Name: Valrin Mathrell


Age: Undetermined, although Grey has begun to show in her hair.

Hair: Brown, streaked with Grey. Always tied back into a Bun.

Eyes: Grey

Height: 5' 3'' (but always seems taller)

Other physical attributes: Although she is obvious feminine, Valrin dresses very plainly and sensible. A typical old-fashioned schoolteacher.

Gifts: A logical Mind

Personality: Valrin is sensible, logical and blunt. She hates those who waste time and likes to deal with things in an orderly manner. She is very unpopular to her brash nature and ability to rub people up the wrong way. She does, however get things done.

Power: Generally around a 6, but approximately a 8 when healing.

History: Valrin was born in Cairhien, to a noble house. All the power was detected in her at an early age, Valrin initially refused to attend the white tower because she wanted to continue her education at the school of science. Fascinated by anything mechanical, Valrin loved to take things apart and quickly found interest in the books of anatomy. She completed her education and then agreed to move to the white tower. Her father wanted her to attend to the Black, but Valrin had a strong distrust of male channelers and refused. It was the last time she spoke to her father prior to his death 50 years ago. She bonded her first warder, Bran, within days of being raised to the shawl at the white tower. An unpopular choice for sitter in her yellow Ajah, her ability at healing was so advanced that she was basically given the position just so that she would share her knowledge which she has not yet done although she has shown snippets of what she is capable of. It is questioned where she gets her brilliant abilities from as she seems to know much that others do not, but there seems to be no skeletons in her past. Valrin will heal anyone, regardless of age, race or class with the exception of Aiel. She hates the Aiel, with almost an inherited racial memory and has been reprimanded for watching one man die in front of her. She bonded Stefan after bringing him back from a near fatal wound. Just recently (in the last 10 years), Valrin has been working with the dead rather than the living analyzing the wounds and attempting to solve "crimes". She is renowned as a leading expert in these areas.

Organization/affiliation/status/light or darkfriend: The Light.

Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): Healing.

Warders/companions/pets: 2 Warders Bran and Stefan.

Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it? No problemo.