Railroad Routes

The railroads of Randland run alongside the main roads between the nations, or in some cases alongside the rivers, though in that case they are built on elevated platforms in case of floods. Cairhien is, of course, the main hub for the railroad system.

The main routes from Cairhien are as follows (just in case you need to know it):

Cairhien - Dragonmount - Fal Moran Shol Arbela Chachin Maradon

Cairhien - Aringill - Tear

Cairhien - Far Madding - Illian

Cairhien - Aringill - Lugard - Illian

Cairhien - Aringill - Lugard - Ebou Dar - Amador - Elmora - Tanchico

Cairhien - Aringill - Caemlyn Four Kings - Whitebridge - Baerlon - Katar - Bandar Eban

Other routes:

Cairhien Mayene (in progress)

Dragonmount - Caemlyn

Fal Moran Shol Arbela Chachin Maradon - Katar

Fal Moran Shol Arbela Chachin Maradon - Baerlon

Katar - Tanchico

Godan - Tear - Illian - Ebou Dar - Amador