The Younglings

Led by Gawyn Trakand, the Younglings remained loyal to the White Tower after the split. Unbeknownst to them, however, Elaida means to have them killed. They have already lost a good number of men and are down to about 200. They are presently in Dorlan with several Aes Sedai, awaiting orders from Elaida on what to do next. The available members that have been mentioned (and are still alive) are listed below.

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Character Appearance/personality Where seen last?
Arwin A Youngling. Jisao Hamora, Benji Dalfor, Hal Moir and Arwin are among the Younglings who accompany Gawyn and the Aes Sedai to Cairhien. (LoC,Prologue)
Gawyn Trakand Son of Morgase, brother to Elayne and half-brother to Galad. His sign is a white boar. He is a head taller and a little older than Elayne. He has the same reddish gold hair and oval face as his sister.  Narenwin arrives at Dorlan from the White Tower with new orders for Gawyn from Elaida. (CoT,Prologue) 
Hal Moir A Youngling. Hal and Jisao are with Gawyn after the battle of Dumai's Wells. (ACoS,Prologue)
Jisao Hamora A Youngling. He is a teenager who hardly needs to shave yet, but he has intense dark eyes. Hal and Jisao are with Gawyn after the battle of Dumai's Wells. (ACoS,Prologue)
Rajar (First Lieutenant Rajar) An officer of the Younglings. He is from Arad Doman. He is slight, but has a very deep voice.  In Dorlan, Rajar wakes Gawyn with news that Narenwin has arrived with orders from the White Tower. (CoT,Prologue)
Tomil A Youngling. Tomil waits for Gawyn and Rajar at the mayor's house in Dorlan. His brother is also a Youngling. (CoT,Prologue)