TWOT: The Fourth Age

NPC Sheet



Name: King al’Aric Mandragoran


Age: 37


Hair: Black, shoulder length


Eyes: Blue


Height: 6’3”


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.): Very muscular; stony features; an angular jaw with high cheekbones; slightly tanned skin; dresses in typical Borderlander fashion, though wears more silk due to his title.


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.):  Channeler.


Power Strength: 4 (too weak to even make a gateway)


Personality:  Though at first glance, he appears reserved and quiet, it does not take long to realize that Aric Mandragoran is neither quiet nor reserved, he merely keeps a tight reign on himself. Regardless, he is basically an easygoing man…unless provoked. When he does finally lose his temper, whether it is with the nobles or his children, *everyone* steps lightly. He is a very caring man, and would die protecting his land and his family. Those he loves, he loves deeply, almost to a fault. He is a stern man, and normally has no tolerance for troublemakers, but he tends to forget that fact when his daughter is involved.


History:  The eldest of three children, all boys and all channelers, Aric was groomed for the throne from birth. His parents, Roald and Neeva, had no desire to be rulers, but Malkieri tradition held that the oldest child of each Mandragoran generation would inherit the throne. Therefore, they could not turn the kingdom over to either of Roald’s brothers and had to wait for their son to come of age.


He had his carneira at the age of 15, and in less than a year was finally allowed to cut his hair to shoulder length (as is custom in Malkier for boys who have officially become men). He wasted no time going to Shienar to get Reina, a girl he had known and loved almost his entire life. They were married in the palace as soon as they made it back to Malkier.


A year later, Reina gave birth to a baby girl. Wanting some time alone with his family and new child, Aric requested his parents wait two years before abdicating the throne to him. They granted his request without hesitation, thankful that the end of their reign was near.


Aric and Reina took the throne two years later, just as he promised. The couple, deeply devoted to each other and their children, has ruled Malkier for almost fifteen years now. They love their country, as well as the people in it, and do whatever is necessary to protect them. 


Aric and Reina now have four children, a girl and three boys. He personally trains with them daily, to be certain they are progressing in combat tactics and the sword forms. While Aric loves all his children, he tends to be overindulgent when it comes to his daughter.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): An Aes Sedai sword passed down through the generations from King al’Lan Mandragoran. He also carries a beltknife.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend: His full title is King al’Aric Mandragoran, blessed by the Light, King of Malkier, Lord of the Lakes, Lord of the Seven Towers, Watcher of the Blight, Dai Shan, High Seat of House Mandragoran


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): As is common with all Mandragoran males, Aric is a blademaster. He is also trained in hand-to-hand combat, both armed and unarmed. He is a diademed battle lord, a Dai Shan. His hunting and tracking skills are superb, as are his leadership skills. He is a man born to be a king.


Family: Wife, four children (one girl, three boys), parents (previous rulers of Malkier), and two younger brothers