Name: Blen Aric Mandragoran


Age: 36


Hair: Long, dark brown with small parts of blonde


Eyes: clear blue


Height: 6'2"


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.): Blen is a massive man, very well built and in excellent shape, being one of the Kings' Battle Lords. He is a hard man in battle, and usually wears armor or at least his steel backed gauntlets everywhere he goes. His face is usually stone unless he is smiling or up to something mischievous.


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.):  Blen is a blademaster, archery master, and a channeler. He barely uses the latter though, seeing no need for the Power if you can do it with your hands.


Personality: Blen is a hard man, who has no time for nonsense and very little patience for those he deems unworthy of his time. He is seen as a cold man but caring by his countrymen and admired for his good and many deeds. Like his brother, Aric, the man has a strong connection with Nyx, whom is the only person he truly lets his mischievous side out around. He is a truly loving and gentle man at heart but blocks things out continuously, which leaves his brother to believe he is headed for a fall should he not find an outlet.


Power: 4 His only real use and talent in the Power has not yet been found, but some suspect Healing.


History:  Blen was born brother to Aric, the King of Malkier, and is Aric's oldest younger brother. He grew up learning to fight, being destined for Second in Command from birth, learning how to play with swords before toys.


At 19, Blen had his carneira, Anela, a farmer's daughter. Though one is not supposed to become attached to your carneira, Blen did having such a huge heart. After two months, he was willing to ask for her hand, when she left him. Blen got torn apart, but was there by her side a month later, after learning she had caught a mysterious illness of the mind. He stayed with her for two months, watching her mind slowly deteriorate to nothing and going nearly mad with frustration from anyone's inability to heal her. An Aes Sedai and Asha'man were fetched at separate intervals to try to save her. She began to have serious fits and still Blen stayed with her, nearly giving up his post as Second-in-Command for nothing. On one day, the fit was extremely bad, and Blen felt something snap inside of him. For the first time in his life, he channeled, taking away some of Anela's pain, when she died. The pain, still stays with him, though it has been another 19 years since. He has since made a habit of staying unattached from anyone he is with, making a point of seeing women as only fun.


When Nyx was born two years after his incident, he immediately loved the child, and did his best to spoil her whenever he was not away. Though he never gave her anything of true value, seeing as she got more then enough of that, he helped raise her upon occasion, and as she became older, has confided in her more then any other and been there and done the same for her. He thinks of her as more of a sister then a niece, and even secretly helps her sneak around at times, seeing it as great fun. He has not seen her in one year.


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.): A Power-wrought blade passed down through the line, several knives, a short-sword, and ten feet of barbed, steel wire that he wears as a belt. Though he is a big man, he can be surprisingly flexible for certain things.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend: Second-in-Command to the throne of Malkier, brother to the King, for the Light


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): Blademaster, archery master, yaddy, yaddy... (basically if you get in a fight with him you'd be better off killing yourself first)


Warders/companions/pets: Blen has no companions, other then family...And his 'new' lover of over a year, Ronina


Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it? No.