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Rules/General guidelines to follow

1. NO AUTOING - “Autoing” refers to writing actions/thoughts/comments of a character not your own. This is not allowed, at all, unless you have permission to do so by the other player. 

2. CHARACTER LIMIT - You may have up to as many characters as you wish, as long as you can handle them. This includes pets/companions and the like of your main characters. If at anytime a Mod or owner thinks you posts are beginning to lack in detail due to the amount of characters you have, you may be asked to drop a few of them. <:-)

3. CHARACTER CREATION SHEET - You MUST fill out a character sheet (using the format provided in the files section of this group) for every character you play. Companions/pets of these main characters can be written in as side notes or you can write separate character sheets for them depending on your preference. Oh and try to be detailed, even though its only a starting point, it would be good for others to know as much about your character’s personality as much as possible.

4. NO GOD CHARACTERS ALLOWED - There are no gods or god-like characters allowed in this game. No character will be allowed to be all-powerful, all cunning, all-anything, *including* the owner’s players. You should play this game knowing ahead of time that unless stated in the bio, your characters WILL get hurt, and they can die (so if you don’t want your character to be killed, make sure you put it in the bio!). Worse still for your players companions/pets. We will not write your character for you, but you should be writing your character with this in mind. If you have an issue with this, we’re sorry but perhaps this may not the game for you. 

Your character cannot escape every situation and every attack, so take care of what situation you decide to get yourselves into. A lone channeler may take on for example, normal cavalry or a few dozen Trollocs, but keep in mind that even Aes Sedai and Asha’man can be killed by an arrow they did not see coming. 

The owners will read every post, of every thread…and yes, even the OOCs, LOL. ;-)…to monitor any potential god-moding behavior and to make sure that players are following good form. If we find your character seems to be getting out of one too many scrapes without a scratch, we will address it with you directly. 

5. NO DISRESPECT - try to keep in mind that this is only a game after all, whose purpose is to have fun. If you have a problem with another player, or if you feel that one or both of the mods/owners are acting against their own rules, however, take it directly to the source of the problem, OFF LIST. 

If the situation still can’t be resolved, take it to the owners. We’re both really nice in person and we promise to listen to your complaints with an open mind. :-)

Posting at the site itself with vulgar language (not keeping in storyline…some characters have a tendency to curse a lot!) or making rude remarks to other members or mods is a bannable offense. 

Lastly, try not to use IC (in character) posts to disguise rude comments to other players. We’ve seen it happen on other lists and it only leads to in fighting…no one really wants that because we’re supposed to be having fun!

6. THIS IS A PARAGRAPH STYLE RPG - please keep your posts least two paragraphs long (this does not include OOC’s, those can be one line or whatever you want). The reason for this is that the more you write about your character, including his/her thoughts and feelings, the better developed your character becomes. 

It’s not asking a lot so please try? <:-) A good way to lengthen your posts is by filling them with character’s inner musings, soliloquies, looking around, and character conflict or the like. But please try to put something besides a one or two line response. 

7. REGARDING OOCs: OOC (out-of-character) sole-posts are allowed, but keep in mind the previously stated rules when doing so. Also, try to remember that sometimes it may be more appropriate to send an email to whomever you’re addressing OOC. 

The most common OOCs are needed for clarification on a thread’s plotline…what someone meant, where you are in game, assistance, questions, etc. These types of OOCs are allowed and encouraged. We all like to know what’s going on, right?

Finally, remember to add a “tag” to your OOC to make sure the right person sees it. 

8. REGARDING IC’s: IC means “In Character”. We know you all know this, but your character is not you. It doesn’t always react the way you do, feel the way you do, and it has no idea what’s going on behind-the-scenes. If your character is battling someone else’s character, then by all means have at it, but again, we ask you not to use your character to complain or fight with another player. If you do this, you will be warned. If you persist in trying to post IC complaining you will be asked to leave. 

If you have a problem with something that is going on with the game thread or mechanics, with another player’s responses, etc. - then take it up OFF LIST, or ask a Mod/List Owner to intervene.

9. LEAVING THE RP - If you need to leave this RPG abruptly or otherwise, you retain the right to your characters but the owners reserve the right to play or have someone else play your character until their thread is satisfactorily ended. For a character that has been made crucial to the plot line, this may occur indefinitely. For a second and third tier characters, they will be played long enough to wrap up their story and/or kill them.

10. NOTIFY A MOD IF YOU’RE GOING TO BE POSTING INFREQUENTLY - If you cannot post immediately or do not post that often that is okay. We understand things come up, and ‘real life’ comes first. 

However, if your character was in contact with someone and your response is needed quickly, but you do not or can not post after 4 days, your character can/will be dragged along with the last character he/she was in contact with to keep the story flowing. Your character’s actions and thoughts cannot be controlled by that player, though, so don’t worry about having dialogue written for you. The character will merely be tagging along for the trip. 

You may opt to ask someone to temp for you when you know you’ll not be posting for a while. If that happens, it will be up to you to catch up when you do return. Don’t be afraid to ask for an update if you need it! Someone will respond within a reasonable amount of time. :-)

That’s all! Thanks!
– the List Owners :-)