The Seanchan are everywhere now that they have begun 'the return'. They already have control of many of the lands in the south, and though Rand has control of Illian, the Seanchan are going back there in force. At the end of CoT, they were also scouting out the White Tower, which they will, no doubt, attack soon. According to the Karaethon Cycle, Rand will 'bind the nine moons' to serve soon, the Seanchan will undoubtedly be brought to heel.

The Seanchan characters are divided into a few groups: Seanchan hunting for Tuon, Seanchan trying to nab Rand, and the others.

Seanchan hunting for Tuon:

Character Appearance/personality Where seen last?
Ajimbura A tribesman from the Kaensada Hills in Seanchan. He has been a servant to Furyk Karede for close to twenty years. He is only half-civilized. He likes the taste of rat and has a cup made from a human skull. Ajimbura and Karede meet Captain Musenge east of Ebou Dar and head out to find Tuon. (CoT,Ch4)
Almurat Mor A Seeker for Truth of the Seanchan. He is slender and in his middle years. He is good looking with pale hair and blue eyes. He has a tattoo of a raven and tower on each shoulder. He is good looking and has yellow hair. The Seeker pays a call on Furyk Karede knowing of his personal loyalty to Tuon. He convinces Karede that the kidnapping is a conspiracy between Aes Sedai, Suroth and Egeanin with Thom as their agent. (CoT,Ch4)
Banner-General Furyk Karede A Banner-General of the Seanchan Deathwatch Guard. His deceased wife was Kalia. They had three sons. He is tall and bluff-faced with gray at his temples. Karede and Captain Musenge lead of force of a hundred of the Deathwatch Guard, twenty Gardeners and a half dozen sul'dam and damane in search of Tuon. (CoT,Ch4)
Captain Musenge Captain of the Deathwatch Guard who escort Tuon on the Victory of Kidron. He is weathered and grizzled. Banner-General Karede and Captain Musenge lead the secret Deathwatch Guard force in search of Tuon. (CoT,Ch4)
Hartha A leader of the Ogier Gardeners of the Deathwatch Guard. He is weathered and grizzled with long gray mustaches and eyes like black stones. Banner-General Karede and Captain Musenge lead the secret Deathwatch Guard force in search of Tuon. Hartha leads twenty of the Gardeners. (CoT,Ch4)
Lidya A Seanchan damane. She has the Foretelling. She has red hair and freckles. Tuon brings six damane with her to Ebou Dar. They are Lidya, Dali, Dani, Charral, Sera and Mylen. Lidya has a Foretelling about Tuon that angers her. Tuon has her beaten, then regrets her rash decision. Ianelle holds her a'dam. (WH,Ch14)
Melitene She is Tuon's personal der'sul'dam. She has more gray than black in her hair. Melitene leads the sul'dam and damane who accompany Banner-General Karede and Captain Musenge in their hunt for Tuon. (CoT,Ch4)
Sheraine Caminelle, aka Mylen An Aes Sedai captured by the Seanchan at Falme. She is called Mylen by the Seanchan. She is a pretty, slender little woman. She is very short and pale with dark hair. She is short and pale and reminds Mat of Moiraine. Melitene brings Mylen as one of the six damane in the Deathwatch Guard's search for Tuon. (CoT,Ch4) 
Sera A Seanchan damane. She has tightly curled black hair. Tuon brings six damane with her to Ebou Dar. They are Lidya, Dali, Dani, Charral, Sera and Mylen. Sera is the strongest of Tuon's damane and very proud. (WH,Ch14)

Seanchan trying to nab Rand:

Character Appearance/personality Where seen last?
Alwhin A high ranking Seanchan woman, so'jhin to High Lady Suroth. She was previously a sul'dam. She has sharp features and a tight, thin-lipped mouth. She has blue eyes. She has a sharp face and blue eyes. The left side of her head is shaved and her hair on the other side hangs in a long brown braid. Despite being promoted to so'jhin, Alwhin holds a damane's a'dam when High Lady Suroth calls on Captain-General Miraj. (TPoD,Ch24)
High Lady Suroth Sabelle Meldarath A Seanchan noblewoman, High Lady of Asinbayar and Barsabba. She is also a Darkfriend. The sides of her scalp are shaved so that only a wide crest of black hair remained to fall down her back. The first two nails of each hand are lacquered blue. She has black eyes and is the same height as Liandrin. She is pretty but hard. Davram Bashere meets with High Lady Suroth to discuss a truce. She is willing to negotiate, but wants Rand to meet the Daughter of the Nine Moons. (CoT,Epilogue) 
Liandrin An Aes Sedai from the Red Ajah, but also of the Black Ajah. She is from Tarabon. Though she does not admit it she was a wilder. She is young and pretty with a doll's face and a small petulant mouth, rosebud lips, dark brows and darker eyes. Pale honey braids brushing her shoulders. She is taller than Moiraine, but by less than a hand. Liandrin tries to attack Moghedien after she is wounded by Birgitte. Moghedien shields her, Compels her to live, then turns her over to Temaile to soften up and then give to Evon as a scullery maid. (TFoH,Ch34) Miraj sees Liandrin held as da'covale by High Lady Suroth. (TPoD,Ch24)

