Name: Garan Whilk (male)


Age: Late 20’s


Hair:  Short, mangily and light brown.


Eyes: Grey x2


Height:  5’10’’


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.):  He tries to dress well and neat.  First impressions count.


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.):  Weaves cannot touch him – See History.


Personality: He likes most people, and knows that everyone makes mistakes.  He’ll befriend someone whom he knows has done bad things, just to give them the benefit of doubt.  However, should he feel that someone is a danger; he’ll do whatever is necessary to stop them even if they are friends.


POWER:  Does not have the gift of channeling (Anymore) – See History.


History:  When Garan was fifteen, his entire class at the village school was abducted by someone who could channel.  They were taken though a door in the air to a cold place in some mountains somewhere.  Initially they were told they were special and were given a big room to live in, but that lie didn’t last very long and the room became a prison.  It was obvious to him that the other children were being killed and when Garan’s turn came he was so frightened he outwardly blocked everything.  He had a resigned calmness while at the same time he knew he should be screaming and fighting for his life.  He remembers the minute details of that moment not because of the adrenalin, but because he had embraced the source.


Once they had taken him outside, a very tall man looked at him and smiled.  “Excellent”, he said like a starving man looking at a meal.  “That’s it, you just keep doing what you’re doing while we go to that building over there.  If you’re good, you can go home”.  Garan could tell this was a lie, but he still believed it like the ten year old he was.


Inside the new building Garan was confronted with five hanging cages with a child four of them, and him being placed in the fifth.  The tall man suddenly began to glow and the cage was being pulled across the length of the room.  About half way though, the clarity vanished and everything looked grey.  “Something worked”, the tall man said to himself.  “But what exactly?” he mused while ignoring the young boy coughing up blood.


For two years Garan stayed there and was experimented upon, he somewhat befriended the other children as much as he could, but mostly he missed his home.  Then one day there was lots of shouting and crashes and a man came in and asked if we would like him to take us home.  As it happened the tall man had arranged for the murder of the families of the five children he had kidnapped so this man took them all in.  His name is Adris and he takes care of things.


Adris explained to him that this place was on the border to a stedding and that the tall man had not just permanently stilled Garan but had made it so that he could not be touched by the source at all.  Now he and his new family work for Adris in various ways.


So, why is Garan so friendly to people after this tragedy?  That is due to Tenu one of the other four children and Garan’s soul mate.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.):  Garan carries a long dagger, but tends to avoid combat.  As he is often Adris’s front man, he also wears fitted bucklers on each of his forearms and a thin chest plate front and back.  The bucklers are made from white-steel, the closest thing to cuendillar that Garan knows of.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend:  Adris (independent)


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.):

          Knowledge of knew inventions, in particular arms.

          Trading skills and business know how.

          (See a link between these two?) – Arms Dealing. 


Warders/companions/pets:  Tenu, his soul mate lives far away, but her skill is in the world of dreams.  She talks to him in his dreams and sometimes brings in Adris as well.  She wards his dreams as well should they be sleeping at the same time.