Below are links to my favorite BTVS stories by other authors.  Needless to say, they are all Spike centered.  If you haven't read them yet, I highly recommend them.  This section will be updated regularly, so if you have a story you'd like to submit, please email it to me. 

Alrisha Anastasia Anya Avalon
Barb  Calie Calli Charley
Colleen Collie FionaD Figtoria
Hannah Hillary/Richess His Luv Pet Hungsta
Iridith Juliet Karen U. Keeria
Keith Duval Klytaimnestra Krissyjj Kylia
Laura Manda Mandi Marie-Claude
Melissa Melissa N. Meredith Midnight Girl
M. Scott Eiland Nightbird NightvixenSpike'sGirl Nocturne Spike
Perletwo ProphecyGurl Ragna Ruby
Sangaa (Ellie) SandraS Sarah Ellen Parson SpikesBoots
Spurglie Susanne Syren Tara
Terri Botta Theory Queen Trina O'Leary Victoria


Addicted to You (NC-17) 

Evolution of a relationship between Spike and Willow.  (S/W)

"Everybody's Getting Spanked But Me"  (R)

Set in Season 4.  Spike decides to help Willow get what she's been missing. (S/W)

Fulfilling a Need (Nc-17) 

Spike needs something.  Can Willow give it to him?


"Drinks, Drugs, and Philosophical Discussions"

Cordelia gets a visit from Spike, Angel, and Dru.  It's a funny story !  Hope you enjoy it!  (S/D, A/C)


"Sanctuary" series

Excellent Spike/Willow series.  Spike finds out Willow's not quite what she seems. (S/W)


"Eight Days A Week"  (PG-13) 

(Spoilers up to "All The Way") What did Spike and Buffy talk about during the seven nights before Halloween when they were patrolling? (reference to "All the Way" when Giles mentioned that Buffy had been patrolling every day for a week...of course Spike was with her)

"Love Is Blind"  (R)  

Spike helps Buffy when she is blinded by a demon.  (S/B)

Barb's (Once-Bitten Spike)

"Dawn's Gift" (PG)  

Spike's having a pity party and Dawn crashes.

"Light at the End of a Very Long Tunnel" (PG) 

Set after 'I Was Made To Love You', but Joyce isn't dead.  In this universe she  isnít going to kick it at all.  Too sad.  And it would upset Spike, now wouldnít it?  Spikeís just being a homeboy, minding his business, and Buffy comes to disturb him.  Again.  The only thing thatís happened more times than this in Jossí universe, is them having to save the world.  Thatís it.  Everything is as on the show other than Joyce being hail and hardy.

"The Tunnel Just Got Longer" (still PG) 

Sequel to "Light at the End of a Very Long Tunnel".  Picks up where the other one left off. 

"Tunnel  Blockage"  (still PG) 

Sequel to "The Tunnel Just Got Longer".  Spike and Buffy take the next step.

"Digging Out of the Tunnel"  (R) 

The next in the series.  It ends with a, bang.

"Tunnel Vision" (R)

Sequel to "Digging Out of the Tunnel".  Spike and Buffy are a couple at last, Xander and Giles aren't too happy about it, Willow and  Tara are ok with it, Joyce is very fond of our little Spike, Dawn is crazy about him as usual, and is eager to help him, and Spike's chip deactivated at some point so he's un-neutered and behaving like a lamb.  Most of the time. Oh yes, and the Hell Bitch makes a guest appearance.


"I Wish I  Felt Nothing"  (NC-17)

Spike helps Willow get out of some trouble.  (S/W)


"Drunken Celebrations" (PG)  

The first part in a 13 part series.  This link will take you to the series' page.  Takes place right after Season 4 (without 'Restless').  The gang is celebrating...chaos ensues.


"One Choice Now" (PG) 

Willow is given a choice and only a moment to make a decision. (S/W)

Charley's Website


Rather than list all the great stories by Colleen, I've created a separate page for them.  Click here to go check them out.


Closure (R)  

Buffy helps Spike find closure (spoilers up to 'Crush').  If you  hated Buffy after seeing 'Crush' as much as I did, you'll love this.

Collie's Website


Cemetery Blues (G)  

Spike helps Buffy re-join the land of the living.  (spoilers through the end of Season 5)


"The Telling"   (G)  

General season 6 spoilers.  Spike and Buffy tell the Scoobies.


"For the Love of a Duster" (NC-17)  

Spike finds out that Angel has his duster, and he goes to get it back. (Spoilers:  General BTVS season 4, Angel season 1...only Doyle is alive and Spike has never met him.)  (Spike/Angel slash)

"Top Drawer"

Xander leaves Spike and Anya alone in his room, and they use some 'items'  from his top drawer..


"Cherish the Day"   (PG)   

Set immediately following 'Intervention', Buffy gets sent back in time and meets William.  (William/Buffy 'ship)

His Luv Pet

"Threnody"  (PG)  

Spoilers through "Wrecked".  Spike finds Willow in an alley.

"Confrontation" (PG) 

Spike realizes that it's time to have a talk with someone.

