TWOT: The Fourth Age

Character Sheet



Section 1: Character description


Name: Phoenyx (Nyx) Mandragoran


Age: 17


Hair: Black; she wears it long and loose


Eyes: Icy Blue


Height: 5’2”


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.):  She is very feminine, but has a wiry body. When she fights, she moves in ways that seem impossible, mainly because she is so agile and flexible. At the Seven Towers, she normally wears dresses the same style as her mother – i.e., tight and clingy silks – usually in deep blue, burgundy, or purple. When she has the option of dressing the way she pleases, she favors leather pants and tops that she has specially made by the palace seamstress. Her leather clothing tends to annoy her mother and garner some strange looks from people.


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.):  Channeler


Personality: One word…trouble.


Power Specialization:  Healing. In any weave that manipulates or analyzes the body and/or mind, she displays amazing strength and talent. While her main purpose for using a Healing weave is to heal, she has also discovered she can alter the Healing weaves so that they do the complete opposite. Though still very young, she has been studying and training since she first channeled when she was eleven years old, and has already mastered many Healing weaves on her own. She knows how to bring someone back from the brink of death (and has on a few occasions), but she also knows a weave that can stop someone’s heart. Though her Healing related weaves are incredibly strong and accurate, her other weaves tend to ‘melt’. A full description of this problem is in the next section.


History: Though Nyx is very young, she has been channeling since she was eleven years old. Born with the spark, Nyx is a true wilder that channeled for the first time when her horse broke a leg and she Healed him. Her father immediately sent her to his Aes Sedai advisor, Suana Sedai, for training.


At first, Suana believed Nyx had a block and could only channel when she was Healing, but she quickly discovered that while the girl displayed an amazing Talent for Healing, her other weaves were problematic. In fact, her non-Healing weaves seemed to melt away as soon as she began them. It confused Suana, especially since Nyx is actually fairly strong in the One Power overall (about an 8 or 8.5…Nynaeve’s strength), so she consulted the king’s Asha’man advisor, Gann. After some experimentation and testing, they still had no valid reason for the problem. Out of curiosity, Suana loaned Nyx an angreal and had her channel using it. She discovered that, with an angreal, Nyx’s other weaves worked fine…and were as strong as they would have been if she had been able to channel those weaves with her full strength. Without an angreal, she can do nothing other than Healing related weaves.


Once Nyx had a bit of training, her father gave her some items that had been passed on for generations in the Mandragoran family – an angreal (bracelet connected to four rings that is fastened on with a tiny key, though Nyx never takes them off), a ter’angreal jewelry set that is worn for defense, and a ter’angreal vault (described below) containing the diaries of Nemene Damendar Boann, aka Semirhage. There are seven books in all, each one containing detailed information on her medical experiments and findings over the years, including various Healing weaves and information on stimulating the mind centers directly.


The story that has been passed down through the generations is that, once Tarmon Gai’don was through, Nynaeve Mandragoran found the diaries and took them so she could learn more about Healing. Fearing the White Tower would insist on having them, she told no one of her discovery with the exception of her husband Lan and her friend, Rand al’Thor. Rand, fearing the diaries could one day fall into the wrong hands, gave two Asha’man he trusted the task of creating a ter’angreal security vault that could use a weave of Spirit (saidin and/or saidar) to verify the correct channeler was opening the vault. It took two years of constant experimentation, but the two Asha’man finally created the thing Rand requested and, with Nynaeve’s help, set the vault so only a direct descendent of Nynaeve and Lan could open the vault. To this day, the vault and the diaries remain a closely held secret, and the items are given only to the eldest child of each generation, who guards the secret with his or her life.


In addition to Semirhage’s medical journals, Nyx is also in possession of Queen el’Nynaeve Mandragoran’s journals, in which she recorded data about weaves she learned over the years to help Heal wounds of the body and mind. Included is a description of the weave for Healing women and men who have been severed from the True Source.


Though Nyx is the eldest child of Aric and Reina Mandragoran, she will not inherit the throne. Instead, the throne goes to the eldest male child in the family, her younger brother Akir. Nyx, however, could not care less…running a country does not interest her in the least.


From the first time Nyx channeled, she displayed an incredible Talent for Healing and has put that Talent to use every chance she got. When the city Wisdoms were unable to help someone, Nyx stepped in to help. Most of the time, she was able to do what they could not. Her talent made her mature quickly in some ways…in a crisis situation, she is the first to try to take charge and she does a good job of it…but in other ways she is still very much a child, and a wild one at that.


Due to her wild nature, she often gets into trouble. She is also somewhat spoiled and used to getting her way because her father dotes on her and lets her get away with everything. The only time he is vaguely stern is when he is training or sparring with her, or if she puts herself in too much danger. Her mother is more of a disciplinarian, but her father tends to shelter Nyx from that. Regardless, she is very close to both of her parents, as well as her brothers (who are very protective). Her mother is constantly threatening to send her to a Domani Art School to teach her to behave properly. Nyx would just as soon die.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): An Ashandarei that has been passed on to every Mandragoran daughter since Malkier’s rebirth; a beltknife


Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend: Princess of Malkier; for the Light


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): Trained in the sword, but prefers the Ashandarei. In practice, and on dares, she has taken on two blademasters at once and won (with the Ashandarei). Though her father trained her in hand-to-hand combat, she has developed her own style and is basically a brawler (picture a wildcat protecting her young and you get the picture). To her, there is no such thing as fair in a fight and she will resort to anything to win. She also has a talent for “natural” healing with herbs and the like, though as time has passed she rarely bothers with that method.


Warders/Companions/Pets: A black stallion named Shadar (Old Tongue translation: Shadow); her carneira, a 32-year-old soldier named Ragan, and her best friend, a nobleman (19 years old) named Egan Streightahnn


Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it? No





Section 2: Wish List


Desired talents: None.


Desired items: None.


Other character-related desires (including more strength in the One Power): None.