"As It Should Be"  (PG)  

The was 'As You Were' should have ended.

"Break"  (PG)  

I am sick of seeing Spike get dumped, especially considering the fact that no one shows him any respect.  That's not how breakups should be.  This is.

"Everything's Relative" 

An AU series which begins after 'Restless'.  Needless to say, it's very Spike oriented.  (includes previously written "New Girl in Town" series)

"Making Her Mine" (PG)

Spike wants Tara, and Spike always gets what he wants.

"Remote Possibilities"  

I wrote this after reading Marti Noxon's interview with Wanda on E!.  She seems to feel that Spike and Buffy would never sit around their condo arguing over what to watch on TV.  I disagree, in a big way.  So this is dedicated to Marti...if she doesn't like it, she can  shove it.

"Suspicious Minds"  (NC-17)

Sequel to "Making Her Mine".  Willow and Buffy wonder what is wrong with Tara.  Spike issues Tara an ultimatum.

"The Evolution of Spike" (PG-13) 

(7 chapters so far)  Set immediately following "Smashed", with references to the very beginning of "Wrecked".  Spike and Buffy have done the deed and brought down the house, but she's still being nasty and mean.  

"Third Time's a Charm" (PG)

(Warning:  spoilers leading to 'Crush')  Spike tells Buffy he loves her and when she treats him like crap yet again, he teaches her a lesson.