TWOT: The Fourth Age

Character Sheet



Section 1: Character description


Name: Axkher Bourne – Those close to him often call him Axe. 


Age: 30


Hair: Brown, closely cropped.


Eyes: Gray


Height: 5’6”


Other physical attributes (include style of dress, build, etc.):  Axe is meticulous in his dress, which consists of a standard issue Asha’man uniform with the polished insignia of a Dedicated.  The clothing is always well pressed and spotless. Furthermore, despite his small stature, the man has an athletic frame.


Gifts (channeling, wolfkin, etc.):  channeling


Personality:  Axe is an affable fellow.  However, he does not share information regarding his past before coming to the Black Tower several years back.  Those secrets are known only to the M’Hael and Richaad.


Power: 3.  Axe’s inability to move beyond this low threshold has been a source of consternation for his instructors who insist he has a block.  Axe is forbidden from disclosing his power specializations by order of the M’Hael himself.  The first is the ability to generate balefire and control its intensity from a mere trickle to an intense torrent.  As this is a forbidden talent outlawed by both Towers, there are those who would want to gentle Axe for this power.  Therefore, the M’Hael has forbidden him never to use it.  The second power is also a closely kept secret.  Axe can use the power to cloak himself from detection.  While in this state, he leaves no physical trail of his passing and even his channeling to maintain the weave is undetectable.  Without an angreal, he can cloak at most one other person in this fashion.


History:  Axkher Bourne was born on the streets of Tear the bastard offspring of relatively wealthy, yet powerless lord.  The lord had never loved the tavern wench, nor did he consider her feelings as he raped her in the back alley behind the inn.  However, he became furious when he later learned the wench was pregnant and intended to keep the child.  He bought the inn and had the woman fired.  The former innkeeper, now acting as manager of the establishment, took pity upon the woman and let her live in the stables until her child was born.  When the lord learned of this he had the woman and her bastard offspring thrown into the streets of Tear.


Axkher loved his mother and his fondest memories were of her singing him softly to sleep.  Other memories were not as sweet.  Young Axkher curled in a ball in the corner of the alley pretending he was invisible hoping the dirty men would finish with his mother and pay her.  Sometimes the men refused to pay and left.  That was fine with Axkher – he wanted them to go away.  Then one day the man refused to go away and began beating Axkher’s mother.  Rising from his hiding place, Ax stuck the man in the head repeatedly with a loose paving stone until the boy was awash in the man’s blood.  That was the first time Axkher killed in anger.  It was too late for his mother though.  Axkher held his mother’s body in his arms for hours and wept.  Those were the last tears he ever shed for the dead.


From the rooftop above, someone had witnessed Axkher’s murderous rage.  The woman came to him and let the boy cry in her arms.  She took him home and raised him as her own and taught the boy her trade – hired assassin.  Axkher never even knew the woman’s real name.  She answered to Sabre and starting calling him Axe.


With regular sustenance, the boy filled out and began to develop muscle.  His height may have been permanently stunted from years of malnourishment.  As the nightmares of his past receded in time, he learned to smile and appreciate life.   In his apprenticeship, he mastered the acrobatic skill and manual dexterity necessary to move invisibly and kill from the shadows.  Soon he was equally deadly with ranged weapons or up close using either a blade or garrote.


As a young man, Axe developed into an accomplished assassin and soon had amassed a small personal fortune.  He took pride in his work and its painstaking precision.  Yet the Wheel weaves as it will, and one day he received a job to kill Lord Tumic, his father.  The lord had fallen on bad times and now he owned money to the wrong people.  Axe tried to approach this as any other job and was nearly successful.  Standing in the shadows behind the man he prepared to strangle the target emotionlessly.  But Lord Tumic turned at the last moment.  Staring into his father’s eyes, something inside Axe snapped.  He shrieked and a band of white-hot light streaked from the assassin’s hand into his father’s chest.  Where it struck a hole appeared in the man’s chest; the hole expanded until there was nothing left of the man that had sired Axkher Bourne.  This was the final time Axe would ever kill in anger.


The next days were a haze for Axe.  He developed a fever that sapped all of his strength.  In addition, men in black began hunting him.  His residence was no longer safe.  He fled to the alleyways of his youth.  Huddled in a ball as he did when he was little, he willed himself invisible.  The men in black came for him and looked in his direction but somehow they could not see him.  They spoke of the renegade and the forbidden weaves and the ultimate penalty.  Though delirious he continued to will himself invisible until he could maintain consciousness no more.  Blackness consumed him.


He awoke in a spartan room with a grandfatherly figure sitting beside the bed.  The man spoke, “You are lucky Richaad found you, lad.  The Sentinels would have killed you on the spot as a renegade.  But you are something different.  A wilder.  We cannot let you go free for you have committed crimes but we can offer a reprieve if you start a new life with us.  You spoke in your sleep of the white-hot light and your hiding place.  The first is called balefire; you must never do this again.  The second is something new to us yet I must ask that you keep that secret as well.”


Weapons (swords, knives, etc.):  Axe is conversant with the weapons of an assassin – knives, garrote, and various ranged weapon.  Since joining the Tower, his dexterity and speed have made him a quick study with the sword and garnered recognition from his instructors.


Organization/affiliation/status/light or Darkfriend: assassin (retired), Dedicated of the Black Tower – Some of his instructors argued that he should not have been raised beyond the rank of Soldier, due to his inability to do some of the simplest weaves.  However, the M’hael choose the raise him arguing the man was a hard worker and his skill with the sword alone justified the promotion.


Skills (hunting/tracking, blademaster, etc.): Assassin skills – lock picking, stealth, lip reading, and acrobatics. 




Would you be willing to kill this character off should the storyline dictate it? Not yet.




Section 2: Wish List


Desired talents:


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Other character-related desires (including more strength in the One Power):