TWOT: The Fourth Age

NPC Sheet



Name: Sita al’Badai


Age: 258


Hair: Black, streaked with gray


Eyes: Icy blue


Height: 5’10”


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.):  Thin to the point of appearing frail. Her build is deceiving, however, because she is as strong as a bull.


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.):  Female channeler


Personality: She is quiet and intelligent, with a strong air of authority. A very introspective woman, she tends to lose herself in thought quite frequently. Though she is a caring woman, she is distant to the sisters at the White Tower and has no one she can call ‘friend’. She prefers speaking to novices and Accepted, for those are the ones she believes she can help the most. She has frequent bouts of loneliness.


Power Strength: 8.5


History:  Sita, a Malkieri noblewoman, was late in coming to the White Tower since she was not born with the spark. An Aes Sedai recruiter informed her, when she was seventeen, that she had the ability to learn to channel. After many years of soul-searching, she finally decided to go to the White Tower at the age of twenty-two. They raised her to Accepted within six months, mainly due to her age but also because of her strength in the One Power. She remained at Accepted status for almost five years before earning the shawl. Her Ajah of choice was Gray, mostly due to her negotiating skills.


Though the White Tower was shut out of the world’s diplomatic and royal affairs, the king and queen of Malkier requested that the Amyrlin send Sita to Malkier to serve as one of their personal advisors, alongside a much older Asha’man named Eban Sherard. The two worked closely together to assist the king and queen, and later personally trained their three children to use the One Power since the royal couple decided not to send their children to either tower.


Sita and Eban eventually fell in love and were married after a twenty-year courtship…with the king and queen’s consent. However, Sita believed it best to hide her marriage from the White Tower. They continued serving as advisors through the king and queen’s reign, and stayed when the next king took the throne (after the queen and king abdicated so they could spend some time alone). For well over a hundred years, Sita and her husband served Malkier as royal advisors. They had one child of their own, a boy they named Selik, and raised him in the Seven Towers. They truly believed they had found their purpose in life…to spend their lives together and serve Malkier. However, when a new Amyrlin, a Green sister with a bitter attitude toward the Asha’man, took over the White Tower and learned of their union, their dreams were shattered.


The new Amyrlin, Drysi, sent thirteen Green sisters to Malkier to fetch Sita. When she resisted, they shielded her and attacked Eban, wounding him badly. Once they took her back to the White Tower, the Amyrlin punished her severely, though she kept Sita’s marriage a
Green Ajah secret. Drysi was a horrible Amyrlin and even a worse human being, constantly plotting against the Asha’man and trying to find a way to undermine and/or conquer them. She made plans to have all the Asha’man bonded and wanted the female Asha’man to be killed. Sita wanted nothing more than to leave the White Tower, but the Amyrlin had her watched constantly by two Green sisters and told the tower guards not to allow her off the premises. After five years of pining for Eban, she received word that he was killed in a battle in Seanchan. The news broke her heart and was never the same after that day.


Blaming Drysi for Eban’s death, Sita devoted her time to learning as much as she could about the Amyrlin. After a year and a half of gathering information, she presented a report of the Amyrlin’s corrupt activities to the head of the Gray Ajah, who then took it – and Sita – to the Sitters. Drysi was deposed a day later, and after being birched and stilled, she was sent to do manual labor on a farm in Andor. Much to her surprise, Sita was chosen to replace the corrupt Amyrlin.


Once in the six-striped stole, Sita began working toward an agreement between the White and Black Towers. After almost eighty years, she is finally seeing it come to fruition. Though she is elated, she is also fearful of failure. To this day, she still often thinks of Eban, as well as their son, whom she believes is still alive.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): A belt knife


Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend: Amyrlin Seat; for the Light


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): A skilled hunter and tracker, though she has not had cause or chance to use those skills in many years. She is also well trained in unarmed combat.