Name: Nor al’Vere


Age: 576 (looks to be in her late thirties)


Hair: dark with a slight violet tint; fine and straight, it falls just below her shoulders and frames her face perfectly


Eyes: violet


Height: 5’6”


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.):  thin and very pale; she has a classically beautiful face; she wears blood red dresses that fit tightly, usually with a green shawl around her shoulders


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.):  channeling


Personality: Superior. She hates male channelers and believes all men should be controlled.  She is an infinitely patient woman when it comes to getting what she wants, and will do whatever necessary to achieve her goals. She believes her position gives her the right to do things she knows to be wrong, but if she catches someone else doing the same (without her having ordered them to do so) she shows no mercy to them.


Power Strength:  9.0


History:  Because her mother died giving childbirth to her, Nor was raised by her grandmother, Egwene al’Vere. Unfortunately, by the time Nor was born, Egwene was quite insane and very bitter over the events that had occurred prior to, during, and directly following Tarmon Gai’don (the document on the Jenn Sedai will have more details). Her bitterness affected Nor severely.


Taught from a young age that all men should be controlled by women, Nor grew up with a very twisted sense of right and wrong. Egwene taught Nor to be especially intolerant where male channelers were concerned…any male who channeled should either be gentled or put to death, and given that gentling could be Healed, Egwene told Nor that death was the preferable method.


Nor was born with the spark so Egwene began training the girl young, too young. Because of the age and rate at which Egwene forced the girl to learn to channel, Nor became somewhat unstable…and more than a little dangerous. Regardless, Egwene was proud of the girl’s strength, which was even greater than her own. From the first day, Egwene groomed Nor to replace her as the leader of the Jenn Sedai (more on them in the ‘Groups’ section). She sent Nor to the White Tower when she was in her mid-twenties.


Though there were already many Jenn Sedai in the White Tower, none were as dedicated to the group’s purpose as Nor. Her passion seemed to infect all the others, and they managed to recruit more members than they ever imagined. Even those they deemed as untrustworthy for recruiting were encouraged to voice their hatred for the Black Tower and male channelers in general. Nor, who was raised to the shawl as a White in less than two years because of the speed at which she apparently learned, spoke often to all sisters about the importance of getting the White Tower the power it once had, and how, as long as the Black Tower existed, that could not happen. Her obsession with what was gone bothered some at the tower, but it was her desire to revive the Red Ajah that got her into trouble. She was given an ultimatum – either stop trying to revive the Red Ajah or leave the White Tower. After fifteen years of being a sister, Nor chose to leave.


At the time Nor left, almost one-third of the Aes Sedai belonged to the Jenn Sedai, almost double from before her stay at the White Tower. Once she left the Aes Sedai, she went back to the Jenn Sedai – and Egwene – for a short time. During that time, Egwene opened a gateway and took Nor into the Ways (see the history of the Jenn Sedai for more on this) so she could ‘bond’ with Machin Shin. Machin Shin went through Nor as Egwene stood by and watched. Nor, for the first time in her life, was afraid, however, the Black Wind had no effect on her whatsoever. Her soul, just as her grandmother’s soul before her, was just as black as the Black Wind itself, and she gained the same control of Machin Shin as Egwene had had for centuries.


Shortly after her experience in the Ways, Nor left for Cairhien to study science. She had always been interested in science, and though she had no particular talent for Healing, she was extremely creative and inventive. She spent almost three hundred years at the prestigious Cairhien Academy, learning to integrate the use of the One Power with science to create. What she managed to create, however, remained a secret.


It was not until Egwene’s death that Nor left Cairhien permanently so she could take control of the Jenn Sedai. She has ruled with an iron fist ever since, and has taken the Jenn much farther than Egwene ever managed to do.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): A dagger with a blood red blade (all of Nor’s people carry a similar dagger). The blade was forged with the One Power (the dagger is a ter’angreal, and will be described in greater detail in the Jenn Sedai document).


Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend: Claims to walk in the Light, but her actions and methods are that of someone with little or no morals.


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): Very skilled with the dagger.


Family: Two daughters, Trieste and Gwynne, both of whom belong to her group. She had a son who was born with the spark, but as soon as she found out, which was when he was but a baby, she slit his throat herself.  Trieste has a daughter and granddaughter of her own, both of whom are at the White Tower under assumed names.


Companions: The Jenn Sedai. They follow her as if she were a god.


Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it? Not any time soon.