Name: William Randall


 Age:  45


 Hair: Brown, streaked with Grey. Unwashed and straggly – it looks like it has a life of its own.


 Eyes: Blue.


 Height: 6’ 1’’


Other physical attributes: Solid Build. Muscular and fit. His general appearance is unkempt and unclean.


Gifts: Strategic


Personality: William Randall, known as Bill da Blade to his friends and William the pig to everyone else is obviously a military man gone awry. He looks and smells unclean and easily offends anyone with an ounce of decorum. Under the surface, William has an acute mind and is renowned as a military genius. William is also known for his soft streak for women and children.


POWER: None.


History:  William was born in the suburbs of Ebou Dar and fought many a duel in his time in the city. He was trained with the guards from 16 and has been involved in armies ever sense. He served in the Queen’s guards in Ebou Dar, the swordsmen of Illian, under at least three different lords of Tear and even a pikeman from Mayene. It was during a brief skirmish between a small Aiel tribe and a Mayene division that William began truly living up to his potential. Being taken prisoner by the Aiel, William willingly served as Gai’shain for his year and one day and then swore an oath of allegiance to the Red Hand Sept. Training under the best the Aiel had, William learnt many strategies that have proven invaluable against the Wetlanders. The Aiel claim that everything they knew came from the great general Cauthon himself but although William knows the Aiel don’t lie, he questioned the validity of the myth. However if it works then he doesn’t complain. William sought permission for the chief to temporarily leave the tribe and take a water quest in what the Aiel still call the wetlands. That was 20 years ago and William ‘claims’ he has not found what he seeks. He still wears the red paint slashes on his face, but his mottled hair tends to disguise them. There are some that see that since leaving the Aiel, William has not washed those marks from his face. William quickly found that men will fight for honor and country but more quickly fight for money and loot. He incorporates ‘the fifth’ rule into any battle and insist that his men (and women) have the right to loot and he gets a fifth of everything stolen. William hates crimes against women and children and this often leads him into a battle quicker than he should. Some claim that he has survived battles because fate was facing the other way but source close to William say that his tactics and strategy are responsible. William will willingly sacrifice men for he greater good. In the last five years, William has been fighting a series of small battles along the borderlands, as the lords there fight for more land. His army has swelled to around 60 loyal men and 40ish new blood.


Recently William has his band has been summed to some sort of meeting. An Asha’man appeared, bearing a scroll with the message of the M’Hael, that William and his band was to meet and wait for instructions. Rewards will be great promised the note. William took 35 of his loyalist followers through the gate with instructions that his second in command, Lero would bring the rest by land.



Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): William fights with a large battle-axe preferring to slash and incapacity his enemies rather than beat them with fancy swordplay. He has a small firearm (apparently the latest thing), which he recently acquired on his belt.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or darkfriend:  The Light.


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): Logistics.


Warders/companions/pets: Lero (second in command), Barl (head scout), Princeton (quartermaster) and Nant (manservant). William is also in command of around 100 men.


Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it? Sure.



Section 2: Wish List


Desired talents: None.


Desired items: None. Well perhaps a Cannon.


Other character-related desires:  to increase the size of his following.