TWOT: The Fourth Age

Character Sheet



Section 1: Character description


Name: Kinlam Tedronai


Age: 599


Hair: short cropped, light brown, and splayed flat around the head, slightly graying


Eyes: dark blue


Height: 5'11"


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.): Kinlam forsakes the newer styles of dress and appearance, instead choosing to hold to the older, simpler times.  As such, he wears a beard somewhere between stubble and furry, and his hair is not well-kept.  He wears simple garb, olive and gray tunic and trousers.  He resembles most the old-style Two Rivers militia.


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.): he’s adept at all known weaves (and a few of the more esoteric ones), but he’s master at none of them


Personality: Despite his reputation as a fierce instructor in the Black Tower, Kinlam is actually an excellent diplomat.  Perhaps it’s because of his forceful nature.  The Aes Sedai often compare him to the late, great Cadsuane Melaidhrin in sheer will.  It is often said in the Black Tower that he could topple Dragonmount if he stared at it hard enough.  As a teacher, however, he is the terror of the Tower.  The Mistress of Novices holds nothing on him if he is cross with you.  Demanding nothing less than 150%, he’s not shy about expressing his displeasure at your slacking off.  The Tower must be strong, and he intends to make sure its Asha’man are the same.


Power Strength: 7


History: Born in the time between the Dragon Reborn and the present day, Kinlam embraces the Third Age while trying to bridge the gap to the Fourth Age.  He was raised in the Black Tower almost from birth, left there by his Andoran parents to learn to master his power and make the world a better place.  Kinlam quickly developed an aptitude for history and mentoring, becoming the Tower’s best tutor for Soldiers after becoming Dedicated himself.


Though somewhere between then and his elevation to full Asha’man, he experienced a significant change in his personality, withdrawing from his friends and becoming sharper and harder with those he taught.  Perhaps it was when he knew he had reached his peak power, and it was not quite as strong as some of his peers.  He knew he would have to worker harder than all of them if he would ever hope to become their equal.  After becoming Asha’man, Kinlam was given the task of teaching weaves, both old and new, to the next generation of channelers.  He tackled this task with great passion, but also great hardness.


As the centuries passed, his students became more varied, and he even had the dubious honor of training Reavers and even Sentinels, though he never became one himself.  After all, both would mean leaving his post as a teacher.  More than once, people spoke of him becoming the next M’Hael, though Kinlam took steps each time to insure it wouldn’t happen.  He knew he was not a leader; he was just a guide, a mentor.


His greatest challenge, however, had not arisen until recently, though, in the form of Soldier Faia Mantear.  Kinlam had extensive experience dealing with rebels, but Faia made them all seem harmless as ducklings.  She pushed and challenged each of her instructors at every turn, brilliant though she was.  Kinlam more than once pushed for her expulsion from the Tower, until he became her instructor and came face-to-face with her potential.  Instead, he dedicated himself to breaking her defiant spirit and bring her to heel.  It’s something he’s still working on, even though her training is complete.  But in the time that he taught her, he made each day a living hell for Faia, strengthening her for the challenges he knew one such as her would face.  He’s not fond of Faia, but he has reluctantly realized that she is the kind of Asha’man the Tower needs to survive.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): Kinlam carries a sword, but more out of necessity than a true desire to use one.  He also favors his Two Rivers longbow.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or darkfriend: The Light, justice, the Black/White Tower alliance


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): Kinlam doesn’t like firearms, so he’s spent most of his life training with a sword; he’s not a Blademaster, though.  He’s also good with a bow and arrow.  His real skill lies in unarmed combat, however.


Warders/companions/pets: none


Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it? At some point




Desired talents: making Faia behave. :-P


Desired items: a’dam


Other character-related desires (including more strength in the One Power):