TWOT: The Fourth Age

Character Sheet





Section 1: Character description


Name:  Con ‘Quicksilver’ Aybara


Age:  16


Hair:  Con’s head is covered by a lush shock of shoulder-length, wavy black curls.  Typically, he wears it pulled back in a tail tied together with a length of silver twine.  However, when he is on the hunt – either in the wilderness with wolves or in a local tavern – he lets his hair free.  The effect, coupled with his golden eyes, gives him a savage and sensual look that belies his age.


Eyes: Golden.  Con is one of few Far Ulvazar Din born with the telltale goldeneyes.


Height: 6’3” approximately 250 lbs


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.):  Con was fortunate enough to inherit his mother’s Mayener beauty.  His handsome face and quick tongue has proved a fierce combination and few women – single or married – are safe from his winsome smile.  As prince to a major kingdom, he has always worn the finest clothing of silk, linen, or wool.  His typical outfit consists of black wool breeches, a loose-fitting white linen shirt with oft untied laces crisscrossing his powerful chest to his collar.  To complete the look, Con wears a wide, silver silk sash tied about his waist.  His skin is bronzed from long hours under the sun practicing the sword with his tutor Brejik Calver – blademaster and warder to Anyth Torrell Sedai.


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.):  Like his father, the Wolf King, Con is a wolfbrother.  In addition, Con possesses the ability to channel, like his mother.  Although he is not yet aware of this ability and has not touched the Source, his training has been closely managed by Anyth Sedai and his mother, Raven.  Years of sword training at the hands of a blademaster have taught him the control and balance needed to attain the Void.  Another untapped ability inherent within Con is the capacity to sense ta’veren.


Personality:  Con is confident and arrogant in his abilities; however, he has always shown fierce loyalty to his friends.  His roguish charms have landed many women into his bed.


Power:  6 (potential 8.5)


History:  Not too much history can accrue in 16 years of life.  Con spent most of that time training, studying, and causing trouble. 


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.):  sword, longbow, knives, hand-to-hand


Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend:  Prince of New Manetheren


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.):  Con is nearly of blademaster caliber.  In addition, he is an excellent shot with a Two Rivers longbow and learned the use of knives and hand to hand combat from his mother and Brejik.  His wolfsenses make him a superb hunter and tracker.  Finally, as Con’s mother has overseen his training, he has spent years learning the same vast array of topics she learned in her youth.  (See Raven’s NPC Bio)


Warders/companions/pets:  Stormbringer – a wolf companion since Con was a child


 Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it?  no



Section 2: Wish List


Desired talents:


Desired items:  free liquor and freer ladies


Other character-related desires (including more strength in the One Power):