Lilltempest's Wheel of Time Cast List - Other Cast


  Description Alternate (or comment)

played by James Lafferty

(Aram - 22ish, handsome and slender, dark eyes)

(James Lafferty - 6'2", 21)


played by Uma Thurman

(Birgitte - long golden hair, taller than Elayne, blue eyes)

(Uma Thurman - 6', 36)

Davram Bashere

played by Dustin Hoffman

(Davram - short and slender, hooked nose, gray streaked hair, dark tilted eyes)

(Dustin Hoffman - 5'7", 70)

Galad Damodred

played by Garrett Hedlund

(Galad - almost too pretty for masculinity, dark hair, dark eyes, tall, slender)

(Garrett Hedlund - 6'2", 22 - yes, I know he's younger than my Gawyn, but the pretty factor can explain that away)

Alternate: Hayden Christensen
Gawyn Trakand

played by Hayden Christensen

(Gawyn - head taller than Elayne, a little older, red gold hair)

(Hayden Christensen - 6'2", 26)

Alterntate: Garrett Hedlund

For those of you who don't think Hayden can act, poo on you. Try watching his non-Lucas movies...the guy has talent and he's easy on the eyes. I actually considered him as Galad because I can totally see him kicking ass Galad-style and, with black hair, he's "pretty" enough.

So, as for an alternate, see Galad. Galad's alternate is Gawyn.