Monthly Summary – April 2004


Characters Introduced (in order of appearance):

- Richaad Hadar: Councilor, Black Tower
- Faia Mantear: Asha’man
- Varick and Nezdin: Asha’man, friends of Faia
- Locke: Hero of the Horn, in Tel’aran’rhiod
- Lir Shoden: Councilor, Black Tower
- Serah: Lir’s adopted sister; she has the spark but also has a block
- Janos Osgoth: Grand Liaison, Black Tower (Darkfriend)
- Mala Drakkon: Accepted, White Tower

Legend (when used, this clarifies which plot the summary line takes place in; if no indication is given, it is part of the general story):

BT = Black Tower

WT = White Tower

- A small group of Aiel goes to the Sharan borders and is destroyed when the Sharans cross into the Waste.

- The Black Tower is making some sort of an agreement with the White Tower because the WT wants to worm their way back into the world’s affairs.

- (BT) Lir Shoden and his sister show up late at night. When a guard refuses him entry, Lir blows the gate off and teaches the guard a “lesson”. Lir, a councilor, is apparently rarely at the tower and never goes to council meetings.

- (BT) Janos complains to Richaad about Lir blowing up the front gates to the Black Tower. Richaad tries to defend his friend but agrees to speak to him about it.

- (BT) Richaad forces Faia to spend time with Serah so he can talk to Lir (Serah rarely leaves Lir’s side and pretty much hates everyone).

- (BT) Richaad tells Lir that Janos is out for his head because of the incident at the gate.

- (BT) Faia offers to help Serah with her block but Serah yells at her then runs away, declaring she needs no one but her brother.

- (WT) Mala manipulates her way out of punishment and plots revenge against the one who got her in trouble