Name: Saul


Age: 200


Hair: Dark grey, grown long at the back and tied with a leather cord.


Eyes: Light Tan


Height: 10'3"


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.): Very muscular and solid looking, twice as wide and just about as tall as any one human. Tends toward long coats and hats with wide, drooping brims.


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.): Treesinging


Personality: Very stolid when about his daily tasks. Very focused and grim when engaged in more important matters.




History: Saul was brought to the mainland from Seanchan with other Ogier and those common folk who refused to acknowledge the many usurpers to the crystal throne. In their eyes, only the last Empress and her direct daughter held that title, by the grace of the Light.


Made up of many groups, with a healthy contingent of the rare Deathwatch, and Ogier Gardeners, this splinter group assumed a self exile from their homeland. Their stated purpose was to find the rightful hairs to the Crystal throne, but was sadly more a flight for survival from enemies at every quarter, for the old way was quite unpopular and blamed for many ills that swept over the land.


In their new land, they quickly prospered, for this was surely a land of plenty, and refugees were hardly given more than a passing glance even if they had an odd tongue or set of eyes.


Over the years they spread out and solidified their village, growing and intermingling with those who called this land home, but they kept their old traditions alive. There might not have been an Empress to guard, but there were the Blood and was this not the fabled land where the Empresses' scions hid?


Saul was raised as the latest in a long line of Gardeners, who long ago had tied themselves to the Empress with a nigh unbreakable pact. Even in her absence they continued to serve and train. Many were sent out to search and spy; some attached themselves to powerful houses or groups, others not so much. A strong web of eyes and ears began to develop.


Word came in of the two Towers and their dealings, though it was best thought to stay far from their machinations as possible, but a third group caught their ears as well. A reincarnated Children of the Light. Though long ago driven from their homeland, much like these refugees, they had again come into the world. A trusted set of eyes and ears in their ranks would be quite the boon it was thought, and if they were enough of a like purpose, perhaps these new Children might be turned to some use. Honor and duty were Saul's this day, and if his heart soared a little higher and blood beat a trifle faster, what was the harm. He was to go to them, and become one with their purpose and in doing so, turn them to a new one.

 For in his travels in this new world many were the books he'd gathered, most because knowledge of these new lands was power, but also because he liked to read, a guilty pleasure he often hid from the rest of his clan. One of these was a very old tome called 'The Way of the Light'. Written so long ago its pages yellowed and binding nearly worn through, it was one of Saul's greatest treasures, not just for its age and rarity in this day and age, but also for the beliefs it espoused. Here was the true secret behind The Children, and perhaps a way to control them as well. However in a secret part of his heart, there was another reason the tome was so treasured. It spoke to him, the beliefs were so pure and honest, it's words at the same time both obvious and subtle, Saul began his journey straight away, shedding all previous trappings except for his ashandarei, a gift give upon joining the ranks of the most honored Deathwatch.


Long was his travels, finding a Child of the light these days was a very difficult thing. Once found, joining was even more so, apparently the Ogier here were quite pacifistic, one desiring to join the Children was nearly unthinkable. But they were well known to be unquestionably for the Light, and this in the end swayed popular opinion. This and how Saul differed from the average Ogier. Rank came easily to him, and his stirring sermons about the Light have earned him quite the following among some Children. Now he seeks out the greater concentrations of Children, to better spread his words, and fulfill his ultimate mission.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): A black tasseled ashandarei.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or darkfriend: Gardener <in secret> /Child of the Light/for the light and the Empress.


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): Torture, investigation, a high degree of skill with knives and hand to hand combat. Very skilled in the use of his ashandarei.






Section 2: Wish List


Desired talents: None as of yet.


Desired items: More books.


Other character-related desires (including more strength in the One Power): More influence among the Children, to find the heir's of the Empress.