Lilltempest's Wheel of Time Cast List - Main Characters

(and love interests!)


Rand al'Thor

played by Tom Welling

(Rand, 22ish, gray eyes, red hair, 6'5")

(Tom Welling, 6'3")

Matrim Cauthon

played by Jonas Armstrong

(Mat - wiry, brown eyes, about 6')

(Jonas Armstrong - 6', 25)


Perrin Aybara

played by Paul Telfer

(Perrin - stocky, big arms, brown hair, about 6'1)

(Paul Telfer - 6'1", 27)

Nynaeve al'Meara

played by Natalie Portman

(Nynaeve - 26, slender, dark eyes, 5'4")

(Natalie Portman - 25, 5'3")

Egwene al'Vere

played by Danielle Savre

(Egwene - 18ish, brown eyes, dark hair, short)

(Danielle Savre - 18, 5'6" - she's about the only character I've neglected to match height on. It can be worked around with camera angles...because this girl is Egwene. She has the snotty twit look down to a 't')


Elayne Trakand

played by Kate Bosworth

(Elayne - reddish blonde, blue eyes, 5'6")

(Kate Bosworth - 5'5", 23)


Min Farshaw

played by Bethany Joy Lenz

(Min - slender, dark eyes, a littler taller than Moiraine)

(Bethany Joy Lenz - 5'3", 25)



played by Jessica Biel

(Aviendha - 5'8", blue/green eyes, red hair)

(Jessica Biel - 5'8", 24)


al'Lan Mandragoran

played by Adrian Paul

(Lan - tall, stony, about 47)

(Adrian Paul - tall, stony, 47...there can be only one!)


Faile Bashere

played by Zooey Deschanel

(Faile - tall, big nose, black hair, tilted eyes)

(Zooey Deschanel - 5'6", 27)


played by Christel Khalil

(Tuon - petite, heart shaped face, large eyes, full lips)

(Christel Khalil - 19, 5'3")