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One Power Skills, Talents, and Weaves


Note: These are the things we have seen done with the One Power in the books. However, we are not limiting players to these weaves alone. So if you have ideas for “new” weaves, that’s great. Send Liz or Chani an email (or send an OOC to the list) with your ideas and we’ll add in the “new” weaves that can be done. It makes sense that, in a thousand years, channelers would have learned a few new things to do with the One Power. However, we would like to keep it believable. In other words, don’t come up with a weave that completely contradicts something on this list unless you have a really good reason to back up why the weave would work.


Note 2: Where appropriate, there is a difficulty rating. That rating has nothing to do with One Power strength and everything to do with training. In other words, a new student to the OP would not be able to do inverted weaves right off the bat unless he/she has a particular talent for doing inverted weaves. For moderately difficult weaves, you may assume a Dedicated Asha’man (second level) or an Accepted (second level at the White Tower) could probably perform the weaves. There is an exception to this rule…some weaves require a certain level of power, regardless of inherent talent. For these cases, we have put a “power rating” in addition to the difficulty.




Inverted weaves

Reading residues

Reversed weaves

Tying off weaves











Seeing Ta'veren







Aligning the Matrix



Cloud Dancing



Dome of Air



Folded Light

Globe of Light


Healing Gentling

Healing Stilling

Hiding Channeling


Light a candle

Magnify Voice

Mask of Mirrors

Move Water





Ward eavesdropping








Circle/linking  (difficulty: easy for simply linking, moderate for leading a circle)


Wielders of the One Power may link together to form a “Circle”. Linking can be learned by any woman who can channel, but *leading* a circle depends on both strength and skill. Either a man or a woman can lead a circle, but the greater the combination of strength and skill, the larger the circle that man or woman can lead. The strongest, most precise circles are those with an even mix of men and women.


A Circle provides greater strength and precision. In order to create a Circle, only one person can control it, but control can be passed to another in the circle. Each person joining a circle must already be opened up to the True Source.


Fatigue for keeping this circle is probably evenly distributed among the members (so, even though you may only add a little power, you will tire the same as anyone else).


Note: Only women can initiate a link. Men cannot link alone, but once linked, men can control the link.



Inverted Weaves (difficulty: moderate, though no one should be able to invert all of his/her weaves...so pick a few and stick with those)


An inverted weave is a weave that is reversed after it is in place. This takes a bit longer but is useful for traps and alarms left in place for an unsuspecting thief/attacker.



Reading residues (difficulty: mentally difficult)


All channelers can detect the residue of weavings, but some have this ability so refined that they can read and duplicate a weaving as much as two days after it has dissipated (the weave must have been created by the same side of the Power as the one trying to read the weave…in other words, a woman could not read residues of saidin). For example, if someone opened a gateway a day before, someone with this talent can read the residue and tell the destination of the gateway. It is even possible for the “weave reader” to duplicate the weave used, as long as the previously mentioned requirement (gender) is met.


Reading weaves takes time though and if done too hastily will not result in the exact way it was previously implemented.



Reversed Weaves  (difficulty: mentally difficult; one should not be able to reverse all of his/her weaves so pick a few only)


A reversed weave is a weave that is reversed as it is being woven. The caster of an inverted weave will need to have a slight delay when casting weaves. Not as fast as casting normal weaves due to the added effect to keep the weave hidden from all but the caster, but the effects of the weave are the same. 



Tying off a weave (difficulty: moderate)


Tying off a weave maintains the weave without the channeler being required to “hold” it. Any weave that requires ongoing concentration (e.g. Bind, Shield, etc) may be tied off. The length of time it will remain depends on the type of knot used to tie off the weave.


Likewise, channelers can unravel a tied-off weave. The time it takes a channeler to do this depends heavily on the skill of the channeler and the difficulty of the knot used by the one who tied off the weave.



Unweaving (difficulty: EXTREMELY HARD AND DANGEROUS!!)