Other Seanchan:

Character Appearance/personality Where seen last?
Banner-General Yamada Banner-General of the Seanchan forces in Ebou Dar. Riselle and Yamada plan to marry immediately. They go to the Rhannon Hills to visit a vineyard he purchased for her. (WH,Ch30) 
Caban A Seanchan soldier. He is in his middle years, has dark eyes and scars on his forehead and chin. Caban stays on board the Spray after she is captured by the Seanchan. (TGH, Ch29)
Captain of the Air Lord Abaldar Yulan A captain in the Seanchan army Yulan and many other high-ranking officers are staying at The Wandering Woman. He plays cards for high stakes and wins. (WH,Ch19)
Essonde A der'sul'dam in charge of the sul'dam in Ebou Dar. She is wide and gray haired. Essonde confronts Egeanin, Renna and Teslyn in the damane quarters as they are about to escape, but Egeanin convinces her that everything is all right. (WH,Ch31)
First Lieutenant Tiras A First Lieutenant of the Seanchan forces in the Westlands. He is bony and a head taller than his commander, Bakuun. Tiras brings a report to Bakuun that Rand's forces are ten miles to the east. (TPoD,Ch22)
Iona A Seanchan sul'dam in Ebou Dar. Iona and Bethamin room together at The Golden Swans of Heaven in Ebou Dar. (WH,Ch20)
Jalindin A Seanchan Seeker for Truth. She has a severe face and dark eyes. Lady Morsa, Jalindin, two sul'dam and their damane, Seri and Jini, and twenty soldiers confront Rand and Aviendha when they accidentally Travel to Seanchan. Rand and Aviendha escape. Jalindin arrests Lady Morsa for withholding information on the defeat of the Seanchan army at Falme. (TFoH,Ch32)
Lisaine Jarath A Seanchan woman. She is the senior der'sul'dam under the command of Captain-General Miraj. She is from Seandar. She is gray-haired. She accompanies Miraj when he learns that Rand's forces are nearby. (TPoD,Ch24)
Mulaen A Seanchan woman. She runs the damane quarters in Falme. She has a droning, nasal voice. Mulaen lectures damane on behavior. She burns Min's jacket and pants and gives her a dress to wear. (TGH,Ch42)
Nadoc A Seanchan commander. He is a big man with a deceptively mild face. Nadoc follows his commander, Karede, when they retreat from the Asha'man's attack. (TPoD,Ch23)
Surela A Seanchan der'sul'dam. When the damane Pura attempts to touch Suroth, Alwhin is outraged and orders Taisa, her sul'dam, to submit herself to Surela for punishment. (TSR,Ch1)
Taisa A Seanchan sul'dam. She has dark eyes. Taisa holds the leash on Pura while Suroth questions her. When Pura attempts to touch Suroth, Alwhin is outraged and orders Taisa to submit herself to Surela for punishment. (TSR,Ch1)
The Empress The Empress of the Seanchan empire. Her name is not given. The Raven-and-Roses is the sign of Seanchan royalty. After Neferi's death, the Empress surprisingly picks Anath as Tuon's new Soe'feia. (WH,Ch14)
Varek A Seanchan soldier. Varek brings orders for Banner-General Chianmai from Captain-General Miraj to fall back. When he finds Chianmai dead and his troops in disarray he orders the retreat himself. He thinks this is even worse than Falme. (TPoD,Ch24) 
Yuril Secretary to Tuon. He is also her Hand and the head of her Seekers. He has a sharp nose. Yuril goes to one knee when Tuon leaves her cabin on the Victory of Kidron. (WH,Ch14)