being Aes Sedai then walks off and leaves her standing. She tries to apologize to Dawyn, but he leaves her as well even though he is attracted to her. Mala is severely annoyed with the night’s events, but upon seeing Janos enter, she heads for him thinking he has lots of power. She and Janos work on charming each other, then go to dance. 

- Moss asks Tara to dance and tells her he wants to be spymaster for the Whitecloaks. 


Explanation of the agreement between the towers:

- Aes Sedai will now accept men in their ranks.

- The Black Tower will allow Aes Sedai to ‘transfer’ and go through Asha’man training. Novices and Accepted will start from the beginning, as Soldiers. Full Aes Sedai will be required to go through a shorter, more intense training program and can earn Asha’man status in six months to a year. If they cannot pass the training program, they will not be made Asha’man.

- The towers are still separate. 

- If an Aes Sedai chooses to be an Asha’man, she will become a member of the Black Tower and will no longer be Aes Sedai. Likewise if an Asha’man chooses to become Aes Sedai.