Whatever character you choose, you will need to fill out a character sheet. You will find the template here. Some of the major characters have what's called a "rap sheet" that details their part in the story thus far (some of the supporting characters have one as well). For characters that have not yet been taken, you can view the rap sheet by clicking on the character. If you need a rap sheet on a character that does not have one on this site, let a moderator know. The information on these sheets was taken from Encyclopedia Wheel of Time. You should probably use this information to provide a brief history for your character on your character sheet. If you need help, contact one of the moderators.

All characters require moderator approval and a character sheet to be filled out! In addition, some main characters and certain supporting characters also require a sample post because of their importance to the plot. This does not mean, however, that other supporting characters and minor characters will not become crucial to the story. On the contrary. Of course, if you wish, you may simply build a story for your minor or supporting character and kill him/her off. It's up to you. This list is merely a starting point for the group.

You may also find whatever character you want to play by viewing the Character List section, where the characters are merely listed and divided into main, supporting, and minor. Not all characters are listed, so if you want a book character that is not listed, just fill out a sheet...and make sure that character isn't already dead in the books.  ;-)

For now, please choose no more than two main characters. If you choose more than one main character, you *must* choose at least one supporting or minor character, even if you choose merely to kill them off. Remember...the quicker we thin the heard, the quicker we can bring in original characters. ;-)

Main Plots

Rand's Group - While recovering at the Pendaloan estate in Tear, Rand is plotting something for his meeting with The Daughter of the Nine Moons (which is a setup) and has been made aware of the Borderland army approaching (50 Leagues to the north, as of the end of Book 10), and the problems at the Black Tower. With him is his few allies and the Aes Sedai who have sworn fealty to him (including their Warders).

Mat's Escape - Mat, masquerading as part of Valan Luca's circus, is trying to make his way through the Westlands so he can meet up with his army (The Band of the Red Hand, which is currently in Murandy helping the king). He has, unbeknownst to him, completed half of the Seanchan marriage ceremony, but Tuon, rather than completing the ceremony, plans to make him her slave. Though the circus is under her protection, Mat is not, and if the Seanchan catch up to him, they will kill him for kidnapping Tuon.  *note: the rest of Mat's Band of the Red Hand is in Murandy helping the king there. 

The Hunt for Faile - Perrin, on a mission from Rand to capture Masema (aka, the Prophet), is now trying to get his wife back from the Shaido Aiel. He has a great number of people accompanying him, but he is quickly losing his mind without his wife. He is determined to rescue her at all costs, whether those with him like it or not. He plans to, if possible, make some sort of a deal with the Seanchan so they will help him. 

Borderlander Army - At the end of book 10, Davram Bashere informs Rand that the Borderlander army is 50 Leagues to the North. He mentioned nothing about the thirteen Aes Sedai traveling with the Borderland leaders, but with any luck Rand's scouts will notice that before it is too late. Nonetheless, the Borderlander Army intends to meet with Rand...for what purpose remains to be seen. 

Forsaken - The Forsaken. 'Nuff said. I have included the Slayer, Shadar Haran, and the Dark One in this group, though the Dark One is *not* a playable character.

Arad Doman - This section would have been better named "Ituralde", but you get the idea. Rodel Ituralde is on a mission to drive the Seanchan out of Almoth Plain, but he also has another agenda. Since Tarabon and Arad Doman have fought over Almoth Plain for years, his plan most likely involves claiming Almoth Plain for Arad Doman...but it could be something else. 

Black Tower - In CoT, Logain informed Rand that most of the full Asha'man support Taim rather than Rand, and given that Taim wants Rand dead, this poses a big problem for the Dragon Reborn. Soon, he or Logain must deal with the Asha'man and get the Black Tower under control...before the Aes Sedai show up in force and start forcefully bonding the men there, which seems to be the intent of both the Salidar and White Tower Aes Sedai. There are several groups at the Black Tower: Taim and the Asha'man loyal to him, Logain's followers, other Asha'man, the Aes Sedai who were captured during the attack on the BT, and non-channelers who reside at the BT. As of 'Winter's Heart', there are over 500 Asha'man, and their numbers are rapidly growing. 

White Tower - Though Elaida is making a mess of things at the White Tower (the plan to capture Rand and the attack on the Black Tower are two of her worst blunders), there are many others there who seem to have their own plans, some of which haven't been revealed yet. Therefore, the White Tower has been divided into several groups: Elaida and her Sitters/Council, Black Ajah hunters (and those who have been revealed), Ajah heads (who have been meeting in secret), Aes Sedai in Dorlan (who are trying to get back to the White Tower), other Aes Sedai, and Warders/Guards/workers.

Rebel Aes Sedai - At the end of CoT Egwene al'Vere, rebel Amyrlin, was going through with her plan to turn the north and south harbor chains to cuendillar, which would, in essence, permanently block any inbound ships to Tar Valon. This will force people to flee Tar Valon once supplies and food run out, otherwise they will starve. In addition to this plan, Egwene had planned some sort of 'alliance' with the Black Tower, and it was suggested that the Aes Sedai bond the Asha'man against their will - possibly using Compulsion - so they will be able to control the men. Unfortunately for Egwene, she was fed forkroot and captured as soon as she turned the chain to whom, we do not know. The rebel Aes Sedai includes several groups: Egwene and those who have been forced to swear fealty to her, Sitters not under Egwene's control, the other Aes Sedai, Gareth Bryne and his army, and Warders. 

