Bowstaff forms


Charging Dog- The staff is held out from the body pointing at the opponent, weaving up and down seeking a place of contact, while closing distance.


Spinning Wheel- The staff is held in front of the body spinning clockwise, heading off any Charging Dog, while continuing to move the staff to change positions.


Bamboo in Forest- A standing staff is used to knock aside any that it comes in contact with relative ease


Infinity- follows the form of the infinity symbol, and is easy enough to go on forever for a well trained warrior.


Weeping Willow-


Wind in the Grasses- to fend off spear points a series of parries that break a path through spear points


The Hammer- a blow delivered from above by an outstretched staff


Catapult- a vault over the enemy that ultimately redirects the fight


Driving Rain- a series of thrusts with the point of the bowstaff that will take the wind from the assailant, in such succession that it feels like a driving rain


Whirlwind- the staff moves in such fluidity in circles that spiral through the air breaking all oncoming attacks.