Quizzes and Crap

What can I say?  I'm a quiz junkie.  And, although not all of these quizzes are Spike-related, they are fun.  Click on my quiz results (or the link, if there's no picture) and it'll take you to the quiz so you can take it yourself.  Have fun!

Who is your Buffy/Angel guy sweetheart?

How Jedi are you?

Which Buffy character do you identify with the most?

(sorry, this quiz is apparently no longer available)

Who's your Buffy soul mate?

What teen TV stereotype are you?

Which Buffy alter ego are you?

Which Spuffy romp are you?

Which Celtic moon sign fits your personality best?

How much of a bitch are you?

The Inner Child Test


World of Darkness quiz


Who the frell are you?  A 'Farscape' personality quiz...

Aeryn: You are Aeryn Sun. Some might call you cold, or even tight-assed, but it's okay, 'cause you can take 'em! Cool, calm, and collected you work well under pressure and aren't afraid to take on the boys.


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