Name: Moss Daan, Gleeman Extraordinaire.


 Age:  36 (although can pass for mid twenties)


 Hair: Brown and Wavy, usually kept cropped short to the head due to the heat in Tear


 Eyes: Dark Brown – tending on black at times…


 Height: 5’ 10’’


Other physical attributes: Regardless of where he has been or what he has been doing, Moss can always seem to look neat, yet at home. He is of medium build, although his seems to possessive strength in his upper arms. He prefers wearing dark colored clothes when not performing and shuns amour of any kind. His boots are of the highest quality.


Gifts: Musical. His attention to detail seems to be excellent.


Personality: Moss makes a great first impression, being welcomed quickly and regarded as friendly and safe. He seems to be almost ‘intuitive’ to the mood of others and has a number of songs, jokes and anecdotes to improve any situation. He can keep his temper in check but always remembers those who slight him. People often remember him as a nice ‘normal’ guy but other details such as who he left with or what time or has anyone seen Gan since last night are always sketchy…


Power: None that he is aware of. He has had vivid dreams recently..


History:  Moss was born in southern Salidar (or what makes up current southern Salidar) and was a bright child. Although born to common folk (His father was a horse farrier), he was schooled with nobles of the area due to his quick intellect. He showed a natural talent for music and was fascinated by the Gleeman that passed through the village. Shortly after he turned 14, he left home (never looking back) to become a Gleeman of his own right. He committed his first murder shortly after and arrived in Tear with blood on his hands and a gleeman’s cloak on his back. With an excellent memory and a strange ability to read people, Moss’s reputation as a Gleeman quickly rose. He has performed for nobility as well as the common folk. He is fascinated by the legends of the Third Age and constantly researches more and more information. When questioned, he laughs and says that he is working on a new song yet his research is always of a dark nature. He has collected knowledge on the forsaken, the legends of light and Tarmon Gai’don. His famous epic is on the fall of the Whitecloaks although he often favors the side that they were cheated out of their true destiny by the Dragon Reborn…


Moss is a Darkfriend as he firmly believes Shai’tan is the only one who can give him the power he deserves. He dislikes most other Darkfriends, finding them weak and without resolve and ‘thins’ the ranks (as he describes it) so only the worthy remain. His ‘alter ego’ is known in DF circles, yet he is described as a loose cannon that can get the job done.  As of yet he is not linked to any known circle of DFs but he has a few contacts in Tear, who he relies on for information and supplies. He knows rumors of a powerful DF in the Black Tower but knows nothing about who it can be. Moss claims to have found the location of a “Stasis Box” left over from the second age, but since he has no ability to open it – no one has been able to verify that it is indeed what he claims and anyone Moss has mentioned this too has found themselves quite dead.  Moss has been sowing the seeds of revolution amongst the young nobles that perhaps the Children of the Light should rise again to assist the peacemakers as the White Tower is beginning to rebuild in strength


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): Moss can use many weapons, but prefers short stabbing weapons and those he can conceal easily. He is yet to meet his match with a throwing knife.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend:  Gleeman, Spymaster (in training) and Darkfriend.


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): Tracking, Juggling (general gleeman stuff) and Information dissolution…He is adept with a sword but no blade master.


Warders/companions/pets: Moss shuns most companions but has contacts in Tear that he relies on.


Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it? Not yet!!!



Section 2: Wish List


Desired talents: Some level of Foretelling or perhaps access to the World of Dreams (Tel’aran’rhiod) WHY? After all, even the Dark Lord needs a lifeline to the future


Desired items: Protection from those who can channel WHY? (Moss is about to make some very powerful enemies)


Other character-related desires:  What does all men want? Power, a seat next to the Dark One himself, perhaps the power of the dark one himself – His greed for power has no limits.