His Luv Pet's website



Spike gets hurt and Buffy aggravates him.


Only Happy...

Spike runs into Willow and they find something together. 


Truth or Dare.

Spike and the Scoobies play Truth or Dare, and things heat up between Willow & Spike.  (S/W) 

Karen U.

"Misunderstanding"  series

Spike and Willow get close and everyone finds out about it. (S/W)


"Black Widow"  (R)   

The scene between Buffy and Spike, when Faith was in Buffy's body, from Spike's point of view.

"Breaking Free" (R)

Spike gets news of Drusilla's capture by a master vampire who wants her as his queen.  His only chance of rescuing her is the Slayer, but Buffy already has enough trouble on her hands.  Hundreds of vampires and their demonic leaders invaded Sunnydale to bring forth a powerful demon.  Spoilers:  Post "Graduation Day".

"Frozen"   (PG

Buffy  has a rude awakening regarding Spike.

"Measure of a Man" (R)   

A new demon comes to town...and he feeds off jealousy.  Spike gets the crap kicked out of him due to his chip and Buffy wants to help him.  

Keith Duval

"Bloody Kisses" )PG-13)  

Spoilers for "The Gift".  Spike deals with Buffy's death.

"End of the World"  (PG)  

Spike's grief-filled thoughts about Buffy's death. (Post "The Gift")

"Iniquity" (PG-13)  

Set after 'Smashed'.  Spike reflects on the nature of his relationship with Buffy.

"Memento More, William" (PG-13)  

Spike reflects on his past and present.  (Post "The Gift" and random bits from the past)

"Sleeping Beauty"  (PG)  

Spike and Buffy try to get a handle on her resurrection. (Spoilers: "Bargaining")


Rather than list all the great stories by Klytaimnestra, I've created a separate page for them.  Click here to go check them out.


"Can't Deny It"   (PG) 

Someone comes to town and gives Spike a little help with Buffy.  An answer to my challenge #1.


"Am I Evil?" 

What if the Spike had not had the chip in his head when he saw Willow in her dorm room and had not been interrupted by the Initiative guys?  (S/W) 


"That Dress Was Made For You" (PG)  

Set after 'Hush', Spike helps Willow deal with Oz's leaving.


"Any Other Way"   (PG-13)

A Spike/Buffy song fic, to "Bitch".


"Some Things Change"   (PG-13)

Willow tries the soul restoring spell on Spike.


"Very Good"  (PG-13)  

Written before 'Tabula Rasa' aired.  A ficlet based on the promo that showed Spike and Buffy making out at The Bronze.

"Like Pennies"    (PG)  

Superheroes need to eat too.

Marie-Claude's site 


"Blameless" (G)  

Set after "Life Serial", Buffy comes to visit Spike.  Fluffiness.  

Melissa N.

Pet  (NC-17)

Spike and Willow go undercover to help Buffy and Giles. (S/W)


"Audacity"  (R)  

Set after "The Gift".  Spike gets attacked by humans and Buffy takes care of him.  He decides to repay the favor.

"Being A Man" (NC-17)  

Riley is back and Buffy needs Spike's help with him.  (B/S)  (no spoilers really)

"Breathe" (NC-17)  

Set after "The Gift", only Buffy doesn't die.  Spike leaves and Buffy is forced to face some facts.

"The Blood Remembers" (NC-17)  

A three-book story that is set immediately following 'The Body'.  Spike helps Buffy explore the slayer's roots to help defeat Glory.

"Will You Still" (NC-17) 

Buffy is alive again.  This is what happens next.  It may make you cry, but it's a happy cry.  (S/B)

Midnight Girl

"Espresso High"

Spike has too much caffeine and Willow is stuck taking care of him.  Not a bad position to be in, if you ask me.  (S/W)


This is what should have happened the night Spike showed up at Willow's dorm. (S/W)

M. Scott Eiland

Absolution (PG-13)   

Buffy finds Spike in her basement and asks him some difficult questions.  Sequel to 'Scorn'.  Set not long after 'After Life', changed to reflect "Scorn'.

"As Evil Does" (PG-13)  

Spike has some words with Willow regarding magic use.  Follow-up to "Scorn" and "Absolution".

"Cards On The Table"  (PG-13)  

Spike finds out that the chip doesn't work on Buffy and decides on an unorthodox approach to the problem.  Set around the timeframe of "Smashed", with a few changes.

Common Ground (PG-13)  

Set several days after 'The Gift', Spike and Xander are devastated by their failure to stop Doc.

"Echoes" (PG)  

Set two days after "The Gift", an answering machine message proves to be an irresistible lure to Spike as he deals with his feelings for Buffy.

Ethics (PG-13)  

Spike discovers that having a Buffy made in his own image can present problems. (Spoilers for "I Was Made to Love You'" and "The Body")

Scorn (PG-13)  

Set about a month after "The Gift", Willow comes to a realization about Spike.

Something More (PG-13) 

Set five days after 'The Gift'.  At Buffy's memorial, someone struggles to describe what made her special.

