Name: Domad "Silk" al'Enariom (Silk for those he does business with, Dom for those whom he is close too)


Age: Close to 1000, being born a few years shortly after the victory of the Dragons victory at Tarmon Gaiídon, he appears to still be in his late 20's to mid 30's


Hair:Loosely Wavy Dark brown almost black, to about his waist


Eyes:Tri-color, smoke grey to dusky blue, to a muted violet depending on his mood


Height: 6'1"


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.):Broad shouldered, well muscled yet not overly so...Toned more so than muscled, deep tan tone to skin. Tends to dress in over-sized clothes to belie his physical condition, primarily black or gray. Has the ability to blend in so well with any crowd, moving through crowds unnoticed has become 2nd nature over the years, despite his tallness.


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.):Can Travel so well on Shadows due to his heritage (see history) that he has learned to "look through" the Shadows and survey a situation or even just watch from Shadows until he is ready to Step through.Although Wolves can sense something different about him, they don't relate him to HIS Fraternal Lineage although they are somewhat wary around him, he tends to be wary around wolves and they around he... although he has befriended a few Wolfkin over the years.


Personality:Very laid back and likeable, has an easy going demeanor, yet becomes extremely intense and focused when the situation calls for, can more often than not be counted on for finding humor in any situation.




History:Born shortly after Tarmon Gaiídon to an Aiel Maiden who had been raped by a Myrddraal, he was raised and fed Aiel tradition due mostly to the fact the Car'a'carn said all creatures deserved a chance, and his mother was near by when it had happened.Despite having been raped by and surviving her encounter with a Myrddraal his mother would have soon gone insane had she not been given into the care of the Wise One's Amys and Sorilea, as they were determined to save every last Aiel they could.


Shortly after giving birth his mother, Amare, continued to help raise her son and was now the Second son of a Maiden to be known by All Aiel.Having so many "aunts" and grandmothers to raise him, he grew up in a loving environment, and seemed as if he would be an ordinary person... well as ordinary as one could get with so many to watch him and switch his bottom--Dom was a VERY sneaky child.


As he began his training, he not only excelled at his skills quickly outstripping many of his elders for ability, but one night while training and sneaking through the Three Fold Land, he began randomly thinking about a girl with a rather pretty ankle whilst creeping through the shadow of a boulder and suddenly found himself creeping by her bed instead.Startled to the point of almost dropping his spears and buckler he quickly thought of where he should be and found himself back in the shadow of the boulder he had been.For the next several weeks he avoided night training until his mother and "aunts" took him to task for avoiding his duties, during which time he quickly explained what had happened...barely escaping from the meeting with a whole hide for divulging the part of entering the young womanís room at night, his mother took him to the Wise Ones to see what this strange ability might be or if the young man was having some sort of fever vision from his long excursion deep into the Three Fold Land alone on his first solo training mission.


After being in the clutches of the Wise Ones for over a month, he had learned to harness and use his new found powers of "Traveling" as the Wise Ones had told him.Having remembered his heritage the Wise Ones had told him of his true fathers identity, or rather what his father was, and versed him in the stories of how the Myrddraal could ride the Shadows and Travel them.Not being able to instruct him in how to use his powers, they helped him as he explored his newfound abilities.Although he was at first repulsed and somewhat distraught with the knowledge that he had descended from such a vile creature Dar soon learned to harness and use his abilities of Shadow Traveling as he calls it to help him carry his attacks out against the remnants of the Dark Ones armies.


Being in such close proximity to the Dragon during his early life did provide him some interesting opportunities as well.Having been born half-Myrddraal, Rand al'Thor took a special interest in him for a time and even trained him for a short period during his early adult years *18-24 years of age* although he did enjoy his friendship with such a powerful man and momentous figure (the two were good friends IN SPITE Randís rank and status and treated each other as mentor and student), Dom was drawn in another direction, but left the Dragons court with many gifts from the Dragon and his two Friends.The Dragon himself presented him with the sword he had defeated the Dark One... the self same blade that his wife Aviendha the Wise One had given him.Startled he tried to refuse but reluctantly accepted under pressure from both al'Thor and his wives, and more so due to the Wise Ones insistence he not refuse such a gift.In addition, he left with a pair of daggers from Mat Cauthon from whom he had learned not only to gamble but the use of knives for protection, as well as picking up a bit of his flair with the women as well.From Perrin Goldeneyes, he received the gift of an axe, and the admonition to be rid of it should he ever begin to like using it.Despite his heritage, Goldeneyes accepted him and even passed his "scent", Goldeneyes called it, to the wolves so they would know he was not an enemy. He also received three ter'angreal gifts from al'Thor during his years training with him(see Weapons section), one of which was accidentally fused to him during the testing of it.Although both Dom and al'Thor were initially worried about this incident, they found it gave him greater control of the ter'angreal, although the physical cost was a bit steeper, Dom's control would give him greater and greater ability with it over the years, being able to Heal one almost dead being the pinnacle of this teríangrealís power, though the physical cost to him left him as weak as a babe for almost 10 days on that venture to save a companions life.