Normally, when a weave ends, the power of it is simply released or dissipates (this is what makes it possible to read residues and allows channelers to sense someone recently used the One Power). However, it is possible, though dangerous, to “unweave” instead of allowing the residues to dissipate naturally. The main purpose for this is to stop someone from reading the residues. Aiel Wise Ones are trained in this skill.


To be fair, and to make sure this skill is not abused, there will be a 75% chance of failure if attempted. In other words, if you get it to work once (and you aren’t an Aiel Wise One), don’t expect to use it again any time soon because your next three attempts should fail. Failure will cause varying results, depending on what weave is being unthreaded, including damage to the surrounding area and players to the inability to properly channel for several weeks. When unweaving certain weaves, like gateways (remember Elayne in Ebou Dar?), it is possible to be killed, or cut off from the True Source permanently.





Creating ter’angreal and angreal

The ability to create ter’angreal and angreal.



Having dreams that foretell future events. This is a rare Talent that is not connected to the One Power or the ability to channel, and is closely linked with Foretelling. Unlike other prophetic tools, Dreams portray what will *probably* happen. They can be difficult to interpret.



The ability to enter Tel'aran'rhiod from one's sleep.



The ability to see part of the Pattern. It is closely linked with Dreaming. Although always true, Foretellings are often very difficult to interpret.



The ability to use the One Power to cure injuries and illness. Though many channelers have the ability to perform simple Healing weaves, not all have the Talent for it. This is, however, a fairly common Talent.


Seeing Ta'veren

The ability to sense that someone is ta'veren





Aligning the Matrix(must be strong in Earth and Fire)

The ability to make metals stronger (i.e., making cuendillar)


Bind (difficulty: moderately hard; strength: 5)

Uses Air to hold an object still. A simple weave wraps up an object and stops it. [ref: <Ch 15, (186), TDR> <LOC: 30, To Heal Again, 426>, <LOC: 1, Lion on the Hill, 68>]


Bonding (difficulty: moderate; strength: 2)

Uses Spirit. Complex but not as complicated as Healing. Physical touch is necessary.  [ref: 400, LOC]


Cloud Dancing: (common, especially among the Sea Folk)

Uses Air and Water to create wind/control the weather. Those strong at this can handle cable-thick flows. The weave is intricate, almost delicate and reaches as far as the eye can see across the waters, a web drawn across the sky. The Sea Folk Windfinders call this talent ‘Weaving of Winds’.


Compulsion: (difficulty: moderate; strength: 5)

Using the One Power to compel an individual. Uses Water, Air, and Spirit, with the emphasis on Spirit. Compulsion has many limits, but a command to do what someone wants to do in their inmost depths will hold for a lifetime. Like Illusion it is stronger in TAR than in the real World. [ref:  (p395, FOH), (p393, FOH)]



Related to Healing, this is the use of the One Power to examine a person for illness or injury.  [ ref: p268, TDR]


Dome of Air (difficulty: hard; strength: 8)

Uses Air. Blocks entry. Can be opaque or transparent. [ref: <Ch 57 (962) TSR>, <Ch 15 (188) TDR>] 


Eavesdropping (difficulty: moderate; strength: 2)

Uses Air, with a touch of Fire. May need to use a focus point, like a stone, to do the weave. Anyone can hear whatever you eavesdrop on if they are close enough to you. The volume can be controlled. [ref: LOC: 25, Like Lightning and Rain, 363]


Fire (general fire creation weave)

Uses Fire. The size of the fire one can create depends on strength. A female channeler cannot absorb Heat into herself and then have it dissipate out into her surroundings with the Fire as a male channeler can do. She must snuff out fire with Air or Water. [ref: <TSR: 7, Playing with Fire, 108>]


Folded Light (difficulty: moderate; strength:

Uses Fire and Air. Similar to Illusion, but this weave makes the channeler invisible. Basically the channeler bends light around himself/herself to become invisible. If a person wearing this weave moves, it ripples. [ref: <TPoD,Ch29>, <LOC: Prologue, 26>, <EOW: 48, 729, The Blight>, <LOC: 27, Gifts, 390>]


Globe of Light (difficulty: easy; strength: 1)

Uses Fire and Air. [ref: LOC: 28, Letters, 399]


Healing (difficulty: hard; strength: depends on what is being Healed)

The traditional form of Healing uses Water, Air, and Spirit. The “Nynaeve” style Healing uses all five threads. Physical touch is necessary.


