Name: Eid (“Id”)


Age: Indeterminate, advanced age has lent to his features, the old Aes Sedai ‘ageless’ quality.


Hair: None? Regularly shaves head


Eyes: an almost colorless pale green that gives his gaze an eerie look, especially when they glow ghost green as he invokes the power of lost Shadar Logoth.


Height: a little over 6 feet tall


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.):  Thin, tall, and muscular, with sun-browned skin. Wears only white silken voluminous pants tied at the waist with a wide black sash.  Pointed, curled ankle length shoes cover his feet where the silken pants balloon just over them.


His head and face are shaved completely bald each day so that no trace of hair remains, and like the Ayyad (the female channelers of Shara) His face is tattooed. Eid’s own tattoos consist of a black spider at the back of his head that is about to consume a crescent moon, whose own head comes to a stop at Eid’s forehead and whose legs surround Eid’s face. His eyes and brows are surrounded by a tattoo of two-tear decorations.        


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.):  Male channeler, Summoner of the Mashadar mist and its denizens.



Eid’s will is not always his own. Since the time he was born into the disease of Shadar Logoth that infected Shara hundreds of years ago, Eid has been part of the commonality that is the shared mind of the Sharan empire under the spell of the entity once known as Padan Fain, once known as Mordeth.  


The entity once known as Padan Fain, robbed of his chance to destroy the dragon reborn all those years ago or the chance to destroy its counterpart evil – Shai’tan, has lived since, day after day, festering his unquenched, unsated vengeance. Now, after centuries of preparations, his chance to destroy all the dragon reborn has worked to save has come at last. With the Westlands still in flux as the Aes Sedai once more attempt reassert themselves upon the free nations, and Seanchan in constant civil war, the time has come to cast the might of the Sharan empire’s channelers and the dark powers of lost Shadar Logoth against the “civilized” world. 


Eid’s only goal is to serve his dark master’s will, as leader of the Sharan horde.


Power Strength: 8.5


As with most male channelers, he is stronger in fire and earth. His weaves are all attack and defense oriented and as such he knows no healing weaves. At the time of the Sharan invasion, the Sharans do not know of the rediscovered weaves such as balefire, compulsion, skimming, and most especially traveling.


Sharan channelers since the time of madness have only been used for wars and special purposes as in Seanchan, as such, most of them are experts at weaves of destructive capabilities. Eid is no exception to this.


What set the Sharan channelers apart is the abilities granted unto them by the power of Shadar Logoth. While all possessed, Sharan channelers are immune to Mashadar, only a few can actually ‘summon’ Mashadar and control the deadly mist and the creatures it can produce within. Eid, as the First D’jeen, is one of the few that can invoke the powers of Shadar Logoth.


One final note on the power of Sharan channelers; as they all share a common bond through their master, the entity once known as Mordeth, all of them share a telepathic link with each other.





*Since not much is known about Sharans except for the *very* few details found in the books, several liberties have been taken with Robert Jordan’s wonderful creations to make the story work. J


He is D’jeen, a relatively new, special caste of the Sharan society consisting of only male channelers. At the time before Saidin was cleansed during the third age, any discovered male channelers only lived long enough to study the power and breed with the Ayyad, their female counterparts, to ensure that the Ayyad caste and the male channeler line survived and prospered as the power of Shara, much like Seanchan, built their society around the one power. However, once a male channeler shows ANY signs of madness, he is executed immediately.


After the third age passed however, the practice was abolished once a man named Mordeth came into power, and thus the D’jeen caste was formed. Like the Ayyad, the D’jeen live separate from the rest of the Sharan people and share similar customs. While D’jeen and Ayyad still only breed with each other, the D’jeen are no longer summarily executed and live as long as the Ayyad do. Since then, production of the two castes have since risen ten fold. Unknown to the rest of the world of the fourth age, the Sharans now have more than three times the number of all known channelers of Seanchan, and the Westlands combined.


Born into the D’jeen caste is Eid. Years of training has turned him into the oldest living and most experienced battle commander of the Sharan D’jeen caste. He is the “First”, the title given to the leader of the D’jeen, of whom all D’jeen defer to for everyday decisions, such as from whom shall be allowed to breed and whom shall advance in D’jeen rank.


Since becoming “First”, Eid rarely goes out into actual battles anymore.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): two razor sharp scimitar blades.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend: Commander of the D’jeen horde of Shara.


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): He is what would be the equivalent of a Blademaster for Shara. He is very skilled in fighting with one or both scimitar swords as well as unarmed fighting. Eid is also an excellent equestrian, although he prefers to ride atop elephants (s’redit? in Seanchan) as he commands his troops.


Family: none, D’jeen and Ayyad do not keep families, though he does have numerous sons and daughters in both castes he does not know of.


Companions: four D’jeen bodyguards accompany Eid at all times.


Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it? Yes