His journey of self discovery took him to many lands, even to Seanchan, and for a very short time to the Mad Lands themselves.Along his travels he met many peoples, learned many different cultures and languages, and has even learned a great deal of the many different types of fighting styles throughout the world.He does keep an inner circle of friends whom know of his abilities and heritage, but he trusts these people with his life and does every day that they are alive.Although he has learned to register them in a way that allows him to know where these people are when he decides to "check-in" on them he rarely does so without great need or without sensing them to be in some great danger.


It was in his travels that he learned that although the years continued to roll by that he seemed not to age.After the first hundred years of life and losing his first love to old age, as well as their children, he secluded himself in a remote part of the waste along the near the Blight and raged at his seemingly cursed life to outlive those he loved.It was here he found a lost stedding and found a pack of black panthers that gave him reason to live and direction.While returning from the edge of madness, he fought along side this pack and chased the remnants of the Dark One tirelessly.After about 20 years of this he decided that he would fight to help the human race out as best he could in order to make up misdeeds of his Fraternal Lineage, and he would do so for so long as he had life, however long that might be.Taking wounds is a matter of course and he heals as all others do, but for Dom time seems to have forgotten him and he has dedicated his life to preventing the return of the Dark One when the Wheel turns again.

Weapons (swords, knives, etc.):A sword given to him by the Dragon himself and supposedly the one He struck down the Dark One with, it has served him well over the many years. Various knives located on his person, self made and perfectly balanced, a bow, and in homage to his rearing, a set of spears and a buckler, he even has an axe said to have been made by Perrin Golden-Eyes himself, though he rarely uses it, and he has been known to use an ashandarei from time to time.He owns a very formidable collection of weapons, that he has trained with over the years in his home, although he mainly carries the daggers sword, and occasionally either the bow or a quarter/walking-staff that has a story all its own.


Besides his weapons he carries three ter'angreal that Rand al'Thor helped to create and fine tune to work for Dom alone.†† One which allows Dom to in effect Heal a person but in a way that although taps the Power, is driven and directed by Domís will power and strength.Using it saps his strength so that he can do no more than speak be alert and walk at a somewhat slower than normal pace for at least 6 hours and for serious healing as much as 3 days for a more serious healing leaving him increasingly more incapacitated depending on how serious the Healing is that must be done, be it physical or spiritual.Being who he is and doing what he does this can be EXTREMELY compromising, and although he has done it for several persons over the years, he is reluctant to do so unless there is great need.This one having such unique capabilities is actually located within his right hand having been absorbed and fused to the bones within his hand leaving only the mark of the Aes Sedai of old on the back of his hand, which has a faintly metallic sheen on the white half of the symbol, while at the same time appearing so black on the other half that the light seem to be almost absorbed by it.To avoid notice Dom usually wears a close fitting leather glove on this hand with the fingers cut off so as to not compromise his grip on his sword.


The second being a hoop earring located in his left earlobe made of cuendillar half white, and half black in color. This earring is a solid hoop broken only at its bottom which holds a solid black ball.Upon closer inspection of this earring it seems to colors "chase" each other giving the illusion that the ring is rotating of its own accord.This ter'angreal gives Dom the ability to "see" Channelers, when they grasp the Power.


The third is a black ring, of a deceptively smooth, yet incredibly strong nature, which will allow Dom to communicate with many species of felines, having become enamored with the sleek and powerful creatures called black panthers in he early life, and has even led some of them to believe that he somewhat to these majestic cats what the wolfkin are to the wolves.He has had a home among the proud panthers for many years, and is often seen as an old if not always wise brother by many that he communicates with.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or darkfriend: Light.He is well off and can provide for himself in almost any situation without the use of his coin.He occasionally picks up odds and ends jobs from time to time, more for the excitement rather than the pay, although his services to cost a bit.


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.):†† Extremely proficient at tracking, and hunting, he has had MANY years to hone his talents in these fields, so well that he can almost track a bird on the wing so to speak. Dom is a weapons master of the finest caliber, and can quickly adjust to any weapon and has even developed his own style of hand to hand combat that combines his knowledge of the many different fields he has studied over the years.Also has the quickness of Myrddraal, sometimes being so fast it seems as though he is simply one place and then in a completely different place.


Warders/companions/pets:Whispering Wind, a black panther that has been his companion for the last ten years or so.


Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it?No... well... not unless the circumstances really called for it... it would take some convincing, well actually alot.





Section 2: Wish List


Desired talents:I dunno, I pretty much like'em da way he is right now, but maybe being able to use the shadows themselves as a weapon... kinda like making a sword out of the shadow the way Rand made a blade out flame??? or maybe not but it was a thought and I didn't wanna just make it part of him... he is rather aged and all


Desired items:I dunno, hmmm... maybe a ter'angreal that creates instant insatiable lust that makes them jump the nearest person... *envisioning Janos staring at his secretary and having it used on him*

Other character-related desires (including more strength in the One Power):well turned calves >8~*†† Maybe some more interesting abilities with the Shadows, but nothing that I can really think of