Name: Dawyn Niall


Age: 40

Hair: Dark brown with a smattering of grey, short, military style

Eyes: Blue/Green

Height: 6’0”

Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.):  Dawyn is fit with a medium build. He is clean shaven and always carries himself with an air of dignity. He is extremely observant and always quickly appraises every scene. He tends to ware sombre plain clothes, though they are always of a high quality.

Gifts (channelling, wolfkin, etc.): None

Personality:  Extremely charismatic Dawyn maintains a commanding personality. He is a kind, understanding and even a generous man to the common people. He has extreme religious beliefs and as a result tends to only see the world in black or white. He is a gentleman and has been extremely polite to several women he has put to the question. Never letting his manners drop as he has slowly tortured them to death. He does not like to put people to question but also will not shy away from it if deemed necessary. His one failing is his weakness for beautiful helpless women.

POWER: n/a

History: A direct descendant of Pedron Niall , Lord Captain Commander of the Children of Light, Dawyn was raised mostly by his mother after a fatal accident killed his father at an early age. Sheltered by a petty Andoran noble, with Whitecloak sympathies, he was raised on idealistic stories of Whitecloak heroics and their eventual fall from grace due to corruption and betrayal.


Educated with his Lords children, Dawyn received an excellent classical education with both a good knowledge of politics and etiquette. From an early age his natural leadership and charisma shone through, leading him to quickly build up a following of loyal supporters. The local lord became extremely worried about Dawyn’s growing support in his protectorate so he raised a warrant for his arrest. Dawyn answered by leaving the area and taking many of his followers with him including the lords 2 children.

Dawyn subsequently formed a mercenary squad based upon the Whitecloak military structure. There has not been a squabble, skirmish, raid, battle or war in the Westlands in the last 20 years that he has not been involved with in some form or another.


His band has grown steadily over the years and show him fierce loyalty. He has developed extraordinary skills in both tactics and strategy.  But it is when he picks up a sword that you may see his true talent. Amazingly as he does not rate the skill highly he could well be one of the deadliest men ever to wield a sword.  This is not well known as he prefers not to fight but to use diplomacy wherever possible to achieve his goals.


His secret desire is to see the resurrection of the Whitecloaks and the eventual replacement of the black tower with the children of light as the peacemakers and advisers of the Westlands.


He believes that the One Power is absolute power and will corrupt anyone wielding it absolutely. He therefore believes that the common people will never be safe whilst channelers are allowed to roam free. He accepts the function of the black tower as a short term necessity but treats the Asha’man as loose cannons who will go insane or slip over to the dark side without notice.


He loathes all other abnormalities as darkfriend association (e.g. Aes Sedai, Wolfkin, Dream walkers etc.) He has slowly been building up support with the common people, the merchants and some lesser nobles. He has been developing a spy network throughout the Westlands.

Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): Longsword strapped to his back, 2 firearms in holsters on either hip. Dagger hidden in boot. If travelling he also has a arquebus strapped to his horse. He wears a light but incredibly strong mail shirt underneath his coat

Organisation/affiliation/status/light or darkfriend: Hidden association with the reborn children of light.

Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.):  Tactics, Strategy, Blademaster, Etiquette, Oratory, Observation, Endurance

Warders/companions/pets: None

Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it? No



Section 2: Wish List

Desired talents: None

Desired items: Protection from the One Power

Other character-related desires (including more strength in the One Power): Rebuild Whitecloak power structure (see above)