I created this section for those of you who come here often and are sick of wading through all this stuff just to find the new stuff.  From now on, when I update the page, I'll change this section to include links to all the new stuff.  

Added the following chapters to "Everything's Relative" by Chani

Chapter 4 - BattleDots

Spike and Buffy finally agree on something.  Willow and Rena work their mojo.

Chapter 5 - Retrace

Spike has a flashback.

Chapter 6 - Reflections

Spike does some thinking.


All of the following new stories are by Colleen:

"All That Comes After"

Colleen's take on Season 8, if there had been one.

"Freudian Slip"

Mushiness.  Willow asks Buffy about something that's bothering her.

"I Know Whose Side She's On"

Set after 'Sleeper', Dawn's doing some thinking.  Not so Spike-friendly.

"In the Yard"

Set before 'The Killer In Me', Spike and Buffy have a talk.

"New Year"

Set before Spike was rescued...someone has a happy new year.


Buffy pays for how she treated Spike in S6.


You never know who's listening...even when you're just shopping.

"The Choice"

Revisiting the past can be painful. 

"The Mourners"

The Scoobs miss someone who's gone.

"Training Day"

Spike has some admirers. 

"What a Girl Wants"

She likes cheese.