Name: Sannis Jharo

Age: 29

Hair: black/ shaves head bald

Eyes: formerly hazel--now gold

Height:  6’6”

Other physical attributes:  Beside his nearly freakish height, Jharo is a powerfully build man with the thickly muscled torso and shoulders of a blacksmith. He inherited his dark skin from his Domani mother, which is a stark contrast to his golden eyes. Sannis favors the dress of commoners, usually in muted earth tones of green, and brown. Of late Jharo has taken to shaving his head and beard 

Gifts: Wolfkin 

Personality:  Sannis is a jovial, mercurial fellow. Rarely is he seen without a smile on his face or laughter bubbling up in his throat. Charismatic and affable Jharo makes friends easily and is adored by most who know him. He is fond of the ladies and strong ale, and possesses the curious ability to seem at home in either a common room or at court.(note: this fact often leads to speculation about his past/see history)Jharo been known to be free with his gold--particularly among the less fortunate and street urchins. In battle, however Sannis fights with the ferocity of his brothers.

POWER:  does not channel, but is ta’veren

History:  Little is known about the formative years of the Mercenary Hero Sannis Jharo. Some say he was born in Mayene, others claim Tanchico. None can say for sure, and Sannis himself is closemouthed on the subject. What is known is that his mother was a Domani and likely a noble. She died before Sannis’ 14th nameday. His father was rumored to be an Aiel man, or perhaps a Malkieri, but Jharo never knew the man.

 In effect, the man’s story begins in the city of Caemlyn where as a teen he found work as a footman in the Queen’s Army. Sannis slew a Second Captain in the Queen’s guard--a blademaster and Darkfriend. Word spread, and Sannis, who already stood out because of his massive size, gained some renown in the city

Declining a position in the Guard, Jharo left the Caemlyn, fleeing north. For months he had been plagued by nightmares, and had no faith that he could fulfill his duties as a Queen’s Man.

It was well over a year before Sannis reached the Borderlands, striding out of the Black Hills with eyes the color of burnished gold. His nightmares finally left behind, Jharo fell in with a mercenary free company not long after. The next several years found Sannis fighting in border disputes from the Aryth Ocean to the Sea of Storms and many points in between.

It was during that time that Jharo’s fame grew. He rose to second in command of the free companions and amassed a fortune--most of which he gave away to the less fortunate. When the leader of the band fell in battle just outside Whitebridge, Jharo disbanded the company. After hearing stories of other golden-eyed warriors, he toyed with the idea of traveling to New Manetheren. The thought, however, was fleeting. Not matter how much a life with others of his kind intrigued him, Jharo had lived free for far too long to wear the collar of a liegeman.

Traveling with a handful of men from his Free Company, Sannis spent two years as a merchants guard, protecting three caravans on trips to the heart of the Aiel Waste. After the last one, which ended with two of his friends dead, Jharo vanished once again into the Black Hills.

Returning to Caemlyn amid rumors of a quest of glory into the Blight, Jharo was approached by a messenger with a summons to the Black Tower.

Weapons:  Jharo wields a mace in battle, a massive studded ball atop a banded ashwood haft. Recently Sannis acquired a curious weapon called a ‘revolver’ (note: it is the cock and fire type of the late 19th century, NOT the double action variety available today. It is also susceptible to moisture and misfire) He also carries a long, double-edged dagger in a bandolier across his chest. Jharo rarely wears armor, but prefers boiled leather to plate-and –mail.

Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend: Sannis walks in the Light, but is beholden to no Ruler or Nation

Skills: With his weapon of choice, or bare hands Jharo is a devastating warrior, who fights with the ferocity of his four legged brethren. Sannis moves much more quickly than his size would lead one to believe. He is also a strong long distance runner. Jharo is also adept at the 12 stringed bittern.

Like all Wolfbrothers, Sannis is able to see in anything short of total darkness, his keen eyesight also allowing him to make out details at great distances. His hearing is equally keen, as is his sense of smell. Sannis can recognize people by scent, and track as well as the finest bloodhound

Warders/companions/pets: none, save his four legged brothers

Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it?  Yes--if it’s done in an appropriately dramatic manner



Section 2: Wish List

Desired talents: none

Desired items: An expertly crafted (or perhaps One Power wrought) mace

Other character-related desires (including more strength in the One Power): N/A