TWOT: The Fourth Age

Character Sheet



Section 1: Character description


Name: Lir Shoden (sounds like 'leer' or 'lear')


Age: 75 (looks 25 due to the slowing)


Hair: short spiky blonde hair that sticks out in all directions.


Eyes: green-gray eyes


Height: a few inches below 6 feet tall.


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.):


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.): Male channeler


Personality: happy go lucky - though others actually call him lazy. When he is not serious nothing can phase him, but when things really count, he is always dependable. often described as utterly loyal to the black tower and to his friends.


He is often of a temper with those older than him but always kind to children often to the point that he lets them walk all over him.


During his younger years as a peacekeeper, he earned the nickname "lightning lord". This name is both feared and respected by all, even though few have actually met him face to face - that includes those at the black tower where he is often absent though he is one of the council members.


Overall strength in One Power (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being Rand's strength): N/A - power specialization


Power specialization/natural talent (limit:1) : lightning / electricity


on weaves that have anything to do with lightning, - this includes casting normal lightning bolts, multiple lightning bolts, seeking lightning bolts, ball lightning projectiles, lightning tendrils from his hands, magnetizing metal objects by infusing it with electricity, surrounding him body with lightning to serve as a shield of sorts. - He is Rand strength. (10)



††††††††† 1. Strength is either 1 to 0 on all other aspects of the power but lightning weaves. This means he cant even open a gateway on his own, make a fireball that doesnít fizzle out within a few feet, lift his own weight in rocks with air. Or even shield anyone.


††††††††† 2. Regarding shielding, if caught unaware, he can easily be shielded, same with, if he tries to fight the shield with weaves other than lightning. The only way he can defend himself from being shielded is in a fair fight, by using lightning weaves to cut the shield before it is closed up on him.



History:He was an orphan that grew up in the slums of the former city called Tar Valon, which after the Aes Sedai abandoned it, became a dangerous place for the weak. Living with the credo of the new Tar Valon "the weak die while the strong live" he lived his early years constantly fighting with rival gangs.


On a dark day when a thunderstorm of unheard of violence hung over Tar Valon, a turf war was being fought. the street war was going against him until he suddenly began to channel. a powerful weave of lightning raced out of his hands to knock down all his enemies instantaneously, turning the battle to his side. after that fateful day, he became the uncontested leader of the rival gangs as he was the only one that could channel. he brought an odd sort of peace to the slums after two years. Wars were still fought on the streets but honor had come back into the gang battles.


Suddenly, for no apparent reason, he disappeared from the Tar Valon slums never to be seen again. with him gone, the Tar Valon slums once more descended into the chaos of the old ways. no one ever knew what happened that day or why he vanished without explanation. and the rival gang leaders, hungry for power long denied, didnít care much except to ban the name Shoden from ever being spoken again.


After many days travel, young Lir showed up on the steps of the black tower to begin his training. it was there he learned that though he was severely handicapped when it came to other weaves, he was remarkably gifted at handling lighting.


A born fighter, he trained for hours with the method of fighting without weapons, throughout his training, even when he became a peacekeeper, he was always cheerful and indolent, almost to the point of being lazy, much to the chagrin of his teachers.Though he was a bit of a byword in the training halls, he was still utterly devoted to training and the ideals of the black tower.


Though devoted to his duty to keeping the peace, he somehow always found time to play with the orphans in the cities he served in. it was in battles that Lir earned his reputation, mostly in Seanchan though, where war is almost always constant. After many honors were bestowed upon him, he was finally selected to become a council member after his former teacher - now a council member - resigned the post to retire in peace.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): leather gauntlets banded with steel for the hands and steel bracers for the arms.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or darkfriend: affiliated with the black tower, where he serves as one of the younger council members for the past ten years. Officially, he is often absent from meetings because of his patrols and diplomatic missions that take him from the Aiel waste to war torn Seanchan.


Unofficially, he spends most of his time looking for adventures in Seanchan, and the western kingdoms traveling under a false name.If not that, he is often found near lakes, napping or fishing.


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): excellent at hand to hand combat - master level, combining this with lightning weaves, and he becomes one of the deadliest close combat fighters around.

Warders/companions/pets: he has a traveling companion, an adopted sister he named Serah, a Seanchan orphan girl of 14 years. She is a female channeler that he rescued in Seanchan and took into his care.


Though young, she is strong enough to create gateways on her own - a talent of hers being a wilder and all. Which is also brings in the subject of her block, she cannot channel unless Lir is near her. Lir uses her primarily for traveling because he himself cannot do it.


While he would rather she study instead of following him all around the world on dangerous missions, she has made it adamant that she would rather stick to him than stay in school, and him - softhearted when it comes to kids- doesnít like to refuse her anything even when he should know better. The few times he stops at the black tower are the only times she manages to study channeling saidar at all. It is for this reason the black tower female channelers more often than not nag him to try to settle down in the black tower to stop him from going off on adventures with Serah all the time.


Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it?Sure. >:-)