"Vigil"  (PG-13)  

Set four days after 'The Gift', Spike is determined to perform one last service for Buffy...and he gets some help.



Spike gets teased.


Sequel to Hypnotic.  Spike gets his revenge.

Nightvixen Spike's Girl

Why? (PG) 

Set in season 4, some time after 'Doomed'.  

Nocturne Spike 

"A Heart Torn in Two"   

What if Willow's spell reversal didn't make Spike and Buffy stop being in love???


"And Somebody Makes Three"  (G) 

Sequel to Colleen's "Population Explosion".  It's hard holding down a job when you're enceinte. 

"Best Revenge"   (G) 

Sequel to Colleen's "Made For Each Other".  After the newlyweds visit their exes, the exes compare notes.  Very cute fic.


No Barrier (PG)  

Buffy's POV during the reinvite scene in 'The Gift'. 


A Picture Tells a Thousand Words (PG)  

(S/B)  Set in the summer before season 7.  Angsty sadness...beautifully written.  (Direct mention of Lover's Walk.)


Oz dies, Willow is sad, and Spike comforts her.

"Birthday Wishes"  (PG)  

Buffy spends her birthday with Spike.  No spoilers.


Sequel to Anything.  Willow realizes what she has with Spike and Spike offers it all to her.

"Risky Business"   

Spike housesits for Buffy's mom and snoops in her diary.  When she catches him, chaos ensues.

"To Suddenly Be Alive" (G) 

Set after "The Gift", season 5 finale.  When Buffy dies, Spike becomes human.

"Training Sessions"  (PG) 

Set in season 4, Spike helps Buffy train.

Ragna's site


"Bored" series  

This is actually a series of series revolving around Spike and Willow.  Willow is bored, and Spike cures it.  Just read it, it's great! (S/W)

"Changing Hearts" series 

This story is Spike/Willow, based on season 4 after Oz left.  It's awesome!! There's 33 parts so far, and I've put them all on one page, so it may take a bit to load.  If you only want to read certain parts of it, there are links to each part.  Read it, it's great!!  (S/W)

"Consensual Bondage"  (nc-17)

This story is Spike/Willow.  They go "undercover" to help Buffy.


This story is Spike/Willow.  The Scooby gang deceives Willow and Spike is there for her.


Willow has amnesia, and the only thing she remembers is Spike.

"Personal Demons"   (NC-17) 

Someone's after Willow, Spike and Angel protect her.  (S/A/W - Warning:  Slash!)  

"Shadow of the moon" 

Oz comes back and takes Willow to LA, much to Spike's chagrin.  But Oz has changed and Willow needs help.  

Sangaa (Ellie)

"Black The Sun"  (R) 

On the eve of a solar eclipse, an exotic baddie needs the blood of a vampire - and Spike just drew the short straw.  (Spoilers:  General Season 5.  Take it as a given that Spike got chipped and is now working with the Scoobies.)


"For the Dark"  (PG)  

Set in Season 2.  Spike's in the wheelchair and Angelus has turned Buffy.  

Sarah Ellen Parsons

"Bloody Epic" (PG)  

Set after 'Tough Love', Spike thinks he may go back to writing.  No 'shippiness, but it's good  Spikeyness.

Sarah's website


"Allergies & Oddities"

Spike gets a few surprises.


Blood and Beers

What else did Spike and Anya do between their scenes in "Where the Wild Things Are"?

One Big Purple Blobby Monster

Spike watches Buffy  fight a big purple monster, and it ain't Barney the Dinasour.

Spurglie's site


"Friday Night On The Hellmouth" (PG-13)  

General season 4 spoilers, Spike is chipped.  It's Friday night in Sunnydale and a lot of strange stuff is happening.

"Linked"  (NC-17) 

Spike, Angel, and Willow become linked.  Smut ensues. (Warning: some M/M slash and some threesome action)

"The Joy of Life" series

Spike encounters a demon and gets a shock.  (S/W)



Spike learns that Willow gets inspired by beer.  


"The Seraph"  (PG)  

Spike's secret guardian risks it all to interfere with his spiral downward and repair the growing rift between him and Buffy.  Set after 'The Body'.  Very cute story.

Tara's Website

Terri Botta

"Promise to a Lady" (PG)   

In the aftermath of Buffy's death, Spike finds it hard to deal with his guilt and the others find it hard to go on without her.  How do they manage??  (S/B)

Terri's Website

Theory Queen 


Spike finally confronts Buffy and Faith finally confronts herself.  Awesome story!! 

Trina O'Leary' (Vanilla Spike)

Kiss From a Rose (PG)

Angel should have known it was a mistake to suggest 'normal'... (S/B)

Trina's site


Alcohol Good, Games Bad

Spike and the Scooby gang learn that alcohol and games don't mix. (General spoilers for Season 4)

Victoria's site


"Slave To A Personal Demon"  (G)  

Set in 2020 (the year and the hindsight) Spike has been asked to have his memoirs written by the Council of Watchers.