Though most of the action in Altara revolves around Mat (headed to Murandy) and Perrin (hunting for Faile in Malden), there is a strong Seanchan presence in the capital, Ebou Dar. Beslan, however, intends to drive them out of Ebou Dar. Here are a few of the nobles and townsfolk. 

Character Appearance/personality Where seen last?
Aethelaine (Lady Aethelaine) The Lady of Jurandor in Altara Aethelaine swears the Oaths of the Return so the Seanchan leave Jurandor alone. (CoT,Ch29)
Beslan Son of Queen Tylin of Altara. He is a soft-spoken youth with beautiful black eyes. He is eighteen. He is a dark, slender lad with sharp eyes and shoulder length black hair. Beslan's coronation is scheduled on the same day as Tylin's funeral feast. (will rule the 'Throne of the Winds') (CoT,Ch3)
Lord Cowlin The Lord of So Harbor in Altara. Lord Cowlin is away from So Harbor, possibly because he is afraid of the ghost of his wife. (CoT, Ch26)
Ronde Macura A dressmaker in the village of Mardecin. She tries to serve too many masters. She is in her middle years, handsome, with dark hair. Ronde goes to the Seanchan in Tanchico and volunteers her services against the Aes Sedai. Tuon takes her into her service. Tuon takes Ronde with her to Ebou Dar. (WH,Ch14)
Old Cully An Ebou Dari beggar. He is also a high level Darkfriend. He has one eye and is filthy. Old Cully sends Spar and other Darkfriends masquerading as beggars to attack Mat. (ACoS,Ch29)
Ryma Galfrey, aka Pura An Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah captured by the Seanchan at Falme. She is called Pura by the Seanchan. She is Moiraine's height and slim with a regal bearing. She is short with pale blue eyes. She has dark hair. High Lady Suroth and Queen Tylin take Pura and another damane with them when they leave to tour Altara. She is now completely broken. (WH,Ch28)
Surlivan Sarat He is an officer of the guard at the Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar. He is stocky. Mat and Noal Charin chat with Surlivan Sarat when they return to the Tarasin Palace. (WH,Ch17)