Shaido Aiel - The Shaido are led by Sevanna, their self-proclaimed leader who wants to get Rand under her control. Presently camped out in Malden, they have taken Faile, Morgase, and several other non-Aiel as gai'shain, though it goes against Aiel customs. There are approximately seventy-thousand Shaido in Malden with Sevanna. The rest of the Shaido clans are scattered through the Westlands and surrounded by unfriendly forces when Sammael opens gateways for them. The Shaido have been divided up into several groups: Wise Ones, the captives, and the rest of the Shaido. 

Aiel - The Aiel, with the exception of the Shaido, are dedicated to following and helping Rand in his battle against the Shadow. Wise Ones, Clan Chiefs, Maidens (in charge of guarding Rand), other Aiel, and captives.

Seanchan - The Seanchan are everywhere now that they have begun 'the return'. They already have control of many of the lands in the south, and though Rand has control of Illian, the Seanchan are going back there in force. At the end of CoT, they were also scouting out the White Tower, which they will, no doubt, attack soon. According to the Karaethon Cycle, Rand will 'bind the nine moons' to serve soon, the Seanchan will undoubtedly be brought to heel.

Andor - At the end of CoT, Andor is overflowing with both characters and trouble. As Elayne tries to secure the throne, Darkfriends and other nobles plot against her. Her army is deteriorating and the country is in turmoil. According to prophecies and visions, it will definitely get worse. In addition to Elayne and her close allies, there are nobles, the Kin, Palace servants and guards, some Sea Folk, Aes Sedai at the Royal Palace, Aiel, freed damane and sul'dam, various Darkfriends, and other Andoran/Caemlyn residents.

Subplots/Minor Groups/Locales - Though these places/groups aren't really involved in the story lately, they will most certainly play a part in the overall plot, so we included a few key characters from each one. 

1. Altara - The Seanchan, including Lady Suroth, have a strong presence here but King Beslan (who took over after his mother, Tylin, was murdered) intends to drive them out. 

2.  Two Rivers - Although not much is going on in the Two Rivers right now, there probably will be soon.  >:-)

3. Band of the Red Hand - Though some members of the Band of the Red Hand are accompanying Mat, who is presently with Valan Luca's circus, the rest of the Band is in Murandy with King Roedran to help him consolidate the kingdom. Luckily, Mat is headed right for Lugard, the capital of Murandy, so he should be catching up with his army soon.

4.  Younglings - These guys are sitting in Dorlan waiting for a way to get back into the White Tower...little do they know Elaida wants them dead. 

5.  Whitecloaks - Though the Seanchan defeated the King of Amadicia and drove the Whitecloaks out, Eamon Valda is still in northern Amadicia with his army. As of CoT, Valda had some sort of plan, though what it is is anyone's guess. He does, however, convince Asunwa, a high inquisitor, to join him.

6.  Heroes of the Horn - With the exception of Birgitte, who was cast out of Tel'aran'rhiod into the real world, and Gadal Cain, who has been reborn, these guys will come with the Horn of Valere is blown again.

7.  Tear - The Stone of Tear and High Lord Darlin, who is Rand's steward, is presently under siege by nobles who want Rand out of Tear. Rand sent several of the Aes Sedai who swore fealty to help negotiate an end to the siege and it seems to be going very well. 

8.  Illian - Though Rand has  not been back to Illian for a while, tension there is building. The Seanchan are back in force, threatening at least one of the Council members. No doubt they intend to take the land, but the hundreds of Sea Folk Windfinders there might get involved...or leashed, if the Seanchan have their way.

9.  Cairhien - Rand left Lord Dobraine in charge of Cairhien, but Dobraine was recently attacked. He teeters near death from weakness at the moment, but Rand refuses to cave to the demand of some to name Toram Riatin as his steward...mainly because Toram is dead (Lan killed him in Far Madding). As far as Rand is concerned, the Sun Throne belongs to Elayne and all she has to do is claim it. In addition to the nobles, there are several other characters listed, including the scientists at Rand's school in Cairhien.

10. Sea Folk - At the end of CoT, there were more Sea Folk in Tear than Tairens, due to the pending election of a new Mistress of Ships (Nesta din Reas Two Moons was executed by the Seanchan for rebellion). In Illian, there are hundreds of Windfinders (all of whom can channel) gathered, though no one knows why. More Sea Folk have headed back to the Sea Folk islands to spread word of the Coramoor. They will, undoubtedly, play a big role in fights with the Seanchan as well as Tarmon Gai'don. They have agreed to serve Rand, who will deliver all the seas in the world to them...including the seas that are presently ruled by the Seanchan.

11. Missing Characters - Self-explanatory. These folks are missing and/or presumed dead, but are probably still around somewhere.

12. Misc. Characters - Characters that don't fit in the other categories.