Name: Wynn Ablar


Age: 30


Hair: Brown, long and slightly wavy


Eyes: Big and Brown


Height: 5’8”


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.):  Waifishly slim.  She wears short skirts, blousy tops and, almost always, a white lab overcoat. Her clothes range in color, though she never wears black because she thinks it’s too depressing.


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.):   Channeler, but she has a block and has not even bothered to try to break it and isn’t even certain what it is.


Personality: She is a very nice, very sweet girl who is almost always happy and cheery. She tends to always see the bright side of things, no matter how bad they get. She’s very ladylike and, in some ways, very proper. A bit on the shy side, she warms up quickly to people once she starts to get to know them. She has a ‘big sister’ complex and thinks it’s her duty to ‘help’ people whether they want it or not. She’s very caring, as well as trusting and fiercely loyal. She doesn’t drink or smoke, and very rarely uses harsh language. It takes an enormous amount of grief to get her angry, and even then she seems more hurt than angry.


Power Strength:  3.0, though it’s possible she has a specialty like her brother. She just doesn’t really care to channel, though.


History:  Born to the Ablar family, a major noble house in New Manetheren, Wynn is but one of the descendants of Logain Ablar and Elnore ti Ablar Mandragoran, though several generations removed. She and her younger twin brother, Hadley, come from a line of strong channelers, most of whom were trained by other members of the family. No one understands why the twins turned out to be so weak, overall, in the One Power, but they both have talents that make others in their family pale in comparison. Wynn’s ‘talent’ is for science.


At a young age, she developed an interest in various herbs. She studied every book she could get her hands on to learn everything she could about them and, at the young age of eight, began mixing them to create various concoctions. One of the very first things she created was a mixture of dried herbs that, when thrown on the ground, exploded on contact, making a small hole in the ground. Her parents, impressed with their daughter’s intelligence, sent her to the Cairhien School of Science. Not wanting her to be alone, since she was a mere child, they sent Hadley with her, hoping that he might find a talent for some sort of studies there.


Wynn excelled at her studies, passing by not only those in her age group, but adults as well. Her teachers loved her…her sweet smile and sharp mind made her a pleasure to teach. She followed direction well, and when she reached a point where she was the one doing the teaching, she was equally as good. She did, however, prefer research to teaching, so the school gave her, and her brother, a lab and let them do their own thing. Their creations raked in money for the school, though some of them never made it to the public due to the dangers involved. The school’s administrators believe that there are some things that the common people just shouldn’t have.


Happy at the school, she had no intention of leaving. Until recently. King Tynan Mitsobar himself came to the school to meet with her and her brother. He had a proposition for them, one that paid more than Wynn could have ever imagined. At first she was resistant to the idea, but after Tynan explained his reasoning and how much the two of them could help the world, she and her brother agreed. Shortly thereafter, Wynn and Hadley packed up their belongings and headed for Whitebridge.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): Her sharp mind is her main weapon, but she is known to carry various chemicals on her person that can cause all sorts of trouble for anyone who dares attack her…not that she believe for a second that anyone would, but she enjoys playing with chemicals, among other things.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend: for the Light and for her family and friends


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): Science. The girl is absolutely brilliant where science and math are concerned. She has a gift for new inventions, both destructive and helpful. She has developed more than one ‘medicine’ that she derived by altering various herbs. She tends to use those same herbs to create destructive substances and, when working with her brother Hadley, has made some quite frightening weapons.


Family: Hadley, her “younger” twin brother; Branimir, her father; Liv, her mother; Bratu, Doran, and Vel, her youngest brothers (Bratu is the eldest); Nyna, her younger sister (the youngest of the Ablar clan)


Companions: none at the moment, but she loves animals and would love to have an animal friend of some sort


Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it? No.





Section 2: Wish List


Desired talents: playing card games (she’s always wanted to learn how to gamble)


Desired items: her own lab, though it would need to be set off from normal civilization so she could play and not worry about blowing people up


Other character-related desires (including more strength in the One Power): break her block and find out if she actually has any ability with the One Power