Lilltempest's Wheel of Time Cast List - The Forsaken


  Description Alternate (or comment)

played by Richard Burgi

(Aginor - as tall and strong as Rand, harder than Lan with a face of a man in his prime)

(Richard Burgi - 6'3", 48)



played by Thora Birch

(Aran'gar - green eyes, ivory skin, oval face, glossy black hair, voluptuous)

(Thora Birch - 5'4", 24)



played by Ben Browder

(Asmodean - dark hair, handsome, deep set eyes, tall)

(Ben Browder - 6'1", 44...he might also make a good Moridin, since he does crazy really well)



played by Hugo Weaving

(Balthamel - wears a grinning mask and can't speak because his body is so aged)

(Hugo Weaving - you know I had to do it...)



played by Bruce Payne

(Be'lal - ?)

(Bruce Payne - height unknown, 46 )



played by Emilie de Ravin

(Cyndane - short, young, blue eyes)

(Emilie de Ravin - 5'2", 25)

I would've colored her hair silver, but it was too much of a pain. .

played by Antonio Banderas

(Demandred - hawk-nosed, handsome, never smiles)

(Antonio Banderas - 5'9", 46)



played by Kate Winslet

(Graendal - fleshy, with elaborately curled red-gold hair)

(Kate Winslet - 5'7", 31)


Yeah, her hair isn't curled, but I thought this pose fit Graendal better. Besides, that's what curling irons are for...use your imagination.

played by Paul Johansson

(Ishamael - not as tall as LTT, handsome and in his prime, pitch dark eyes)

(Paul Johansson - 6'2", 42)



played by Morena Baccarin

(Lanfear - incredibly beautiful, pale skin, long black hair, eyes as dark as night, tall and slender)

(Morena Baccarin - 5'8", 27)


played by Miranda Otto

(Mesaana - big blue eyes, short of her middle years)

(Miranda Otto - 5'6", 39)



played by Juliet Landau

(Moghedien - sturdily handsome, dark eyes, smooth cheeks)

(Juliet Landau - 5'7", 41)



played by

(Moridin - tall and broad shouldered, same size as Rand, bright blue eyes, strong chin, black hair)

(Goran Visnjic - 6'4", 34)

(alternate:  David Boreanaz...he isn't that great of an actor but he does crazy/insane/evil perfectly...6'1", 38)


Osan'gar (Dashiva)

played by Alan Rickman

(Osan'gar - ordinary face, not young, middle years, lank untrimmed hair, creased face)

(Alan Rickman - 6'1", 61)



played by Keith Hamilton Cobb

(Rahvin - Rand's height or more and larger, dark and very handsome, youthful with gray streaks at temples, nearly black eyes)

(Keith Hamilton Cobb - 6'4", 44)



played by Matt Letscher

(Sammael - solid and compact, abrupt, blue eyes, golden hair, taller than average)

(Matt Letscher - height?, 37)



played by Gina Torres

(Semirhage - taller than most men, dark face, dark eyes, full lips)

(Gina Torres - 5'10", 37...take a look, the woman is the Queen of Pain)