Lilltempest's Wheel of Time Cast List - Aes Sedai

(this page has the important ones)


  Description Alternate (or comment)
Alanna Mosvani

played by Kristen Kreuk

(Alanna - dark and fiery, works at being fierce)

(Kristen Kreuk - 5'4", 24)

Alanna is pretty whiney but she's also pushy...Kristen Kreuk can pull off both, plus she has the 'I'm trying to be badass' look about her.
Cadsuane Melaidhrin

played by Meryl Streep

(Cadsuane - iron gray hair, black eyes, and mean!)

(Meryl Streep - 5'6", 57)

alternate choice: Susan Flannery (no one does a better pushy bitch than her!)


Elaida a'Roihan

played by Molly Parker

(Elaida - handsome, not beautiful, stern dark eyes)

(Molly Parker - 5'6", 35)


Faolain Orande

played by Bianca Lawson

(Faolain - dark curly hair, round face, dark complexion)

(Bianca Lawson - 5'4", 27)

Leane Sharif

played by Estella Warren

(Leane - tall, willowy, copper skin, dark eyes)

(Estella Warren - 5'9", 29)

Lelaine Akashi

played by Lisa Howard

(Lelaine - slender, dark eyes, pretty, no gray in her hair)

(Lisa Howard - 5'9", 44)

Merise Haindehl

played by Lucy Lawless

(Merise - tall, stern face, hair pulled back severely)

(Lucy Lawless - 5'10", 39)


When I saw Lucy Lawless as a dominatrix in EuroTrip, I knew she was meant to be Merise. Can't you just picture her whipping Narishma like this?
Moiraine Damodred

played by Rachel Leigh Cook

(Moiraine - very petite, dark hair, looks like a doll)

(Rachel Leigh Cook - 5'1", 29)


Myrelle Berengari

played by Navi Rawat

(Myrelle - olive skinned, beautiful, almost as tall as Siuan, large dark eyes, oval face)

(Navi Rawat - 5'6", 30)


Sheriam Bayanar

played by Miranda Richardson

(Sheriam - slightly plump, high cheekbones, tilted green eyes, fiery hair)

(Miranda Richardson - 5'5", 49)

Siuan Sanche

played by Shiri Appleby

(Siuan - handsome, medium height, blue eyes, pretty when she smiles)

(Shiri Appleby - 5'3", 29)


She's shorter than I'd like, but that's what heels are for. I never liked the actress but for some reason I can see her as Siuan.

played by Emmanuelle Chriqui

(Theodrin - older than Faolain, willowy neck, copper skin, graceful)

(Emmanuelle Chriqui - 5'3", 30)


She's also shorter than I'd like, but that's what heels are for.
Verin Mathwin

played by Kathy Bates

(Verin - plump, square faced, touch of gray in her brown hair, dark eyes, motherly at times)

(Kathy Bates - 5'3", 59)


She's also shorter than I'd like, but that's what heels are for.