Healing Gentling (difficulty: moderately hard; strength: 7)

Unlike regular Healing, this uses Fire and Spirit. A gentled man *must* be Healed using saidar if he is to return to full strength. [ref: <LOC: 29, Fire and Spirit, 418>]


Healing Stilling (difficulty: moderately hard; strength: 7)

A mix of Water or Earth would probably Heal the female channeler completely, as Fire and Spirit alone do not. A stilled woman must be Healed using saidin if she is to return to full strength. [ref: <LOC: 30, To Heal Again, 424>]


Hiding Channeling  (difficulty: VERY hard; strength: 8)

Uses Spirit to hide one’s ability to channel. A very complex weave. [ref:p643, LOC]


Illusion (difficulty: moderately easy; strength: 5)

Uses Fire and Air. A disguise is easier if it stays close to how the person really looks. Illusion is actually stronger in TAR than it is in the waking world. Illusion can include touch, but only the most subtle use if it. [ref: <p643 LOC & Ch. 54, (p911), TSR>, <(p393, FOH)>, <(p132, LOC)>]  See Folded Light and Mask of Mirrors.


Light a candle (difficulty: easy; strength: 1)

Uses Fire.


Magnify Voice  (difficulty: easy; strength: 1)

Uses simple flows of Air. [ref: carrying sound - simple flows <LOC: 15, A pile of Sand, 266>]


Mask of Mirrors (difficulty: moderately hard; strength: 7)

Uses Air and Spirit. Used to alter appearance or make invisible. Channeler can use it on others as well as self. Aes Sedai know a simple version called Illusion. Unlike Illusion, this weave does not waver when one moves. [ref: (LoC,Ch49), (TEotW,Ch48), (ACoS,Ch20), (WH,Ch11)]


Move Water  (difficulty: easy; strength: depends on amount of water being moved)

Uses only Water. It is a simple weave that draws moisture and maneuvers it. Theodrin used this weave to cause a puddle of water to gather into a ball, which she lifted with air (it wobbled) and moved to let fall outside of her house. [ref: <LOC: 12, Under the Dust, 232>]


Pleasure/Pain (difficulty: moderately hard; strength: 5)

Using Spirit and Fire to stimulate pain and pleasure centers of someone’s body. [ref: p139, LOC]


Shielding (difficulty: moderate; strength: depends)

A blunt edged weave of Spirit can block a channeler from touching the Source or cut him/her off from the Source while he/she is channeling. If the shield is knife-sharp, it can be used to sever the other channeler. Normally, strength is the deciding factor in shielding. The one shielded must be significantly stronger than the one holding the shield to break it. Tied off shields can normally be unraveled. [ref: <TSR: 54, Into the Palace, 628>]


Traveling (difficulty: moderate; strength: 5)

Uses Spirit. Weave a thin curtain of Spirit - it lasts only a moment before snapping together in a vertical line that is suddenly a slash of silvery blue light. The light widens quickly or turns, into a doorway that opens into the other place. The size of gateway that can be created depends on the strength of the channeler. The weaker the channeler, the smaller the gateway. If a woman tried to make a gateway as a man does, she would be sucked into the space between the threads of the Pattern and would probably not be able to come back.


Ward (difficulty: moderate; strength: 7)

Uses all Five Powers. This Ward is a general protection weave, but can also be used as a trap. Rand used one on a Waygate to kill any Myrddraal that passed through, but it allowed humans to pass through unharmed.


Ward against eavesdropping  (difficulty: moderate; strength: 7)

Uses mostly Fire and Air, with touches of Water. It looks like a shimmering, flat dome held by a knot. You can walk through it without anyone sensing you and without sensing anything. [ref: <LOC: 12, Questions and Answers, 229>]