Name: Janos Osgoth


Age: 30


Hair: Shimmering Silver-Gold that cascades down to the small of his back.


Eyes: Gray


Height: 5”11


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.):  Tall, clean shaven, and slim yet well toned, he moves with a grace that is near akin to that of blademasters, though he is by no means one himself. Oft wearing resplendent, high collared robes or coats of varying colors to match that of kings and prince themselves, he always makes sure to make himself presentable to all, as is naturally befitting his high political station.


He is Beautiful, in the actual sense of the word. His long silver-gold hair added to his slim, pale and graceful features makes most people that do not know him – from a distance and sometimes if he does not speak when up close - mistake him for a very beautiful woman.


His one giveaway that he is not a woman – besides his anatomy – is that his voice (while soft in itself), has by no means the musical or high pitch quality of most women’s voices.


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.):  NONE


Personality: A Natural Born Liar, he had only one possible occupation later in life; to be a politician. As such he is devious, manipulative yet oddly charismatic, passionate about his beliefs, and congenial due to the fact that he can lie through his teeth – all excellent qualities in a politician. Due to his appearance, he portrays a rather effeminate personality in public, yet make no mistake, he is a man in truth, and is partly the reason why many women are drawn to him.


In private he is ruthless, conniving, deceitful and hungry for power greater than what he currently has.


Power: NONE


History:  Currently Residing in the Black Tower itself as the Liaison between ALL the kingdoms and the Black Tower, it falls to him to address issues with the Black Tower that may concern the welfare of ALL free nations. Though as a Darkfriend, you would expect him to throw the Black Tower and the Kingdoms into chaos against each other but oddly enough, he has done no such thing – whether merely biding is time or due to some other reasons is not known.


Though often in conflict with one or more members of the Black tower council, he in all appearances has only done so with the welfare of the free nations in mind. More often than not, he voices what the public and the heads of the Kingdoms secretly think yet are afraid to voice out on their own. For this the general public adores him and the kings and queens of the free nations find him an invaluable ally. One last note, he enjoys Diplomatic immunity in the Black tower, meaning NO channeler may accost him without losing their life or being banished from the Black Tower.


Since the fall of the forsaken long ago and the apparent demise of the Black Ajah the rest of the Darkfriends have been left to their own devices, and more often than not, with no Ba’alzamon to keep them in line, most Darkfriends have since lost their will to continue on with the old ways and have dwindled the Darkfriend society down to a bare handful of its former numbers. 


As a young politician from Caemlyn, Janos merely dabbed in the Darkfriend society as a past time. But as with all things he took an interest in, he excelled well in that, so much that he became their leader in such a short time. To his disappointment however, being a Darkfriend – with no dark lord to promise more power - has proven fruitless. Nonetheless he keeps his secret Darkfriend society for his own purposes in the hopes that one day, they will prove to be useful to him.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): A belt knife, a few poisons here and there, mostly forkroot.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend:  In secret, he is the current Highest Ranking non-channeling Darkfriend.


In public, he is the Liaison between ALL of the western nations and the Black Tower. He is perhaps, no he IS, the most influential Man alive today that does not currently hold a Kingdom. Elected by the representatives of ALL nations, including the War torn provisional government of Seanchan, he is the one person the free kingdoms go to, to make sure that the Black Tower remains neutral and on the side of no ‘one’ kingdom in particular.


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): He has the old Aes Sedai like ability to lie/sell half-truths with a straight face. Though he does not look it, he is a master at unarmed combat, an equal to most masters of the art – even Aiel.


Warders/companions/pets: None unless you count some hired hands that do his dirty work now and then.


Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it? Yes