Name:  Cair Alantin


Age: 17, Looks to be in early 20s


Hair:  Jet Black hair, down to his shoulders, ruffled


Eyes:  Pale Green


Height:  Around 5'10"


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.): Average muscled, not overly like most warders.  Wears natural colors mainly, greens and browns.  Always liked earth tones.  He usually is seen wearing leather pants and a corresponding shirt that is dueled in Faison and armor.


Gifts (channeling, wolf kin, etc.): Channeling


Personality:  Carefree spirit, yet serious when it comes down to business.  Loves to gamble, loves women, does not drink all that much however. 


Power: Earth: 5, Fire: 5, Spirit:7, Water: 4, Wind: 6


History:  Reared in Cairhien by foster parents, he has no clue where his real parents are, nor does he care.  He instantly took to the technology in the city, training with guns at a younger age.  Around the age of 11 he learned he could channel but did not make this widely known.  He learned a lot on his own but had a little training from a former Asha’man from the black tower that took up residence near him in Cairhien.  By the age of thirteen he developed the ability of making items with the Power, especially angreal.  His few…successes he has incorporated into his gun (see below) making him a rather deadly foe to channelers and non-channelers.  He left home around the age of 15, taking jobs as a Mercenary and assassin for hire.  Over the course of the last two years he’s made a decent name for himself in the darker side of society for his ability to always score his mark.  To protect himself from the more…prudent authority figures, he goes by the name Cha (Talon in the Old Tongue) when dealing with contacts that wish to use his services.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.):  Rifle (see below), always has a couple of knives on him


Organization/affiliation/status/light or dark friend: Light


Skills (hunting/tracking, blade master, etc.):  Gunman, tracking


Warders/companions/pets: Raven named Ralen


Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it?  Yes but for a good reason


Talents:  Making angreal, intermediate; seeing women channel


Items:  Power wrought gun (rifle) with three ter’angreal built in, his pride and joy.  The three ter’angreal consist of the gun, plus working parts of course.  The barrel is and ter’angreal that when a very slight amount of spirit is used in it, creates a sound ward around it, making it "silent."  The sight is another ter’angreal that when a small amount of spirit is used, marks its target, creating a one way bond that allows the gunner to track the target.  The mark can be canceled at anytime and only the gunman knows its there.  This creates better accuracy (mark weave was approved by Chani) the final ter’angreal is hosted in the trigger and hammer element of the gun, when a small amount of wind is used, the ter’angreal propels the bullet faster and harder.